How To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Networks In MS Azure


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Networks In MS Azure

It is clear that businesses today have become more interested in moving everything towards cloud computing. With applications shifting to the cloud instead of on-premises servers and data centers, businesses are able to increase agility in day to day transactions and processes and it also provides them with an edge when it comes to costing.

With Microsoft introducing Azure, the world can look towards a new platform for their infrastructure needs. A lot of individuals have already started taking Microsoft Azure Training to ensure that they are ready to cater to the different companies that are thinking of integrating IaaS services into their business models.

Along with numerous other services, Microsoft Azure has launched a virtual network service that allows Azure resources to swiftly and safely communicate with each other within the virtual network. In other words, a virtual network will create a logical isolation dedicated specifically to your subscription within the Azure cloud. The Azure virtual network has the ability to connect to other virtual networks or to your existing on-premise network.

Here are some capabilities of the Azure Virtual Networks that you should know to get the most out of them:


Separate virtual networks can be created for different purposes such as development, production and testing. The virtual networks will be using the same CIDR address blocks, but you can even create multiple virtual networks which have different CIDR address books and link the networks. Virtual Networks can also be easily segmented into multiple subnets as per requirement. Internal name resolution for resources is also available for all deployed resources on Azure.

Internet Communication

When deploying resources onto Azure, they by default gain access to an internet connection, but like most of the things that you can customize in Azure, there is an option that allows you to enable or disable internet access to specific resources as needed.

Resource Communication

Azure has one of the best systems to allow different resources to communicate with each other. All the resources in a virtual network can communicate through private IP addresses. It doesn’t matter if the resources are deployed in different subnets, Azure can route easily between subnets and create a good communication net between virtual and on-premise networks, so you don’t have to individually change and manage them. Azure does it all for you.

For those who might not have a good handle on creating a connection between virtual and on-premise networks, Azure infrastructure training can help you understand the intricacies so you can easily manage all your networks on one platform.

Virtual Network Connectivity

Just like discussed above, Virtual networks can also communicate with each other freely. Azure makes sure that you get everything done on it and do not have to face any sort of inconvenience regarding connectivity.

Traffic Filter

Filtering network traffic in Azure is not a problem at all. Traffic can be directed to and from different resources in virtual networks by destination IP and port, Source IP and Port, and protocol.

Custom Routing

Azure has its default routes when a Virtual Network is created, but they can be managed and customized anytime according to the user’s preference any time. An Azure infrastructure certification makes sure that you are taken through the basics of all routing processes of Azure in detail.

Azure has made it so that the user will not be charged for Virtual Networks, route tables, subnets or network security groups. Public IP addresses, usage of outbound bandwidth, VPN Gateways, virtual network peering and ExpressRoute have their own prices.

With the ease and facilities that have been made possible due to cloud computing, all businesses are making a move to shift major of their networking and development sectors on a cloud that can not only allow or easy access of the developmental phase, but also give maximum amount of storage space for all their needs at minimum costs.

With Microsoft Azure being one of the big players in the cloud computing game, it is recommended for all professionals in the IT sector, especially those that handle networking and storage for companies to get Microsoft Azure training. This will not only ensure their success in the field of tech, but also ensure them as pioneers of new concepts in the business. Start training and make your mark in the tech world today!

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