Automate Enterprise Cloud Operations with Expert Cisco Training


Automate Enterprise Cloud Operations with Expert Cisco Training

Automation is all about getting things going in a pre-defined pattern without much of human interference and automating enterprise cloud operations is something your IT enterprise shouldn’t overlook or take for granted. Enterprises like you (in different regions of the globe) are shifting from traditional data centers towards automated cloud operations. Forbes nicely explains in its article that why automation is good for businesses in today’s world in which different chief customer success officers spoke their words and suggested the true importance of having automation in business operations.

Cloud computing promises great functionality and a number of benefits to both IT personnel and enterprise owners. However, running effective and automated enterprise cloud operations is of true value here and settling for anything below that –the same old traditional IT operations– won’t get your enterprise anywhere in the competition.

Regardless of what type of cloud you’re working on, be it a private enterprise cloud, or an external cloud provider, or even a hybrid cloud system, an automated set of operations should:

  • Improve predictability: Constant workflow without any outages;
  • Be precise and agile: The system has to be accurate and spontaneous;
  • Cut down the cost: Your business costs should be tailored down.

Cloud operations are replacing the traditional physical infrastructures and storage platforms, thanks to their combination of features and automation. Enterprises are now adopting this new technology and commencing their day-to-day business operations efficiently.

As more and more IT executives from all over the world are witnessing the true flexibility and innovation of the cloud computing technology, days are not far when it will not be just limited to as an add-on; it will become an integral part of business operations. Thus, it is now the time to keep your field staff abreast of cloud operations automation by enrolling them in online Cisco training sessions.

Why Is Automating Cloud Operations That Important to an Organization:

The effectiveness of any IT enterprise is driven from 4 basic principles outlined below:


The existing layout of data hub infrastructure is quite expensive to acquire and maintain in the long run. All this also creates the necessity of having complementary components such as human resource, networking servers, data storage space, and the cooling of the room where data servers are installed.

The shift towards automated enterprise cloud operations considerably cuts down such operating costs and also impacts upon the overall capital expenditures. Automated cloud computations also provide great insight into what’s going around while also providing the organizations with the necessary tools and equipment to deploy the surplus resources in other areas.

Above that, an organization implementing automated cloud operations won’t have to make instant purchases of new data servers whenever there’s a demand hike and thus a large chunk of their investments would be cut down for good.


IT enterprises where manual data storage is the only means tend to put in more time and resources for ordinary chores that are at times very less impactful if you compare them with things that are driving the business for stakeholders. Maintenance and operations are those two areas where a handful of resources are exerted. A networking expert possessing Cisco certification after receiving an adequate level of hands-on cisco training should be able to turn the tables with the help of cloud operation automation.


Automated enterprise cloud operations will enhance the responsiveness and overall performance of your IT department by mitigating possibilities of human error and to its contrast providing better availability of resources at hand. The entire flow gets streamlined in a manner that the path from development end to the live state shortens drastically.

Also, automating enterprise cloud operations eliminates the need of having your database servers configured manually, validating the back-end code, testing and monitoring the server on an on-going basis. A one-time automation would keep things on track until the settings are changed by a human moderator.


Power outages are a NO GO for any IT enterprise. Automating the cloud operations make database systems more resistant towards power failures and besides that, your IT department gets to know in advance as to what may interrupt the system ahead.

The need of having hot and cold backups is eliminated with the help of automated cloud operations as an automated cloud storage is quite capable of replacing the failed servers with standby storage. By automating the cloud operations, you also get to be ensured that all available servers will be listed down for storing and backing up your precious data. All this upkeeps the availability of critical applications that are mandatory for running day-to-day business operations.

Automated cloud computing, regardless of the type, i.e.: private, external or hybrid (multi-cloud), is a definitive and simplified approach towards complex distributed systems…

While buying a public cloud doesn’t imply its hardware and software maintenance on your shoulders as an expense, but you are still required to monitor, manage, and cope with cloud-integrated systems that are installed within your premises.

In today’s world, cloud management technology does come with a certain set of limits, and there is no charismatic power that would do wonders overnight. However, automating the entire process would put you one step forward to an effective business. Lesser human resource would be required to operate the servers which gives your organization an upper hand over your competitors in the years ahead.

In 2019, almost every other organization you would see on the chart shall have automatically configured cloud operations implemented within to overcome the management issues being faced due to the manual administration of cloud storage.

Automating the cloud storage systems and operations is helping organizations like you (regardless of what scale they are operating at) manage the intricacy of the contemporary cloud infrastructure. If trends and strategies are shifting upwards, then why should you be left behind the competition? Cloud automation is the right thing each of your field staff needs to be expert at. And the right amount of required cisco training is available online at your disposal for a fraction of the cost that your enterprise would deem as a long-term investment rather than just an incurring expense.

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