How to Increase Adoption of the Product and Increase Renewable Business


How to Increase Adoption of the Product and Increase Renewable Business

In the sales and marketing realm within any company worldwide, there can be one of the three main points of focus. They could either be the customer lifecycle, the product and/or support, or revenue and sales. This trinity exists in the IT industry as well, and for the majority of organizations operating in the same, the most important charter, by a very wide margin, is enabling greater product adoption.

This is due to the potential of product adoption to increase the results across all three of the aforementioned focus points. Just about every important performance metric has product adoption as a prerequisite. This is doubly so in the IT training industry, where the challenge is to get the customer to not just use a product, but to meld their day to day operations with said product at the center. This is where it becomes important to boost product adoption on the user front. With that in mind, in this article, we will be discussing how an IT-based firm can increase product adoption on the user front.

Provide an Excellent First User Experience

The first impression really is king, especially in this day and age of competition in the tech industry, where a competing product is always around the corner for customers, and everyone moving to the few common platforms. The very first user experience will define each experience after that, and it is the job of the concerned sales professional to make the product seem as useful to the customer as possible. This can be done by highlighting all the benefits the product has towards the customer, as well as their organization.

Additionally, providing more information about all the salient features of the product can be a very proactive approach to making sure that the customer is better able to adopt the product and integrate it with their own systems.

Emphasize User-Friendliness in terms of Sales Approach

User-friendliness is a major winner when talking about platforms such as Azure, and services such as those offered by NetApp and Cisco. However, they are somewhat uniform in the experience which they offer, and so it is up to the sales rep to inform the potential customer of the advantages of integrating either the platform of the products into the enterprise. Lastly, helpful tutorials and tips delivered both at the start, and during the early operations phase can make the product seem a lot more adaptable.

Host Live Demos and Webinars to Upsell Users

Webinars are among the best knows channels of lead acquisition. Couple them with live demonstrations of the product, and you have a mini training session that is both interactive and informative. If the customer is looking for ways in which the product is useful for their enterprise, a webinar is the best way to approach them, especially if the number of customers is greater than what sales reps can contact directly.

Live demonstrations, in particular, can be used to upsell the customer on higher tiers products or subscription plans. This can be done by either directly pushing the aforementioned higher tiers, or subtly mentioning the benefits of adopting the more expensive plan.

Introduce Each New Feature like a Brand-New Product Launch

Each new feature of the product defines how well the product is going to be adopted in the enterprise. However, sometimes the new features can be quite obscure, and if it is beneficial to the end user, it needs to be highlighted as so.

This is why each new feature needs to be highlighted and introduced to the customer, with all the positive benefits of the update made very clear.

This is because even if the customers are quite used to the product, and have already adopted it, they might not know what the new feature entails. They can also use some hand-holding while learning about the changes that the new feature brings with this.

Include Subtle Prompts in Email Signatures

Even the subtlest of approaches such as including a small message either in the email or as a casual CTA at the end of the email (within the signature), can encourage the user to both to subscribe for longer and adopt each additional feature quickly.

A signature and direct CTA are not the only approaches when it comes to casually encouraging adoption. Following are some varied approaches by which sales reps can mention their product:

  • Issue an email-based update like a press release and include a brief mention of the new feature.
  • Drop the name of the product while mentioning a high-ranking professional who joined the company which is offering the company.
  • Include a direct call to action, in which you directly include a brief of the product.
  • Suggest an article or blog post to the customer, which includes either instruction on better usage of the product, or details about any new features that may have been included.

Encourage Training for Streamlined Adoption and Implementation

The ultimate aid to streamlined product adoption and implementation is training pertaining to the product. By offering software/IT/tech training to the potential customer, prior to the adoption of the product, sales reps can ensure that the customer is well versed in the nuances and running technicalities of the product, as well as their workforce, is ready to implement the aid product in their enterprise. 

Sales reps operating in the IT industry can utilize the mentioned techniques to encourage customers to continue using the product, as well as upsell when they can. The entire point is creating lasting customers that are both loyal to the product, as well as satisfied with the product enough to adopt each new iteration.

If you think we have left certain point uncovered then you can always connect with QuickStart experts to have their opinion.

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