What's the Difference Between Agile and Scrum Development?


What's the Difference Between Agile and Scrum Development?

A business being run on the basis of hard work and dedication can yield massive rewards in the long run. However, as a decision maker, you have the responsibility of taking it to higher levels along with managing risk. A sound business model requires employees to work in synergy and with speed. Besides, it must be ensured that the employees do not ignore their responsibilities and make errors. It is best to analyze and rectify a mistake at the earliest so that it does not interfere with the working of other dependent operations. We have seen so many instances in the business sector where companies have thrived using innovative techniques while making their resources familiar with them. Better utilization of resources and technology increases the potential of a company and allows it to reach new heights of success.

A lot of business giants, today, use various techniques and approaches (Six Sigma) to manage their work. These methods help in the step-by-step evaluation of targets, employee efficiency, and quality. In the Web world, there are four different approaches to develop a business: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall. Out of these, the first two are commonly used to run a business. Agile and Scrum have emerged as two pillars of project management that are widely used in enterprises globally. According to The State of Scrum Report, 86% practitioners of agile methodology undertake a scrum meeting every day, which is clearly a testament to the popularity of this methodology.  Below we will discuss the two critical techniques that are used for successfully running a business: Agile and Scrum development.

Agile Development

The agile software development focusses on the approach of a collaborative effort of organizing cross-functional teams and customers/end users to analyze requirements and solutions. The agile method deals with adaptive planning, early delivery, evolutionary development, and continuous error-checking. In short, it believes in rapid and flexible response to change. Each iteration in the agile method involves a team that works through a software development cycle. This cycle includes planning, analysis of requirements, designing, coding, and testing when a functional product is demonstrated to stakeholders.

This approach became popular with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its values and principles underpinned a wide range of software development frameworks; one of them is Scrum development.

Scrum Development

Scrum is one of the iterative and incremental software development methods that come under agile development. It uses a basic unit called ‘sprint’. Each sprint initiates with a planning meeting. This meeting discusses tasks for the sprint along with an estimated commitment for the goals. The sprint concludes with reviewing and retrospection of the progress, which works as lessons for the next sprint. Each portion of a product is created and finished during a sprint.

Qualities Required In A Scrum Developer

A scrum developer should be able to:

  • Manage team communication regularly
  • Protect the team from external distractions to keep it focused
  • Remove obstacles that can hinder the progress of the team
  • Reach consensus at a time

Eligibility Criteria For Scrum Development Certification

There are no fixed criteria for a business professional to become a scrum master. However, one must have gained a basic understanding of it by working with scrum and agile teams. Prior experience of working with scrum masters proves fruitful for students when they go for certified scrum developer training. It gives them an edge over students who have never worked in such organizational setups.

Plan Of Action – How To Become A Scrum Developer

Scrum framework features three components: scrum master, scrum product owner, and scrum team. The lack of a project manager characterizes scrum teams. They operate based on self-organization and communication within the team, where the scrum master works in line with the scrum product owner, and both share their tasks. The scrum master, however, is a part of the scrum team and must assume the responsibilities of a servant as well as a leader for the framework. The scrum developer certification requires a set course of training, which teaches the concepts that include project initiation, planning, estimation, implementation, sprint reviewing, retrospection, and release.

At QuickStart, you can gain a thorough understanding of agile methodology and become a scrum master. This institute uses a self-paced learning style so that students do not have to rush and miss out on important concepts.

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