Perks of IT Training with QuickStart for Your Employees


Perks of IT Training with QuickStart for Your Employees

The world is swiftly entering the digital era. The swift drive has led businesses to try a new approach in every department. Technological advancements in businesses have created intense competition in the industry. Be it, marketing or IT department companies are now adopting new technologies to avoid being kicked out of the market. As the latest technologies are being introduced in the company, the skill set required to run those software or hardware components is becoming a real challenge for the business. Keeping this matter into consideration, QuickStart has now started to provide online training to every department. If you wish to provide IT training, QuickStart offers all.

Significance of Employee Training   

Employee training is intended to improve the performance of employees. These programs polish the technical skills, knowledge, and efficiency of employees, which helps them to perform their jobs accurately. According to an article posted by Westfall, 2018, companies should spend 1-5% of their average cost on the training of employees. There are various types of employee training; each training offers a different benefit to the employee and the organization. Employee training is proportional to the productivity and profit margin of a company. Companies who spend more on the training of their employees achieve their goals easily as it increases the productivity of employees.

Similarly, according to the Association for Talent Development, companies also enjoy the benefit of a 24% increased profit margin. The rapid growth in the IT department has led enterprises to provide IT training to its employees. The training is provided to increase knowledge of the employees regarding the latest technology for a brighter future. IT training is provided to prepare and control the company and its resources. The main goal of it is to get efficient results by using new methods and boost competence and productivity among employees, which eventually leads towards satisfying customers by providing speedy service and deliverables.

Achieving Productivity and Efficiency with QuickStart

Over the years, QuickStart Technologies has become a leading training platform for organizations. Enterprises provide IT training and certifications to their employees through QuickStart. IT offers online training classes through its experienced team of professionals. The training programs at QuickStart are divided into two segments, according to roles, functions, and technology. Let’s discuss the two segments and their offerings.

According to Roles and Functions

These training sessions are designed to benefit specific IT roles and functions. There are seven sub-categories of this segment, each of which provides multiple certifications. The seven sub-categories and their top three certifications are mentioned below.  

  1. Information Security: The information security program is designed to aware and teach staff about their contribution to keeping the organization’s data protected. This category consists of seven types of training and certification programs. The top three popular training of information security at QuickStart are CompTIA security+, CCNA security, and CCNP security.
  2. ITSM: ITSM is also known as Information Technology Service Management. ITSM training programs are designed to improve IT services in an organization. The primary goal of ITSM is to line up the business objectives with the IT service and processes resulting in the growth of the organization. The ITSM is a process that involves designing, carrying, handling, and refining the IT services of an organization for the end-user. The category consists of three best training and certification programs; ITIL 4 Foundation, Project Management certification (PMP), and Certified Agile Scrum Master.
  3. DevOps: DevOps is also known as development and operations. DevOps enables an organization to improve communication, alliance, and productivity by developing an agile relationship between development and IT operations. DevOps increases the organization’s speed to deliver services and applications in comparison to those who use outdated processes for management and software development. DevOps category consists of four types of training and certifications. Out of all, the top three DevOps certification and training at QuickStart are Certified Agile DevOps Practitioner (CADP), Certified Agile Coaching Practitioner (CACP), and Azure DevOps Engineer.
  4. Cloud: The growing amount of data has led organizations to get cloud services from different providers. Cloud computing is gradually taking over the market, and because it is new in the market, the skills required to run it are less. QuickStart provides training for cloud computing to the practitioners. There are four certification and training programs of cloud that are available on QuickStart. The three most popular cloud training and certifications are AWS certifications, Azure Developer, and Azure Administrator.
  5. Big Data or Data Science: The amount of large data stored in the organization is impacting the efficiency of the servers and productivity of employees. The current infrastructure and cloud can’t handle the large volume of data causing companies to perform daily tasks inadequately. Keeping this matter into consideration, companies are now moving towards big data. Big data is a process that manages large volumes of data of an organization. The use of big data isn’t limited to any particular industry; instead, it is widely used in several sectors such as banking, insurance, education, and government. QuickStart offers three popular big data training; Azure Al Engineer, Azure Data scientist, and Azure Data Engineer.
  6. Application Development: App development is a process used to create one or more computer programs for performing business tasks efficiently. Building an application requires the same stages; gathering supplies, creating prototypes, trial tests, executing, and assimilating. The training provided at QuickStart for application development is Web Developer Certification Bootcamp. The certification polishes the skills and knowledge of web developers to create applications on different platforms such as mobile phones and web.
  7. Business Productivity: Every company aims to improve its business operations and increase productivity and efficiency within the current resources. Few training programs can benefit your employees and organization simultaneously. Business productivity training programs polish the skills of employees and increase their productivity. The program also helps IT professionals, to align the business operations with the new software to improve the overall performance of the organization. QuickStart offers two training programs related to business productivity; planning and administering Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator: Identity and Services (MS-100).

According to Technology

The second segment is, according to technologies. These training programs are divided according to the company name. There are four major sub-categories of this segment, each allowing multiple courses for different purposes.

  1. CompTIA: CompTIA is a voluntary trade enterprise that provides IT certifications to IT professionals. There are various CompTIA certifications; however, QuickStart offers three most in-demand CompTIA certifications. These are CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security +.
  2. Cisco: Cisco is an IT networking and security solutions company. Cisco offers various certifications and training to improve data and network protection of the enterprise. Some of the certifications at QuickStart for cisco are CCNA Security, CCNP Security, and CCIE security.
  3. Microsoft: Over the years, Microsoft has created its reputation with its product and service. Microsoft has now taken a step towards the new era by introducing its certifications. These certifications are divided into three categories. The certification and training provided by QuickStart are Azure developers, Azure Administrator, Azure Solution Architect, SharePoint, and Office 365.
  4. NetApp: NetApp allows enterprises to manage data, streamline private clouds for efficiency, and update IT through modernization on any cloud. NetApp offers various certifications in the market. One of the most popular training and certifications of NetApp is NetApp ONTAP Storage. Learn more about the IT training available at QuickStart with our experts.
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