Work with QuickStart to help the IT World


Work with QuickStart to help the IT World

It’s a famous proverb “The best way to be an expert in something is, to teach it to others”. Gone are the days when a person had to travel months to get to his desired teacher. Today, everything is just a click away.

What the IT world needs today

With the world moving so fast and the technology changing at such a fast pace, the I.T professionals need to work together to keep up with ever-changing challenges they face. According to the Orleans Marketing Group the quantity of technical data is increasing at such a high speed that it is doubling every two years.

The number of I.T professionals is also increasing rapidly. A survey was done by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community and it was concluded that the number of I.T workers have increased from 450,000 to 4.6 million from 1970 till 2016. And that’s not just past, I.T holds the future as well. According to the U.S Bureau of labor jobs for computers and I.T experts will increase by up to 12 %. it means that about 546200 new jobs will be created in the information technology industry from 2018 to 2028. And that is just in the U.S.A. imagine the impact of this change in the whole world.

With so many people joining the working pool and the information technology industry just getting bigger and bigger every year, the whole industry needs to work together. The increasing amount of workforce and this constant need for updating your knowledge and skills has made the I.T professionals’ collaboration important, more than ever.

How you can contribute?


E-learning is the answer to everything.towards maturity report of year 2011 states, the most famous way of learning of 2011 was e-learning.

We all know that location doesn’t matter anymore. An organization operating in one part of the world doesn’t necessarily have all of its human resources there too. especially information technology is the field where boundaries are getting blurred the most. One I.T professional living in one area is working for people operating in another area.

According to goremotely, from 2018 to 2028, the number of people working from homes will increase by almost 33%. Forbes also states that the e-learning market is estimated to be around 325 billion dollars until 2025.

Why not be part of this drastically growing market and be in the profession that is guaranteed to succeed? The next 10 years are golden for e-learning and it is not difficult to predict that this is only the start.

Let’s apply this concept to learning, teaching, and training as well.

If you are an I.T professional and you have expertise in any technological domain, don’t hesitate and don’t keep your skills to yourself, share it with others. Be significant to the world through your knowledge. Do your part, and in the way, if you can make money, that’s even better.



How quick start can help?

Well, quick start is what e-learning would be in future. It is what e-learning has evolved into. With its artificial intelligence integration, Quickstart could be your best partner in changing the way learning is being done right now.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a born instructor. You may be excellent in what you do, but you may not be as good at creating online courses as you want yourself to be or you may not have that much time on your hands to busy yourself in the small details of creating and managing an online course based on your skillset. This is where quickstart comes in. through quickstart’s course authoring platform it is very easy to author or create an online course, be a quickstart instructor or to just manage and promote an already created academic program.

A.  Use quick start to promote and flourish the course you are already teaching.

If you are already teaching an online course, teach with Quickstart to manage and promote your lessons. Quickstart can help you increase your students and make your course a complete hit. By using its unique A.I integrated methodologies, Quickstart makes everything so easy for the instructors and the students that you teach flawlessly. With Quickstart you could:

  1. Create your profile
  2. Manage your class’s schedule
  3. Earn an income
  4. Publish the course

 B.  Become quickstart instructor of a predesigned course

Become a Quickstart instructor to be a part of a huge network with outclass instructors, teachers, and eager to learn students. To become a Quickstart instructor you don’t have to make any outlines, course structure or the course material. You just have to have the expertise of the topic and that’s it. You would teach a pre-designed course and earn the money from the convenience of your home. Be one of those lucky 33 % who would make the right decision at the right time this decade. On top of that, You can also decide to work according to your own availability ( full time or part-time). Yes! It’s that easy.

C. Create and establish your own course

Do you have something valuable to offer? Don’t wait. Teach with Quickstart and establish your self as an esteemed expert and instructor. Quickstart has made creating and managing online courses so effortless that you can manage your teaching career without any hurdles or difficulty. Through Quickstart’s authoring platform, it has become just so easy to make quizzes, assemble assignments and publish your courses.

Why choose Quickstart?

Well, Quickstart is the best you could is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cisco Learning Partner and Citrix Authorized Learning Center. QuickStart is one of the only IT training vendors in the United States that has achieved the dual status of Microsoft Gold Partner for learning solutions (Gold CPLS) and Cisco Learning Partner (CLP).

One of our strengths is our instructors. We consider our instructors as our secret weapon who help students achieve new levels of understanding and workforce readiness.

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