A Look at Pen Testing: Getting Started


A Look at Pen Testing: Getting Started

The road to becoming a penetration tester is a long one and typically starts in a non-security role. There’s no such thing as “entry-level” security professional. The knowledge you need to be successful in security relies on a strong background in all things IT.

This week, we talked about how to become a penetration tester, whether you should earn the PenTest+ certification, and how much money you can make in security.

How to Become a Penetration Tester

Don’t expect to snag a pen-testing job straight out of college. It takes years to build the necessary experience and knowledge to become a penetration tester.  

Is PenTest+ Worth It?

Whether or not you consider the PenTest+ worth the time, effort, and the cost is very much dependent on your career goals and experience.

18 Realistic Pen Testing Salaries in the US

We look at 18 (realistic) salaries for penetration testers across the United States — and the reasons for the salary ranges.

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