Essential SharePoint Skills for Server Administrators


Essential SharePoint Skills for Server Administrators

A server administrator is tasked with the operation and management of computer servers, network and workstations. A server admin performs a collection of tasks that keep the company's systems running properly. He monitors the whole system and also troubleshoots any problem that arises. 

A server administrator is a well-educated individual who knows how the components in a server system work. As the job of a server administrator is extremely crucial, he needs to keep himself up to date with the latest trends in technologies. Tools like SharePoint are quite important for an administrator as they allow him to control and manage site resources effectively.

SharePoint and SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool which is developed by Microsoft. SharePoint Server is a part of SharePoint package. There are three editions of SharePoint Server: Standard, Enterprise, and Foundation. 

SharePoint is made up of the following key components:

a)         Sites

b)         Communities

c)         Content

d)         Search

e)         Insights

f)         Composites

Server Administrators and SharePoint Benefits

SharePoint is quite useful for a server administrator and has the following benefits:

1. Collaboration: Collaboration is the most important feature of SharePoint for a server administrator. It allows team members to stay informed and connected throughout the project’s lifecycle.

2. Centralized Administration: It allows an admin to effectively maintain control of the entire platform.

3. Customizable: The fact that it is customizable offers teams a unique set of tools that can be used to get the job done right.

4. Site Consolidation: SharePoint helps in incorporating all sites under one platform while also reducing the overall costs associated with each.

5. Security and Integrity: SharePoint provides security at the broad as well as single item level.

6. Ease of Use: SharePoint allows a Server admin to build business tools and solutions without the assistance of a developer.

The features allow a server admin to manage resources and add value to an organization with effective administration of the whole server.

Key SharePoint Skills

All SharePoint server skills are quite useful for a server administrator; however, there are certain skills which are more important than others. In order to avail the benefits mentioned in the previous section, a server admin should master these SharePoint skills:

1. SharePoint Deployment, Configuration, Upgrade, and Patching

A server admin should have quality experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining one or more SharePoint farms. Expertise in architecture design, application configuration, patching and general maintenance are critical to the success of a SharePoint deployment.

2. Management of content hosted by SharePoint

There are different options in SharePoint that deal with content management. As a server administrator is tasked with management of content, he should be well-versed with the SharePoint features like:

  • Asset Library
  • Content Organizer
  • Metadata-driven navigation
  • Records Management
  • Shared content types

3. Troubleshooting Capability

As a server can experience a problem at any time, a server administrator should know how to troubleshoot. Apart from in-depth knowledge of the field, a server administrator should also have good reasoning and logical ability.

4. In-depth knowledge of SharePoint security

A server administrator should also be aware of how to prevent a server against security threats. This is why he needs to have in-depth knowledge of SharePoint Security. Connection encryption and Information rights management are two key areas in which server administrator should have decent skills.

5. SQL Server Administration Experience (Important Pre-requisite)

Apart from SharePoint skills, a server admin should also be well versed with SQL server. SharePoint deploys a large number of content and configuration databases to SQL Server. In case, SQL Server is down, a server admin should be able to troubleshoot the problem and get it to work.

Challenges for an Individual Pursuing the Profile of System Administrator

The pursuit of a well-paying job as a system administrator is riddled with a plethora of challenges. Whether you are looking for a promotion or trying to find a way into the IT industry as a system admin, you are in for a long haul unless you know how to maximize your value. By taking a course that trains you in the core SharePoint skills required for the job, you can reduce the number of hurdles in your path. With a course at QuickStart, you can surely overcome the many obstacles in your route to success.

QuickStart: World-Class SharePoint Training for Server Admins

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All individuals who are either looking to upgrade their job profile or trying to break into the IT industry as server admins are prime candidates for this course.

QuickStart provides best results in the industry and offers its trainees 100% satisfaction. The personalized ShairPoint server training that a trainee gets makes him learn in a better way and adds value to the overall experience.

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