5 Common Misconceptions about Cloud Technologies


5 Common Misconceptions about Cloud Technologies

Cloud technology has exploded like nothing else in the IT world. The amount of noise it has created has made it difficult for any organization to look past it, when it comes to deploying their services on a large scale. The clear benefits of the cloud make it the platform of choice for the next generation of IT workers. Gauging these trends, the tech behemoths of the world like Amazon and Microsoft are pumping vast amounts of money in creating public infrastructure and platform cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has more than 40 percent of the market share and Microsoft, Google, and IBM collectively holds 23 percent of the share. It is more than likely that this trend will continue as cloud services are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Knowing what is cloud technology and learning in detail about it will help you greatly in staying ahead of the competition and securing a job in a prestigious company, like the ones mentioned above.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing allows users to store data on remote servers and then operate on it. There is no need to download the data on the personal computer for performing the desired operations. Cloud computing operates with the help of internet connectivity. It connects individuals with digital resources over the internet from just about anywhere in the world. Internet connectivity is of paramount importance in cloud computing as you need to be always connected with the resources available online.

Misconceptions about Cloud Technologies

Though there are many benefits of using cloud technologies for accomplishing tasks, there are a few myths about this technology in prevalence that can befuddle the new users. Some of the common misconceptions about cloud technologies are:

Myth 1: The Experience While Using Cloud Will Be The Same As That Of Working On A Personal Computer

The servers in the cloud are shared entities and the sharing of these resources has their own performance overheads. Due to these overheads, the performance while using cloud environment is not always comparable with that of a personal computer. However, you can enhance the experience by investing in a high-quality internet connection with low latency.

Myth 2: All Your Favorite Applications That Worked Before Will Work On The Cloud

Computer applications only work when all the elements required for proper functioning of that application are available in the system. As the cloud has its own preset environment, there is a decent chance that some of your applications that worked on your system may not work on the cloud.

Myth 3: Cloud Technology Always Enhances The Productivity Of An Operation

This is not true. You need a combination of offline and online operations to reap maximum rewards through cloud technology. It is best to perform your mission critical processes offline and use cloud technology for doing the bulk of your daily tasks.

Myth 4: Virtualization Of Work Environment Is Enough For Performing All Operations Productively

Cloud environment is heavily dependent on automated management infrastructure around the server performing well for its correct operations. While a virtual server is very effective and helpful for many operations, but when used in isolation, it is not sufficient for ensuring reliable completion of all tasks.

Myth 5: Cloud Services Are Available In One Size Only   

Cloud technology services are flexible, modular and they can also grow with your business. Cloud services are available in three forms: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. The full-forms of these three services are:

  1. 1. IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service
  2. 2. PAAS: Platform as a Service
  3. 3. SAAS: Software as a Service 

Depending on your workload, software requirements, and workforce, you can select any one of three modes for gaining the most from this revolutionary technology.

Get Ahead of the Competition by Leveraging your Learning of the Cloud

Cloud platform can be a major asset for an organization. Its quick evolution is a clear proof of its amazing rate of growth, which is more than likely to increase in the future. In order to ensure that you get the best information about what is cloud technology, you should do a course from a reputed institute like QuickStart. It has great experience in IT and technical training, which will help you greatly in preparing well for your future.

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