What's New With Microsoft AZ-900


What's New With Microsoft AZ-900

Are you thinking to achieve a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification in 2021 but not sure how to prepare for it? Well, we're here to tell you just that!

Cloud computing skills are highly sought-after today, and organizations are progressively searching for individuals who know and have work experience on platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

If you are hoping to start a cloud computing career, especially on the Microsoft Azure platform, then AZ-900 is an ideal approach to take.

It has been more than three years when Microsoft reported and delivered a couple of significant changes in the current Azure certificate path at the Ignite Conference in 2018. This declaration was not exactly the start of the time of tech evolution. The certification path was adjusted to make Azure certifications more towards being role-based for professionals.

With the new Azure certificates, a few of the Microsoft Azure certifications retired toward the end of 2018.

In 2020, Microsoft supplanted a portion of new role-based certifications with the declaration of new Azure Services. The certifications were opted based on the criticism from the exam applicants. However, Microsoft AZ-900 certification is still the gateway to more advanced level Azure certifications. How about we get to know what’s new with Microsoft’s AZ 900 certification?

Let’s first explore the basics of Azure Fundamentals.

Azure Fundamentals certification is the basic level test in the new Azure certifications path. This test is taken by individuals who need to show their basic knowledge and grip on cloud administration with Microsoft Azure. Whether you are from a technical background or not, you can take this test if you have some fundamental comprehension of the cloud concepts. You can check your preparation level by taking the AZ-900 practice test. 

Practice Exam - AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

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You will access the Practice exam of AZ-900 with this official practice exam of the Certification of AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

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Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam is the initial phase to reach the associate-level and expert-level Azure certifications. Even though it's a discretionary advance, acquiring this fundamental certification will profit you in many ways. AZ-900 exam can be considered as the starting point for any remaining associate and expert level Azure certifications. You can take Azure key practice tests to get ready for the final certification exam.

We should examine the subtleties of the Azure AZ-900 test.

What are some of the requirements for this certification exam? There are no specific requirements for the Microsoft Azure Fundamental test are mandated. One ought to have an essential comprehension of the cloud administrations and the Microsoft Azure platform.

AZ-900: Syllabus and Format

The prospectus for the AZ-900 exam mostly centers around fundamental ideas of cloud-based administrations concerning Azure. It incorporates core azure administration storage, compute, and networking. This additionally covers security and protection services, azure help model, and estimation.

There are around 40-60 questions, a large percentage of them being MCQs. The time given to complete this test is 60 minutes. To be able to breeze through the exam, you need to score at least 70% and the percent-wise breakdown of abilities estimated by each module is as beneath:

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts (15-20%)
  • Domain 2: Core Azure Services (30-35%)
  • Domain 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, And Trust (25-30%)
  • Domain 4: Azure Pricing Service Level Agreements, And Lifecycles (20-25%)

Exam Registration Fee

It is obligatory to check the test cost before the beginning groundwork for the AZ-900 test. These test expenses are liable to change contingent upon where the test is taken. If you live in the United States, the test will cost $ 99.

You will get a discounted rate if you are an individual from the Microsoft Imagine Academy program, an individual from the Microsoft Partner Network program, or a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Understudies are likewise qualified for a discount.

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How Hard Is the AZ-900 Test?

The test is serious stuff! Even though it's a basics test, there is a ton to know as you will see when you begin experiencing the material. If you have experience in the IT field, the AZ-900 course material is not going to be a problem for you. Numerous candidates sit back if they fail, but numerous go for another attempt before they figure out how to pass the exam. The key is not to surrender! Stay centered and focused on the process.


Does the AZ-900 Certification Ever Expire?

When writing, there is no expiry date on the AZ-900 certification. Different certifications, for example, the AZ-103/104 Azure Administrator certification should be restored intermittently, like in a year or so. 

Microsoft will now and again resign certifications in any case, and so you may discover exam numbers change after some time when Microsoft changes the educational plan generously for the certification. 

How Much Do You Need To Score To Pass The AZ-900 Exam?

You need to get an aggregate of 700 points to breeze through this exam. The candidate who gets lesser points will not be certified. You can check the results of your test a couple of minutes after you finish. Notwithstanding, to get a point by point dashboard, you need to stand by a couple of days.

Test Retake Policy

Numerous candidates had shown concerns about the test retake policy before starting to prepare for the AZ-900 exam or during planning. If you are attempting this exam and can't pass it on the first attempt, you should wait for at least 24 hours before retaking the test.

If this happens to you again, the waiting time for the following test can be expanded to 14 days. You can take a total of 5 attempts in a year. 

Can You Cancel The Exam?

If you drop or reschedule the registration six working days before the test, the cancellation will not be invoiced. If the cancellation or rescheduling happens within five working days, you will be charged a small fee.

A Word About Exam Brain Dumps

It very well may be enticing to proceed to search for exam brain dumps on the web, where individuals have gathered some real questions from the exam. While that may help you pass, remembering answers might get you into a lot of trouble. Microsoft has an exceptionally clear strategy on this:

"If Microsoft discovers that an applicant has used a "brain dump" site to plan for a test, this candidate will be forever restricted or denied from taking any future Microsoft Certification tests and might be decertified from the Microsoft Certification Program. Likewise, test scores and certifications, if relevant, might be disavowed. These moves might be made regardless of whether the candidate didn't plan to dupe the Microsoft Certification Program."

Is Microsoft Fundamentals Worth It?

Microsoft purposefully made AZ-900 because of a particular objective: to provide the most effortless progress in achieving a successful start in learning Azure professionally. In case you plan on launching a career in cloud computing, AZ-900 is probably worth the 85 minutes and $99 you'll put into achieving it.

When you breeze through the exam, we would recommend you begin studying about the next Azure certification you plan on achieving. Expanding on information and applying it inside the Azure environment is basic to keeping up the momentum you just produced.

If you have related knowledge with both Azure and cloud computing, the AZ-900 test does not merit your time. It doesn't hold any intrinsic worth, it doesn't give you a certificate, and you can acquire more advanced Azure certifications while never having to take the AZ-900 certification.

If you choose to take the test, make certain to review Azure support and pricing. Our AZ-900 training is designed to get you completely prepared for the exam, with the extra study material that will give you a surge of motivation to start your prep for ensuing Azure certification exams. Explore our Azure certification training courses and begin your cloud computing career journey with QuickStart.  

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