Future of Cloud Computing: Five Reasons to Become a Cloud Expert


Future of Cloud Computing: Five Reasons to Become a Cloud Expert

If you have ever worked in cloud computing then you already know the power of the cloud, it has been helping small and large businesses equal to go resource-less yet have all the computing power they need. There have been many feats that were accomplished with the help of cloud computing such as deploying applications to the cloud, using the cloud for data storage, or for enabling mobile work for enterprises. It has been there all along, helping businesses to shape their future.

Talking about the future of cloud computing, it is not only booming but it is thrilling as well, there have been consistent upgradations and migrations done by businesses to both private and public cloud systems. If you are already a professional working in a particular domain of cloud computing then you should expect high demand for these professionals combing up in the near future, as everything is turning towards cloud the need for professionals who can maintain and implement security settings is higher than ever. Following are some of the reasons that should rile you up towards becoming a cloud expert;

  1. High demand for cloud experts

There has been a void or better yet a scarcity of the people who can take up managerial or top security roles among cloud computing. Given the agility and boost that it provides to the businesses, nearly everyone with some mind to think with is moving their assets to the cloud. That is why its demand is at an all-time high. More than 550k new jobs have been rolled up linking the roles directly with cloud computing and almost more than half go unfilled every year, there is this void and it is real and it can only be filled with professionals who understand cloud computing and have the skills to be of service to these companies or towards the scarcity that is present in the IT market.

  1. The industry is not only booming, but it is also thrilling

Cloud computing has already become one of the most talked-about areas within the IT world. Everything that is digital in its flesh and blood that is moving and happening is linked with cloud computing one way or the other. Many companies are adopting cloud technology to get their business done and make their operations efficient than ever, they are dismantling their entire infrastructure and replacing it with a more efficient and less resource-intensive domain of transformed IT that is cloud computing.

As of 2018 more than 50% of the enterprises worldwide have adopted cloud computing one way or the other, they have reached the mainstream usage and show no sign of stopping whatsoever. Private data centers are diminishing and filling into their space are the cloud data centers, data has become more swift and tenacious than ever, it would stay by your side as long as you want it to be, all thanks to cloud computing and the revolution it has set a fire to.

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  1. Varied cloud computing roles

There are various different domains that are being offered by the cloud systems, so if you want to work as a cloud professional then you can screen all these different areas of the profession that it has to offer. You can work as a cloud architect, cloud administrator, cloud security professional, software engineer or boldly sticking with the development or operations side of the cloud.

If any role doesn't have the word cloud then it doesn't necessarily mean that it has nothing to do with it. If you are working as a networking architect or computer system analyst then you might be working in direct correspondence with the cloud systems or building infrastructure for the cloud providers.

Other than that there are some management roles that you can fill in if that side of business keenly interests you. These are the leadership positions and so you must also have expertise in cloud computing since you will be making decisions that will direct to the future of the entire organization so it is better that you understand the game before making any decisions about its good or bad.

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  1. Opportunities are not going to vanish

Because cloud computing is a new field it means that it is fairly open to both the innovators and leaders to have their mark printed on it or influence the future associated with cloud computing in a positive way. Becoming a cloud computing expert can help you to move up the ranks at your current place of work or land more rigorous or dynamic opportunities, to begin with. Getting the knowledge that is required ahead of its time now and will enable you to get ready for future developments or opportunities if these come knocking at your door.   

Effective cloud training is required if you want to move ahead in the ranks of your company being a cloud computing expert.

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