New Onedrive features to explore for sharing and collaboration


New Onedrive features to explore for sharing and collaboration

OneDrive is fast becoming a benchmark for digital content sharing and collaboration platforms. A large number of organizations consider OneDrive a secure cloud-based file storing and hosting solution for both business and personal use. Not only that, OneDrive offers both online and offline access to files that make it more favorable over other online cloud storage.

However, there are still many who are not fully aware of the use of this tool and how it can make daily workflow easier for them. Users can enroll in Microsoft office 365 certification courses to learn all the fundamental elements and learn how to use the recently released new features of this tool.

In this blog, we will cover the new and improved OneDrive features in Microsoft 365 for better sharing and collaboration across business and personal use.

Enhanced OneDrive Features for Collaboration & SharingMicrosoft has released new features for OneDrive in Microsoft 365 that brings users more flexibility to connect, collaborate, and flexible file sharing experience. The new features cater to the needs of both business and personal home use.

The newly introduced features to enhance file sharing and collaboration. Anyone who is interested to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365 OneDrive should invest in Microsoft Office 365 certification training course.

●       Add to OneDrive

One of the new features is “Add to OneDrive” which makes adding shared folders directly to OneDrive easy. Shared folders consist of content that others have shared using OneDrive or SharePoint.

Add to OneDrive is not limited to adding files to OneDrive, but it also allows you to work on them with ease. Meaning that you can add, share the file as well as sync and collaborate files while retaining safety guidelines.

Adding to this, the files can be used with the non-Office 365 users easily making the workflow run smoothly.

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●       Sync Shared Folders with OneDrive

This new feature allows the user to sync the shared folder to their computer (desktop) and laptop. This feature also allows the user with permission to the shared folder to view any change or edit made to the files in the shared folder.

The shared folder sync feature allows teams to work more easily from the comforts of their home, office, and on-the-go. Everyone in a team can share the work even when traveling; they can easily edit files, spreadsheets, or any files that are automatically synced with OneDrive and other team members' computers.

Sync Sharing Folder feature is available for Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac.

●       OneDrive “Fetch” Feature

This great new feature in OneDrive called “Fetch” allows you to access your files remotely. Fetch option lets you remotely access your files from anywhere in the world. This feature comes handy especially now that most of the people are working from Home.

If someone is travelling or working from home and forgot to pick up the important document, with the Fetch option, you can access all the files on your personal computer through OneDrive.

Though this feature is very handy, you will have to have an internet connection to use this option. Fetch is available for the Windows 10 users and they have to manually enable Fetch to access files.

●       File Sharing using Links

OneDrive file sharing and collaboration capabilities have made it the best choice for corporate everyday workflow. The new file sharing links within the teams will allow the individuals part of the team to access files or any media from anywhere.

Not only that, but the users can also create the link and share the link with the team's members, with another employee of the organization. This link can be shared with the people in the private group chat as well. 

The content owner can now easily manage permission to content and by using a self-generating link option, can share the content within and outside of the company. The link can be shared or sent through an email as well.

●       OneDrive Read and Write Sync option for Metadata

Another useful release made by Microsoft is OneDrive Sync App. Before the new release, shared libraries with the necessary metadata, are synchronized as read-only. But this sync app supports read and writes sync for shared libraries containing the metadata. This option allows users to change the contents of their synced libraries while from the desktop.

●       Re-adding Original Business Users Access

The ability to retain the original access throughout the lifecycle of a document is also introduced by Microsoft. This means that all business users who originally has access to the document or any file will be restored if the location of the shared library has been changed.

Other New OneDrive Features

Along with the aforementioned new feature, Microsoft also announced the boost in file size, and users are given a 100GB file size limit boost in OneDrive and SharePoint. For business owners, this is good news as large files can now be easily uploaded to OneDrive.

Furthermore, Microsoft OneDrive users will also get an option to turn off comment notification for files.

In addition to these, admins will have more control over file sharing, access, and uploading.  Admins can revoke or set an expiration date to the external access to OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive Updates for Personal Use

Microsoft also announced the updates for OneDrive for personal use. The new user feature in OneDrive allows users to predetermine a group of people with whom they can easily share files, photos, and other media content. Users will have the ability to add anyone to the group or groups. Users can use this option from mobile, Mac, and directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Aside from this, users will be able to enjoy the dark mode option for OneDrive which will be available for both business and personal use. The dark mode option will help protect the eyes as well as help with less consumption of the battery. Furthermore, enhanced file protection features including file encryption, virus scanning, monitoring of suspicious activity will be made available to OneDrive users.

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