The New Era of Training Modalities – Why is it so Hard to Change?


The New Era of Training Modalities – Why is it so Hard to Change?

Those of us that have been in the training business for the last 20 years have watched the trend go from instructor-led classroom training to a multitude of different training modalities including virtual, e-learning, on-demand and blended solutions. 

Back in the day, the instructor-led solution was all that was offered, so it was easy: get the funds, get the time off work, and head to the training facility!  While you are there, enjoy some snacks, fresh baked cookies, going out to lunch, and bonding with the instructor & other students in the class, while learning what you need to improve your job skills. 

So now, why the big PUSH BACK on allowing students take the training class from the comfort of their home, their local Starbucks, or the stable environment of their office?  Why wouldn’t everyone want this? 

Well, it was hard!  The facilities, students, even the instructors who love being face-to-face with their students were having a hard time adapting and letting go.  That fading option of getting away from it all and coming to a secure training environment where all they had to do was learn was no longer as popular.

In this new technology age, are we taking the personal relationship out of the classroom? 

Not really, it’s just a different way to have the relationship.  You can still see the instructor, but he is now on your monitor.  You can still talk with all the other students, but now it’s on a sound device.  You can still have some snacks and lunch, but you have to get it from your own kitchen or workplace. 

We, everyone else, are coming around to the New Era of Training Modalities.  It’s been hard, but it’s happening. We see the comments changing from “I will only take a class with the instructor in front of me” to “Well it’s kind of nice not having the long drive.”

Bottom line – It’s actually amazing that we can have this technology so easily available.  But change is hard.

Take a closer look at all the training modalities currently available:

  • Instructor Led – Face to face learning, with Instructor and students in the same environment.
  • Virtual – Students & Instructors in different locations, but using software to form a virtual class
  • E-Learning – Learning conducted via Electronic Media, Typically on the Internet
  • Hybrid/Blended – Training that combines, face-to-face class time with online and out-of-class work.
  • On-Demand – Training that allows you anywhere, anytime access to valuable training from any computer or device.
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