How to Get a Good-Paying Job? Launch Your Career as a Cloud Computing Professional


How to Get a Good-Paying Job? Launch Your Career as a Cloud Computing Professional

Cloud computing is emerging as a bright morning sun out of the horizon and everyone is trying their best to feast their eyes to this revelation. But those who have the experience and the skillset will always be a priority, to begin with. This is a conundrum like the chicken and the egg, you must have the experience to land a decent job in the cloud computing interface but you require a job to have the experience, isn’t it a classic? Anyway even if you are a beginner and want to land your first step towards landing a good-paying job there are a few things that you can do. Pursuing a cloud computing certification is the right start nonetheless.

However, if you feel the need, the following is a brief list of things that you can try out;

  1. Choosing the right certification

To begin with this step you must know what do you like and want to pursue as a permanent career in your life. AWS certification might be the right first step for you to take as it is the fifth-highest paying cloud computing certification out there. There are different scopes and prerequisites to this certification and is divided into four different levels of certification specialties. But if you don’t see yourself necessarily working with AWS services then no problem as Azure and Google also offer their own type of cloud certification if you want to pursue jobs with those enterprises.

You need to do your homework and know what is expected of you, only then you will be able to know what is expected of you and what you need to do in order to have a more hands-on experience. Don't indulge in something that doesn't tempt your keenness as it is most of the time not worth it.

  1. Build yourself a portfolio

Employers want to see how promising your professional self is, they don't care if you haven't been able to land a decent job all those years, what they care about is that whether you stayed in touch with the field or not. That is why it is important to build a portfolio for yourself, engage in projects that depict your skills and professional aptitude, and also make sure that this interaction is consistent and without breaks.  If you are showcasing a project that you worked on from a previous employer then redact any confidential information out of it.

Your certification proves that you have the knowledge and skill to apply for a current job but your portfolio speaks that you have the professional attitude required to be eligible for the job.

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  1. Have some reputable references

It is only normal for your employer to do a background check on you and interrogate about your professional image and behavior with previous colleagues and employers. That is why it is recommended that you must always have some reputable references to present. Think of the people that you have worked with and those who know about your professional integrity and put down as your references for the new job application. This way you will be able to stand tall from the competition and prove your worth to the hiring board.

  1. Work for free

It isn't that you must work for free indefinitely, don't get the wrong impression here. You must although volunteer to work for free on a temporary basis. This way you will get to explore the ins and outs of the job and your employer would get a chance to observe how you work and what kind of vibe you will be bringing on board if they decide to hire you on a permanent basis. Working for either a week or two would be enough to have an idea for yourself about the difficulties offered by the job and your employer would have the idea about whether or not you can cope with the pressure.       

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  1. Build a strong network

It isn’t about the computer networks although you must be good at that too. This basically refers to building a social network that would prove more effective for you to land a job for yourself. Meet new people, people with influence, and let them know that you want to pursue a career in cloud computing and are currently undergoing training for it. They will either help you find the best training programs out there or find more vibrant opportunities, to begin with, or helping you in job research and building strong references for you to land a decently high paying job. If you can in true terms showcase your value to these contacts then they will eventually help you to land a decent job.

If you are interested in landing a decent job in the realm of cloud computing then you must have the skill and professional rhythm and that is why need to undergo cloud training for that matter.

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