CompTIA Certification Guide


CompTIA Certification Guide

CompTIA is a globally recognized certification body that developed multiple courses for modern IT professionals. People interested in advancing their IT career can take online CompTIA certification courses.

The best part about CompTIA certifications is that they're vendor-neutral. This has set CompTIA apart from other IT certification bodies because most of them focus on specific technologies and vendors, severly limiting your choices.

CompTIA offers certifications for core, infrastructure, and cybersecurity career paths.

CompTIA Core Certifications:

Entry-level IT professionals should start with the core certifications: Fundamentals+, A+, Network+, and Security+.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

If you're new to IT, then this certification is a great choice. With Fundamentals+, you learn terminologies and concepts in networking basics, hardware basics, installation basics, troubleshooting, and support basics. There's only one exam in the Fundamentals+ certification.

CompTIA A+ Certification

After Fundamentals+ is CompTIA A+. A+ builds on concepts explored in the Fundamentals+. For entry-level IT jobs like support desk technicians, this certification is perfect as it includes networking and security basics along with covering maintenance and operations. 

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA offers two career pathways, one in networking and the other in cybersecurity. If you want to advance your networking career, then this certification is a must for you. The Network+ covers all core concepts required in handling an IT network infrastructure like topologies, routers, database use, etc.

CompTIA Security+

If advancing your career in cybersecurity is your goal, then you can skip all the other certifications in CompTIA and start with this one. The Security+ certification teaches you how to handle security tasks in an IT department. Password management, threat neutralization, access control, and others will be covered in Security+.

CompTIA Infrastructure Certifications:

The infrastructure careeer path by CompTIA deals strictly with network infrastructure concepts.

CompTIA Linux+

Just like the name implies, this certification focuses on the importance and application of Linux as a major programming language in a networking environment. To pass this certification, you will be required to show expertise in areas like Unix commands, shells, installation, security, and other Linux related concepts.

CompTIA Cloud+

As the cloud has become a major networking component in today’s business world, the Cloud+ certification will allow you to understand the basics of cloud technologies, hybrid storage management, hosting apps, etc. to convert you into a resource that can leverage all cloud-related products in an optimal manner.

CompTIA Server+

The final certification in this pathway is Server+. This one primarily deals with developing management and operational skills for hardware and software components of physical and cloud servers. From configuration to troubleshooting, this certification covers all aspects necessary to run a smooth server operation.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Certification Path:

To address the growing for cybersecurity professionals, CompTIA introduced this career path. It covers skills for most cybersecurity roles ranging from mid-level to expert level resources.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)

Primed to deliver knowledge in handling an organization’s cybersecurity defense policies and frameworks, the CySA+ certification teaches you how to handle threat detection tools, monitor threats, and prepare mechanisms to protect against vulnerabilities as core security analysts.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner+ (CASP+)

Probably the most advanced certification offered by CompTIA, the CASP+ covers everything required for managers to build, manage, and run top-grade security solutions in an enterprise environment. The CASP+ requires more than 5 years of industry experience as a prerequisite to the exam. While that may sound difficult, you can further prepare by taking additional online CompTIA certification training sessions.

CompTIA PenTest+

If you want to acquire additional skills related to penetration testing in order to secure against zero-day vulnerabilities and bugs and complement the skills learned in the CySA+ certification, then you should definitely opt for the PenTest+ certification.

Additional Certifications

CompTIA offeres additional certifications that aren't grouped in a single niche like the others. It includes three distinct certifications on topics including project management, cloud essentials, and CTT training.

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