How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?


How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?

Speaking clearly, there is a clear scarcity of able cybersecurity professionals in the world, there are various opportunities that are still to be sought afar and various empty vacancies that need to be filled. But amid all this what is the truth about cybersecurity salaries? Cybersecurity engineers were rated as the highest paying individuals from the cybersecurity domain and there was about a 16 percent increase in the hiring of IT professionals than the non-IT personnel.

The pay for the cybersecurity professional is very competitive because the demand for skilled professionals is extremely high. Growth within the security job posting is about three times higher than overall within the IT sector. Many statistical divisions and programs have predicted that there would be about 2 million new job openings for cybersecurity by the year 2022 is upon us. There will be about 3 million unfilled jobs all around the world in the year 2021.

What is Cybersecurity?

Despite all the hype about the salaries that are provided to the professionals, one should know about what cybersecurity really is? Cybersecurity in it's entirely is the collective process of protecting the internet-connected networks, software, cloud technologies as well as the data that keeps roaming here and then. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing markets that is expected to reach about $170 billion by the year 2020. Why? because cybercrimes will put a hole of about $6 trillion in the global losses by the year 2021.

The usual targets of the cybercriminals are all high profile and it is not only the financial data that is stolen but other viable data such as personal information of the users and the corporate information is also preyed upon. So, the losses can’t be estimated into the money or finances that are stolen but also in the amount of data that was crafted from the secured servers and the political hurt it would cause the company. Security breaches, data theft as well as a plantation of bugs and initiating Denial of service attacks are some of the favorite and most deadly weapons used by these hackers and cybercriminals out there.

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Jobs and salaries within cybersecurity

There are various leading sectors for the cybersecurity professionals but the professional service, finance, manufacturing, and defense are some of the most enticing. According to the researches that were conducted, the maximum need for cybersecurity officials lies in finance and public administration where the event of cybercrime or breach is more pressing than anywhere else.

Risk management has become a dedicated skill that is required or sought after in various digital and online enterprises, as cyber-attacks are bound to happen sooner or later, they require a team of professionals who can manage the breach and take care of the risks associated with it in real-time.

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Employers have started to take cybersecurity as a separate domain and are exerting an extreme amount of money and manual labor in terms of cyber professionals to secure this sector of the business. There are various jobs that need to be filled, ranging from security testers to analysts and from developers to administrators. 

  • Security testing is an entry-level role for the people who have just graduated or for professionals with dedicated skillset. The starting pay is around $80k. Testers don't have to write the code but checking the integrity of the web apps and resources and to provide valuable feedback that can help in increasing the detrimental security of these systems.
  • The information security analyst has about a median salary that ranges from $70-90k. The basic job roles for an analyst is to analyze data to find something valuable from it, something that is actionable or depict some unhealthy or unauthorized behavior within the system. They might be checking logs and other nodes on the network to find intruders or people that are lurking around the networks without any authorization whatsoever.
  • Security software developers must engage in the development of new and better software systems that can be further used to assess the current threats and combating them in real-time. As businesses are relying more and more on distributed computing and cloud systems, the main focus lies on the scanning of apps that are used within these systems. These developers or engineers have an average salary of about $140k.
  • Security system administrators protect the networks and systems from the threats of a data breach or being approached by unauthorized access. As malware, spyware and other fatal elements keep on traveling and being transferred via email and other electronic sources, the jobs of these professionals have become a little difficult, keeping them inconsistent requirements by the companies. The average job salary is about $131k.

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