How to Launch My Career as a Business Analyst? Tips from Professionals


How to Launch My Career as a Business Analyst? Tips from Professionals

Business analysis is not all about lemons and peaches, there is a little more than that which is at stake here. The business analysis deals with real-time business data that is raw and needs to be processed using analytical skills, statistics, and other similar aspects. You need to have enough knowledge on your plate that you feel extremely comfortable solving these high end and advanced business-related problems. But if you were looking for a shortcut then you are clearly in the wrong place here, as there is no shortcut to do so, you need to train yourself, do the work, and only then can you become able to deal with the work.

Anyways, if you are seriously interested and parsing data, extracting valuable insight, and making prediction models interests you then there are a few tips and advice from the professionals who are already working within this career;

  1. Educate yourself, register with a course

Working as a business analyst means that you will be working with two different worlds i.e. business and technology and you require an efficient understanding of both to make it work. If you have some prior experience with business analysis then there is no need to register yourself for a beginner level course as then you can reach out to an advanced level certification or course offered for business analyst. A list of courses related to BA can be found on the internet, select the one that tickles you the most, and then study hard, learn the trade and then apply what you have learned to the real-world problems.

  1. Get certified

Registering for a course is one thing and getting certified is another, you must have some physical proof that validates the skills that you have learned during your practice of the course. If you jump up for an interview with no proof of your skills then chances are that you might not be taken seriously but on the other hand, if you have a certification proving that you did the work then chances are that you might come out as a serious individual who is very concerned about being a BA.

Make sure that you highlight other various aspects of your CV such as do you have some knowledge about any particular domain of the BA? OR do you have some problem-solving skills under your belt? If you do so then it is already a great start and would definitely help you to land the job of your dreams.

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  1. Continuous improvement is necessary

When you are standing into a cement mix, and don't move for some time then chances are that you will be stuck within it permanently and can't do anything to break out of it. Make sure that you are never in this type of slum and you keep on moving and improving yourself to be better and stronger than the previous version of yourself.

Attend webinars, discuss the new techniques and domains that are being discussed into the IT and business analytics market and then bring yourself to learn these new elements, make sure that you continue to practice your skills even if you are out of the game for some time as this is the only way you will begin to become better and stronger than the previous version of your professional self.

  1. Networking is the key

If you want to become successful then networking is the right element to strike with for you. You need to explore the professional opportunities that are present all around you, become well in reaching out to the professionals that already have reached a dedicated position in their career. Ask for their advice, demonstrate your skills, and then maybe ask them to give you a little push into finding a few high paying and advanced job options or at least letting you know if something similar comes up.

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  1. Get yourself a mentor

There is no one like the person who is the master or professional at something, if you want to be the absolute best player in the game then it is advised that you learn from the best. Get yourself a BA mentor who can help you with many obstacles that you will definitely face during your journey of becoming a BA and getting a highly technical job. A mentor will provide you with the basics knowledge of the systems that you will be working with, filling you in with the methods that are tested and bring results to perform your analysis and a ton of other stuff that you would otherwise have missed on.

If you are seriously interested and want to make something out of yourself then you must join data analysis boot camp, come around all the experience that you can carve out of it, and build yourself a strong foundation.

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