Top 5 IT Certifications for Your Military Spouse Career Mobility


Top 5 IT Certifications for Your Military Spouse Career Mobility

When you are a military spouse, especially a working military spouse, life does not treat you well. Most of the time you cannot follow your passion due to shifting every couple of years. Your passion requires proper time and dedication that you are unable to give.

To solve these problems, they try to opt for a career that is portable and does not affect their career progress if they move to another place, which is the right thing to do, given the circumstances. These portable professions depend more on the person's skills and creativity than the location they are working.

As we know how essential IT is for every organization, it can be a valuable career prospect for a military spouse. We are living in a world right now that is run by IT, as everything is digitalized today. IT certifications can be a path to IT for a military spouse, and they can utilize MyCAA funding for that goal. Networking, cybersecurity and many more certifications are available that you can earn to get a mobile job.

Top 5 IT certifications for Military Career Mobility

IT has always been a top-notch industry due to its vast range. IT fields like application development, networking, cybersecurity and infrastructure have been neck to neck these days. One thing that ensures these fields remain at the top is their career mobility.

When we talk about a career for a military spouse, mobility is a must-have for a career no matter which field of IT they choose. There are a lot of job roles related to cybersecurity, project management, cloud computing and other fields. To start, there are certifications offered by various organizations, so let's look at the top five of these mobility-based certifications.

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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a hot topic around the world right now. You can start this career from anywhere, and your position will be based on your experience. We know how essential it can be for an organization to hire a cybersecurity expert, as hackers can halt the system any time.

Certified Ethical Hacker is a certification that can start your career in cybersecurity. In this certification, they teach you how to think like a hacker. If you pass this certification, you can have a portable career, and you can move anywhere and work within any organization. You get to learn through real-time scenarios, so you’ll have hands-on experience for the real-world.

CompTIA Security+ (Cybersecurity Certification)

It is another cybersecurity certification that a military spouse can earn that provides mobility to your career. You need to have basic knowledge about information technology and cybersecurity to start this certification.

By completing this certification, you can learn strategies about network defense and how to recognize different attacks on the network. There is a complete certification pathway provided by CompTIA that one can follow to become an expert, or just starter ones can be completed to start the career. Once you are done with this certification, you can work from anywhere. You can find IT based certifications on Army credentialing opportunities online and apply through Army COOL for the certification.

PMP Certification – Project Management

PMP is a certification that can be very beneficial for a military spouse, as it gives you a career that has mobility and a high salary. Project management with a touch of IT is the thing of the new digitalized era, and if you become a professional in PMP you will have a bright future regardless of location.

In Project Management Professional (PMP), you get to learn everything about management and the difference between traditional project management and the new digital project management.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Cloud

Who does not know about Amazon and their cloud computing services Amazon Web Services? This is a certification in the cloud computing domain where you’ll use AWS for architecture construction. Cloud computing has become an essential requirement for every business in the world, so it is a career that can be started from anywhere at any time. Most of the big companies have Amazon as their cloud partner, which will help you find a job easily.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect – Cloud

When it comes to the highest paying and in-demand jobs in the cloud, this job probably tops the list. It is a certification that Google provides, and after earning this certification you can easily land a job that you can do from anywhere. It is a portable job, and companies working in the cloud industry do have their offices at various locations, so there will be no problem for you to move anywhere. This certification although speaks for itself, and you can land a job in any organization with this job.

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