How to Become a Cisco Certified Network Administrator


How to Become a Cisco Certified Network Administrator

The world of IT is rapidly becoming an extremely competitive field of employment. Even though new developments are being made in the domain of information technology and networking every day, there is a further inflow of talented workforce into the market. In such situations, it is critical to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself, and this is specifically why Cisco systems have been operating certification programs for all the potential IT workers. Cisco is an undisputed leader when it comes to networking and telecommunications, and it captured a staggering 73.9% of the networking equipment market as reported in 2018. This is why Cisco has been contributing to the IT field’s training by providing these certifications in the market. 

These certifications are based on entry, professional, associate and architect levels, each having their own specific contents to deal with. For instance, CCNA certification, which is Cisco Certified Network Associate level includes working with Cloud, Cyber Ops, routing and switching, security, wireless and data center along with many more sub-fields. Apart from these networking certifications, there are specialist certifications such as technical specialist certification in collaboration, internet of things and network programmability. One of the specific job positions, which greatly benefit from acquiring these certifications, is of a Cisco network administrator, and in this article, we will be taking a quick look into what falls under the umbrella of becoming a network administrator, and how you too can become a successful network administrator too.

How a person functions in the associated job

As a Cisco network administrator, you are required to install and maintain local area networks, wide area networks, and various other internet networks. Among the responsibilities is establishing and recognizing the needs of the computer network before it is set up, building up a computer network by installing several essential hardware, properly maintaining a computer system and ensuring its smooth operations. Network administrators are often required to collaborate with network architects and computer systems managers and work in teams. They are required to work full-time and quite often required to do overtime too. They are also required to train the organization’s users to how to work on the networks and make the best use out of them and solve their issues. This job is considered of a critical nature, as most organizations require their networks to be effectively functioning to carry out the primary business tasks, so an incompetent network administrator will not only raise hurdles for the network environment of the organization but will also raise speed bumps in the organization carrying out its primary trading or servicing activity.

Job role and functions

Delving further into the particular responsibilities of Network administrators, one of their essential obligations is to design PC networks and frameworks. Configuring is basic since it alters the PC network as indicated by the structure of the association, and records for association explicit subtleties, which truly helps with improving the profitability of the whole staff in working the PC network. Additionally, we talked before about dealing with any issues which may arise in the computer network and systems, and it is necessary to do so because usually minor issues which are really difficult to identify end up creating the most trouble for the network administration teams. These are particular instances when network administrators are often required to do overtime work. Furthermore, network administrators consult with clients to specify system requirements and then design solutions. Linking this point with the above configuration point, is it significant to design computer networks and systems according to the needs of the users and not design them in a standardized way as it results in increased difficulties for staff not technically savvy.

Moving on, budgeting for equipment and assembly cost is perhaps one of the foremost duty of network administrators, as often poor budgeting results in an under-valuation of costs or even an over-valuation of cost which can be really troublesome for the folks in the finance department. A business is looking to find the most cost-effective solution each and every day and so network administrators are expected to come up with the most beneficial deal of equipment and then its assembly which does not compromise on the quality of equipment yet does not burden the pockets of the organization beyond that they could bear. Additionally assembling new systems is another one of the responsibilities of a network administrator, and it is often said that if the assembling of new systems is done properly right at the moment then it dramatically reduces the chances of issues popping up in the future.

Talking about new systems, it is equally important to keep maintaining existing systems and software and keeping them updated with the latest updates, as it is more cost effective for the organization to work on an existing system rather than implementing new ones. Moreover, it is the duty of Cisco certified network administrators to continuously monitor the computer networks to not only troubleshoot issues but come with ingenious ways of improving the network. Finally, as mentioned before, network administrators work along IT support personnel to act as a source of support for the entire internal and external users of the computer network and system.

How the training will help achieve success

We have extensively covered the responsibilities of a network administrator, now, we will conclude the importance of the right training to get the certifications and then outstand in your career. Cisco certification needs hard work, plus, it is also important to know how and what to study. Fortunately, the Cisco training take care of all of this, the multi-modular training deals with each and every aspect of Cisco based on the certification level you are targeting for, and at the end of the day, getting these certifications in your hand would lead you to landing any of your desired job and climbing your way to success. 

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