The Benefits of Teaching with Technology


The Benefits of Teaching with Technology

From Smart Boards to tablets, today’s modern classroom takes full advantage of technology and its ability to interactively connect students with their subjects. Teachers are looking for ways to provide an enriched learning experience for their students, and technology is certainly helping with that, but keeping on top of tech trends can be difficult.

And yet, the key to maintaining a technology-based classroom environment is to understand how to utilize intelligent tools and programs to their full potential.

If you are a teacher, you (of course) know that education is important. You probably also realize that the process of educating yourself is almost never finished. Whether you need to maintain your certification or you simply want to enhance your teaching methods, you must continue to pursue education through professional development and continuing education courses.

Participating in this type of training not only increases the potential for salary advancement, but it also has the potential to positively affect results in the classroom.

In a study done by the Regional Educational Laboratory At Edvance Research, Inc., researchers found that “teachers who receive substantial professional development can boost their students’ achievement by about 21 percentile points.”

So whatever your reasons, taking part in continuing education training benefits more than just yourself.

But who has the time?

From grading papers to creating lesson plans, your time can be limited. That’s why QuickStart helps you pursue professional development and salary advancement with affordable, on-demand software and technology courses.

Our training platform allows you to increase your skillset on a schedule that’s convenient for you! If you want to enhance your software knowledge or you’re simply looking to maintain your certification, QuickStart provides the quality training you need to become a better teacher.

Soon, as an exclusive deal for educators, QuickStart will offer a comprehensive package of on-demand Microsoft Office and Adobe courses at one low price!

Be on the lookout for this limited offer and in the meantime, contact a sales representative for more information.

Choose QuickStart and begin your journey toward a better teaching career!

Note: Please refer to your local state and educational district for specific re-certification requirements.

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