5 Nifty Features of Windows 10


5 Nifty Features of Windows 10

The rollout of Microsoft’s newest operating system has many users on the edge of their seat, as they discover all of the shiny new features of Windows 10. It wasn’t particularly easy for people to adjust to the radical interface change of Windows 8, and some still haven’t gotten the hang of it. The recent OS update is looking to change that.

Take a look at some of the best features of Windows 10:

Start Menu

While the Live Tiles of Windows 8 looked great, many of us longed for the Start Menu of old, where you could find any program you needed in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Windows 10 brings back the classic option while adding some exciting new features.

The new menu is made for ease. Instead of having to scroll through folders and sub-folders. Search directly in the Start Menu by typing in the name of the app you need.

Don’t feel like typing “PowerPoint” every time you want to make a presentation? Simply pin the app to the menu as a favorite and you’ll have an accessible shortcut.


If you’re a Windows Phone user, you’ll be happy to learn that Cortana, Microsoft’s version of a digital assistant, is now available for your PC. Use your voice to instruct Cortana to find files on your OneDrive, search online for information, play music, or set alarms.

Cortana responds to natural language via voice or text commands, so no need to talk like a robot.


Do you use a keyboard for your tablet and sometimes wish it would act as a desktop? Well, now Windows 10 allows users to change the interface of their device depending on how they want to use it.

The new Continuum feature intuitively changes the mode of your device to either a desktop version or tablet-style version (which is better for fingers) depending on if you have a keyboard attached. This is also available for PC’s.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s newest internet browser is still young, but already boasts some pretty cool features. While conducting a web search, Cortana will provide you with additional, useful information like restaurant reviews and directions.

You can also draw on and annotate a web page to make notes on recipes, underline funny parts of an article for a friend, or circle areas of interest on a map.


Security has become a major concern with technology users and Microsoft is taking a big step toward improving it in Windows 10. The Hello feature allows users with compatible devices to set fingerprint and face-scanning log in requirements.

You’ll need a 3D infrared camera on your device to use the face-scanning authentication, which only a handful of PC’s currently have. However, the technology is becoming more common. Most newer devices already have fingerprint readers.

So, no need to remember that complicated password with numbers and symbols, thankfully.


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