How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 most beautiful scrum boards


How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 most beautiful scrum boards

Scrum is the subset of Agile which solely focuses on increasing the efficiency of the software development and combined practices. Scrum is a digital representation of the tasks that are iterated into two or three portions consisting of days or weeks work and how the criteria could be met by performing quick sprints to cover the work. Most of the time scrum boards are created to have a graphical representation of what the tasks are and in what manner these should be completed. This is where the idea of developing a personalized scrum board comes into play.

Creating the scrum boards

If you are working on a project or with a client that doesn't have a definitive idea such as what they want to develop and in what fashion they want to proceed with it then developing scrum is a great option, to begin with, such a project. Estimates are not reliable and there is no way to know which steps need to be taken in order to complete the project. Hence the creation of a scrum board comes off as a viable option to proceed with.

Many task management tools can be used for creating your personalized scrum board, these can either be in offline session or you can do it online using a cloud intensive environment. There are many software systems out there but the most obvious and reliable of them is the Jira as it provides help with the creation of scrum boards in a decisive manner and allows the users to use the following features;

  • User stories mapping system
  • Real-time reporting of the events
  • Time tracking
  • Filters for the manual backlog
  • Visual effects and the development of striking visual project reports

You don't need to be a software developer or a high-end programmer in order to be able to use or create the scrum boards. In fact, there are teams and departments that at all times uses these scrum boards to lay out the foundation of the current project they are working on and how to achieve it in the given time. Following are the top 10 most beautiful scrum boards to take some insight from.

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  1. Sticky notes

It might come out a little unsettling but sticky notes have been around and people have used them in the past to develop the scrum boards. You can use these to do exactly the same. Each sticky note can present various tasks associated with it and how to get on with them in a precise manner. You can also separate them out by color in order to have them aligned up before you.

  1. Sticky notes on a whiteboard

If you are not a fan of using sticky notes in front of you then crafting them and then placing them on a whiteboard might help. You can divide the elements of the project into different tabs such as "not started", "done", "in progress" or "phases with consequent numbers".

  1. Lego index card mix

A Lego board can also be used to develop the scrum pattern for your project. It is a little different approach but worth it too. The index cards can be attached to the Lego bricks and then can be color-coded in order to match the specific task types. It will also help to keep solid track of the tasks, which are done and which need to be worked at yet.

  1. Personal board

The scrum boards are not only used for the development teams to work on a project, individual scrum boards can also be designed to keep track of the personal activates. You can use any crafting material to prepare the board for yourself and use different colors to keep them separated.

  1. Wheel of scrum

It is a slightly different take on the development of a scrum board as it features the alignment of the project tasks in a wheel-like fashion. Tasks can be divided into phases and different groups that are color-coded or separated as in case of a pie chart to make their assignment to different workers easier.

  1. Whiteboard wheel

It crashes on the same methodology as used by the wheel of scrum above here. But here is a functional attribute that was missing in the previous one such as items move from outside to the inner circle making them easier to track.

  1. Scrum furniture

If you want to work on a scrum board that is intended for the whole team and a work-intensive environment then scrum furniture can duly help you in this regard. Different columns can be generated to keep track of the tasks that need to be done, their timeline, current progress, and workers in which these tasks have been split.

  1. Visual scrum board

Most of the workers and teams prefer a virtual solution for the scrum boards that are accessible from anywhere and can be shared with the members working on the project in an easy manner. Many tools and online solutions can help you with it even the cloud intensive tools are also available if you want to develop it using cloud resources.

  1. Velcro scrum board

If you are looking for something that allows you to move tasks without relying on the sticky notes then you have come to the right place. You can swipe the tasks left and right as these easily slide off the thin rope-like structures, making it easier to manage tasks.

   10. Sticky notes with shapes

Colors should not be the only limitation for you as you can also rely on different shapes for the sake of working on a scrum board. Use different shapes that represent different tasks and make things easier for your colleagues and the whole team too.

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