The Case for Automation in Private Cloud


The Case for Automation in Private Cloud

Cloud computing was developed to provide a place for storing, managing and processing key data. It was achieved through a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. Securing valuable data on the internet without any ownership of the security of data can strike fear in the hearts of many which led to the development of private cloud computing.

What is a Private Cloud?

In stark contrast to a public cloud, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization. Private cloud has a proprietary architecture and hence, it deemed best for businesses that have unpredictable computing needs.  With the emergence of private cloud, entrepreneurs now have a lot more trust in doing their computing tasks externally on remote computers.

Automation in Private Cloud Computing

Since the inception of private cloud computing, focus of decision makers has been on making it fully automated. Most private clouds are on-premise and make use of existing virtualized environments. A poll was taken at Gartner Data Center Conference. In this poll, it was found that 95% of the voters had problems with their private cloud deployments. Two major problems that resulted in such overwhelming majority against existing virtualized environments were:

1. Failures to transform culture, process, organizations or business model

2. Focus on private cloud was on delivering the wrong kind of services

This poll clearly suggests that automation is required in private cloud computing, in order to make it a valuable asset for an organization. To take full advantage of the various benefits that a private cloud offers, organizations should prioritize investing in scalable, automated network control.

After an organization has created an automated private cloud, managing it becomes quite important. Only with proper management and careful operation, great results can be achieved through private cloud computing.

Private Cloud Management Professionals

Due to the complex IT environment, IT service management is under pressure to deliver agile IT services and adapt to changes. Cloud computing is solving this conundrum that companies are facing; hence, it has become increasingly popular amongst organizations. With an increase in companies adopting cloud computing that can offer reliable, flexible and scalable services, the need for private cloud computing professionals has increased. Cloud management professionals with decent expertise are in high demand.

Automation in Private Cloud through Microsoft® System Center 2012 R2

Microsoft® System Center 2012 R2 is bundled suite of systems management products. It comes with features for enterprise hybrid clouds that incorporate storage enhancements, software-defined networking (SDN) and virtual machine (VM) portability. This suite is widely used for managing hybrid clouds.

As there is a high demand for private cloud professionals, a lot of institutes offer courses for ‘Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud’. QuickStart is one of the best IT training institutes that specialize in providing this training.

Prerequisites before taking a Cloud Management Course

Private cloud management is a specialized field that requires an individual to have certain credentials.  Below is a list of prerequisites for the course:

  • Knowledge of configuration of Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server 2012 experience
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) knowledge
  • Networking experience
  • Working knowledge of previous versions of System Center products
  • Knowledge of cloud and data center management processes
  • Knowledge of Storage Area Network (SAN) and  Hyper-V

Difficulty in Finding the Right Course

With many offerings from different training institutes, it can become difficult for anyone to select a course. Private Cloud Computing and automation is a vast field that has many concepts and applications that one has to master before securing a job. Even cloud administrators who are already in this field require timely updates to adjust to changes in the technology. For consistent career growth and making a mark in the industry, a professional should take a course at a reputed institute that has a track record of great results.

QuickStart: Leader in Training of Private Cloud Computing

In the world of high competition, where high-profile jobs are scarce, QuickStart provides you the perfect opportunity to shape your career. With a team of experts that provide personalized training, it is the right destination to uplift your career in the private cloud computing domain.

Administrators who create service requests and solution architects who are responsible for designing cloud architectures and extending existing cloud solutions are prime candidates for this course.

With lifetime access for self-paced courses and 30-day money back guarantee, QuickStart treats you like no other training institute in the industry. It respects its trainees and cares for them by providing a refresher course which is free of charge.

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