Changing Careers to Cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Training


Changing Careers to Cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Training

Looking to change up your career? A career transition can be intimidating and scary, but switching your job industry can also be exciting. 2020 was a major year for transitions. At the crossroads of your career, I challenge you to drop your backpack of worn-out ideas and past limitations. Without that negativity weighing you down, your career possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself. By gaining a little training to do what you love. You’re headed straight for your dream job. Want to find a job you love that is also in high demand and lucrative? Want to earn promotions and feel successful? More and more companies have turned to the cloud to keep business going. IT industry expertise has become key to company success. Start earning your new dream career in information technology.

Where do you start? A good place is in training in the three most competitive platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Certification in any of these platforms is highly valued and opens the door for you to become a developer, administrator, architect, data administrator, or pursue a career in analytics. As stated by Statista, IaaS provided by AWS alone holds 33% of the market. Ranked as the fastest-growing public cloud from 2017 to 2020. The pandemic has only made cloud certification even more critical for IT professionals.

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As of February 2021, about 60% of the total public cloud job postings in the market are AWS-related. On average an AWS Certified Solution Architect associate professional earns a salary of around $121k, over $13k higher than the average IT certified professional. The premium locations for AWS skills are Austin, San Francisco, Washington, or Boston where the salary for AWS skills is 25% higher than usual. Ever considered living in other parts of the world? The benefits to this career continue abroad. Outside the US, AWS solutions architects are valued highly in Canada, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, UEA, and India.

AWS rules the field as of now, although other providers are closing the gap. According to Flexera’s 2020 State of the Cloud report, Amazon’s solutions were at 76% of cloud adopters. Microsoft Azure follows quickly with 63% of businesses, and Google Cloud Platform comes next. Amazon has announced an initiative to upskill 29 million people worldwide by 2025 of the increased demand for cloud engineers.

With all this in mind, a career in IT certification looks promising. Don’t put off your dreams any longer. You are standing at a crossroads with your backpack of negativity laying at your feet and the wind at your back. Step forward into your future career with
certification. Before you know it, you’ll have the dream career you never knew was possible.

Top Courses in Cloud Computing

  • Azure Fundamentals

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  • Fundamentals of AWS

    93 % of 100
    On Demand
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

    95 % of 100
    On Demand
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Basics

    Beginner On Demand

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