Convincing Reasons Why You Should Get AWS Certified This Year


Convincing Reasons Why You Should Get AWS Certified This Year

Certifications are often a highly controversial topic to contend with in any field, but nowhere does it generate more debate than in the IT sector. The first viewpoint in this debate is that certifications matter because they enhance your existing skill sets and knowledge while the other viewpoint argues contentiously that certifications contribute little to professional development because they don’t focus highly on practical learning experiences.

However, the case with AWS certification training is a bit different. Amazon Web Services is now the market leader in the field of cloud infrastructure based products and its presence is ubiquitous in most enterprises and firms operating in today’s environment. The AWS certification set, therefore, allows you to learn and develop your skillset with regards to a new normal in the IT world.

AWS trainings are not a fad or a trend that’s soon doing to get bogged down, as with over 175 product offerings and a market share that much bigger than its next best competitors like Microsoft Azure, AWS is definitely here not just to stay but to get deeply entrenched in modern business practices of all sorts.

If you still need more convincing to opt for the AWS certifications trainings, then here some solid reasons that will definitely make you opt for a training in 2020:

AWS is The Proverbial Market Leader in Its Category

Amazon has a 47.8% share of the cloud market as of 2019, which not just nearly half the total market, but bigger than three times the share of its next competitor i.e. Microsoft Azure.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant has already primed it as the leading firm in its sector and considering the prohibitively high cost of entry in this industry coupled with the fact that it’s not easy for firms to transfer their cloud resources from one service to another, AWS’s dominance is likely to hold and remain unchallenged for at least the majority of the next decade.

On top of all this, their product list is growing tremendously, touching almost all emerging technological domains including AI, IoT and a wide variety of others, so AWS is not just the present, but it’s also the future, so an AWS certification right now will definitely translate into more relevance for you as an employee in this AWS dominated space.

AWS Based Certifications Are Highly Manageable for Professionals

A big turn off for professionals when opting for certifications in that they require a lot of investment in terms of time and financial resources. Most certification vendors also have very complex certification paths pre-empted by rigid pre-requisite guidelines that deter professionals from opting for them. Some of them even have limited validity periods and membership fees.

AWS certifications are nothing like that, as they are highly affordable, easily doable and manageable by professionals without creating a nuisance in their work lives.

The paths are also very easy as one can get started by doing the most basic AWS solutions architect associate-level certification before moving on the more expert-level certifications. And even at the expert level, there are generalized paths like the AWS certified solutions architect certification which you can do exactly after the associate level solutions architect certification.

The Pay Potential Can Increase Substantially

For a professional, one of the biggest motivators for any certifications is whether or not the certification will bring in a tangible increase in the amount of salary an individual can command in its field. If you opt for AWS certifications, then you will most definitely improve your chances of securing a substantial pay raise from your current earning numbers.

The dominance of AWS of the cloud market makes individuals possessing platform-specific certifications high in demand.

According to a recent study, AWS certifications are among the top 10 highest paying certifications in 2019. The study mentioned that AWS certified developers can earn up to $130,369 per annum, making it the fifth highest-paying certification of this year.

And obviously, as you climb the certifications path and proceed on to more expert levels, your pay rates get altered likewise, so an AWS certification in 2020 is not such a bad investment.

Primes You For Handling Tech Upgrades

The next decade is definitely going to see big improvements in the fields of big data, AI, IoT, etc. and with improvements, will come mass implementation. And since most of these tech developments need the cloud to work in an optimized manner, AWS certifications will allow you to be ready to handle them once they become important for running diverse business operations.

These tech upgrades will make AWS push out more and more certifications related to the way these technologies will leverage the cloud in the best possible manner. And considering the fact that these are high-end technologies, AWS will most definitely require some pre-requisite courses or certifications from professionals willing to enroll themselves in tech innovation-related certifications.

If you don’t have any AWS certifications by then, you will have to start right from the beginning thereby wasting your valuable time and providing your competition with enough space to outpace you in reaping the benefits from implementing these tech innovations in business practices.

Wrapping Things Up

Amazon is currently ruling the tech world and is considered among the giants of the industry. From retail to AI to space to cloud, its tentacles are spreading everywhere, but nowhere will it have a more profound impact on our business industries than its cloud wing.

An AWS certification at this point in time will allow you to become adept at handling various aspects of the world’s biggest cloud infrastructure platform that’s going to assert its dominance in even more profound ways in the upcoming times.

So as a professional, you need to power yourself up and get a certification from AWS to keep yourself relevant and updated with the workings of a major player in the industry and become potentially more attractive to firms looking to source talent with the skills that are required to run services from the AWS product line.

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