Cloud Computing Jobs in Texas


Cloud Computing Jobs in Texas

When it comes to cloud computing the future is bright, not only because it is a new discipline that is thriving and getting better each day but also due to the fact that experienced professionals and their keen skillset are required to manage these technologies. So, if you have taken on cloud computing as a career in IT then you couldn’t go any right than this. There are plenty of opportunities out there and the demand for experienced professionals only gets higher and higher, you can work as a software engineer, cloud computing expert, network engineer, software analyst, or data scientist along with many other options.

Specifically in Texas, the USA which is considered the hub of cloud computing due to the extensive amount of data centers being set up and managed there. Many companies such as Intel, Dell, IBM, and Apple have their data centers in there and professionals are needed to manage things in there. So, job opportunities are more intense here than anywhere else. Dallas, Texas is not only famous for its barbecue but also for the extensive cloud computing regime that it has.

In-Demand Cloud Technology Jobs in Texas

Following are some of the most tempting jobs that you can get in Texas provided you have the right skillset and administrative mindset to do so:

  1. DevOps

The digital world has been completely changed with DevOps, it is more like a methodology than it is a tool. It is kind of a junction between the two driving forces of the IT world that are developers and system administrators. It formulates a bridge where both sections of the industry could connect with each other, share actionable insight about the products they are preparing, and deploy updates at a much faster pace. Agility, customization, and mobility of the systems are the top pillars of the DevOps.

It incorporates not only collective collaboration and working from each and every team engaged with software development and operations but also brings in a blend of top skills from software engineering, technology operations, and administration at a single point for everyone's benefit. Whether it is cloud computing or software development chances are that the professionals engaged with these fields are already using DevOps and if not then they are definitely thinking about shifting. It is not about the development of tools/software systems but also about managing your teams, people that are working under you.

You need good development skills, taking the silos and bottlenecks out of the equation for creating a subtle and more intense platform where everyone can collaborate towards achieving a common goal. Other than development based skills you should also be extremely potent when it comes to the delivery or release of these products in order to maximize the predictability, production, efficiency, security as well as agility of the whole system. It is quite tough, challenging, and enjoyable at the same time, if you have the right skills and can operate within the boundaries that DevOps has built for IT then undertaking this job would prove to be a huge success for you.

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  1. Cloud Architect

When speaking about cloud computing many professionals believe that the cloud architect is the most iconic job there is, it is challenging and interesting at the same time. Cloud architect without any doubt is the central core for the whole industry or organization as they are responsible for the designing, implementation, and management of the cloud systems and resources. Most of the time the cloud solutions are being brought in by various vendors out there but it is the cloud architect who customizes that set up according to the direct requirements of the organization for which the cloud systems are being installed.

They are not only entangled with the designing of the decisive cloud computing systems but also work closely with the cloud designers to help them secure these cloud computing platforms. Consistent updates and security patches need to be prepared and implemented around the clock to make sure that the security of these systems remains intact and these can be secured from a data breach or other dedicated cyber attacks.    

Another most competitive job description of these professionals is that they continue to do research and develop even more efficient and productive computing units for the company they are working for. Regarding the constant battle between tech companies, the need for innovation is skyrocketing and the requirement for such professionals is getting more and more intense over time.

At times these professionals are also required to work closely with the management section of cloud computing. By far it is the most demanding job role anywhere considering the cloud industry.

  1. Cloud Software Engineer

Any work of marvel cannot be completed without an engineer on board. Whether it is the automobile industry, textile, or digital industries the need for engineers would always be there. Cloud software engineering is the most demanding position around and most interesting for those people who are already working in the software wing of a dedicated organization or company. The basic task of these professionals is to design, implement, and develop software solutions for cloud computing systems. The area of development could be different such as designing software for networking, the management, or other fields of cloud computing.

The job title is quite versatile and these professionals are engaged in various activities and taking care of various tasks regarding the field of cloud software development. So, if you want to apply for the job then you must have at first an extensive background in cloud computing and long background in software design and engineering too. If you by any chance know about the deployment automation and how to bring agility in the development and implementation of the software systems then it would prove to be an added point on your resume.

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  1. Cloud System Administrator

If you were under the impression that constant improvements and innovations within the cloud technology are going to wipe out the administrative positions worldwide then you were clearly in the wrong. It is among one of the biggest myths that are still out there and thus need to be debunked, if the speed, execution, and power of the cloud have increased over the years then it doesn't mean that it doesn't require some manual input to manage machines and systems.

In fact, there are many companies out there that are still in search of experienced cloud system administrators who can take care of their machines and cloud systems. Yes, there might be a change in the overall process of doing that such as now it might have become virtual where no physical presence of the person managing databases and cloud systems is required but the requirement is still there.

This is the reason why you still require someone to take care of configuration and the effective management of the cloud systems out there that might interfere with the normal working of the cloud. If a sudden system failure is reported or things start getting out of hand due to a sudden anomaly then you would still require someone to take care of it or troubleshoot the problem for you. And regarding the future, if the infrastructure-related updates were to be done, you still require an expert to manage the workload and the technicalities of the task. You still need a systems administrator but now they are known as the cloud system administrators. The job is old but upgraded with new tools and technologies to assist the work.

  1. Cloud Sales

If you thought that cloud computing jobs are all about using code writing terminals, coding, and programming of the systems and software then you might get shocked by this upcoming reveal. Cloud sales are becoming more and more current with the latest business models, it is a perfect blend of cloud and business management coupled into one. As you might have seen there are a variety of different cloud computing jobs that might entail managers, directors, and other C-level professionals working towards a common end and that is to develop a product and sell it out to their clientele. It is an uncommon trend that is engaging the top floors too and can be subjected to as the revolution of the cloud systems.

Even the top management and people that are only and strictly tied with business interests would require a basic knowledge of cloud and IT systems just to be included in the team or for securing a dedicated management position in the respective company. IT is all about developing and growing the outsourced cloud businesses with C-level professionals and you might be required to travel a lot and harness not only the communication skills but also the strategic capabilities that you have in yourself. Predicting consistent shifts into the market and seeing loopholes in advance is the absolute requirement for the job. It is definitely an opportunity if sales happen to be your top-notch skills and you are perfectly able to sell people stuff.

The cloud training is required if you wish to propel further with cloud computing as your career, without an effective strategy and skillset you won’t be able to pull off the job, therefore you must focus on engaging yourself with the right skill set for cloud computing.

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