Top 15 Cloud Computing Bootcamps With Highest Pay Job Guarantee


Top 15 Cloud Computing Bootcamps With Highest Pay Job Guarantee

The market for cloud computing is expected to rise from $368.97 billion in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% to $864 billion by 2025.

A steeply increased valuation for the cloud computing market, driven by digitalization and a rise in cybercrime, are greatly increasing the demand for cloud technology specialists. Cloud computing has become a core component of modern digital transformation strategy, particularly for organizations looking to succeed in their industry and outpace competition. The rising popularity of the cloud landscape means there's never been a better time to begin your path toward a meaningful career in cloud computing.

What cloud computing positions are available today?

Over the course of the next decade, a wide variety of cloud computing positions are expected to compete for your attention.

Some of the most common cloud careers currently include the following positions:

  • Cloud administrator
  • Cloud architect
  • Network architect
  • Cloud engineer
  • DevOps engineer

Whether you're interested in becoming a cloud administrator, cloud architect, cloud consultant or fulfilling another in-demand cloud position, cloud computing as a market is experiencing rapid growth. It's a great time to join the cloud landscape.

No matter your cloud-based interests and career aspirations, there's a cloud position that's ideal for you. You might want to develop cloud applications or work with a SaaS, PaaS or IaaS provider. You might also find yourself interested in working with a cloud storage service, cloud CRM or a third-party cloud application. 

What is a cloud computing bootcamp?

Before you can begin your career as a cloud computing specialist, architect, engineer, consultant, or similar position, you'll need to develop an in-depth understand of cloud computing itself. One of the easiest ways to acclimate to the current cloud computing landscape is through a cloud computing bootcamp. Cloud computing bootcamps help to familiarize students with cloud computing as an industry, teaching valuable cloud pillars like data processing, file storage and other basics. Depending on the type of cloud work you want to pursue, a cloud computing bootcamp can help expedite the learning curve and contribute to your professional cloud career.

Cloud computing bootcamps are not lengthy, drawn-out curriculums that take place on a single, defined roadmap. Rather, each cloud computing bootcamp takes place at a pace comfortable for you, and puts you in direct contact with industry-leading cloud educators who shed light on modern cloud computing best practices.

Why are cloud computing bootcamps important?

The cloud technology sector is shifting faster than you might think. In an age with security concerns, where companies want fast, reliable ways to share and access data, cloud computing is rapidly becoming the go-to solution. Cloud computing bootcamps can help students and customers alike unlock the possibilities behind an effective cloud computing platform. With an effective, efficient cloud program, any organization can share files, install specific employee access tiers and mitigate cybersecurity concerns caused by traditional technology solutions.

Cloud computing bootcamps help students of all education tiers learn and implement actionable cloud computing strategies. After completing a single cloud computing bootcamp, you can work toward earning a cloud computing position that pays $70-$80k at an entry level.

What are the best cloud computing bootcamps with the highest paying job guarantee?

If you're looking for a high-quality cloud computing bootcamp, there's no shortage of available options. When weighing multiple cloud computing bootcamps, consider options that offer flexible, self-paced courses to streamline your entry into a rewarding cloud position.

1. QuickStart

Our Cloud Computing Bootcamps can proactively prepare you for high-paying cloud computing jobs, whether you are interested in changing your career, obtaining a promotion or upskilling yourself in emerging IT careers. QuickStart partners with top-notch US universities such as Northeastern Illinois University, Florida Atlantic University, Texas A&M University, James Madison University, Hofstra University, Santa Clara University, Becker College, Colorado State University and Wagner College — to teach top-level cloud computing pillars for modern learners.

The Cloud Computing Bootcamp from QuickStart offers access to a handful of online tools. Within a 16-28-week program, students can learn the ins and outs of cloud computing, with full access to a forward-thinking community and mentors to help them all along the way. Our bootcamp programs allow students, not only in the US but around the world, to land the highest-paying cloud computing jobs.

2. Coding DOJO

Coding Dojo can help make you an expert in different technology platforms, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure. You'll also become familiar with their dedicated cloud systems, through dedicated coursework and community networking. In 14 weeks, you can take steps toward a new cloud computing career. You can train online or take their in-person course at any of their dedicated Dojo locations.

In roughly 14 weeks, you'll work with three complete tech stacks, with full access dashboards and other powerful training tools.

3. Academy of NYC Computer Science

Another quality cloud computing coursework option, the Academy of Computer Science at NYC, offers advanced cloud instructions for professionals. If you're looking for more of an entry-level cloud computing program, this is potentially not the best option for you. This bootcamp is geared more toward senior or seasoned data scientists who have received a data science masters or Ph.D. degree. You'll learn how to navigate Spark, R, Python, Hadoop, SQL and GitHub to collectively formulate a cloud infrastructure.

Each course runs for approximately 2 weeks, and allows you to work at your own pace. This bootcamp is based in New York and is also made available online for remote students.

4. Data Quest

This bootcamp adopts more of a hands-on approach to cloud learning. Aspiring data enthusiasts will enjoy this full 24-week, project-based data science curriculum, one that holistically upgrades your cloud computing skillset. If you're looking to grow into a career in data science, supplemented by an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, this is one of the best cloud computing bootcamps available. Instructors explain course variables and provide step-by-step instructions on the various specified technologies covered by this bootcamp.

You can become a data scientist, data engineer or data analyst once you complete this course. To get started, you'll need to opt either for a per-month or a premium subscription, both of which unlock bootcamp materials.

5. Le Wagon

Le Wagon adopts a unique approach to cloud learning. While it doesn't directly contribute to you mastering particular cloud computing skills, Le Wagon does contribute to your overall skill set in a variety of different ways. You'll learn to cope with, and navigate, the digital world, through courses in data science, software development and other valuable fields. You can learn from any one of 39 different campuses, and master skills in Google, Microsoft or Amazon platforms. You'll also learn more about the construction and maintenance of cloud structures, alongside technologies like Ruby, SQL and JS.

Le Wagon also offers hybrid courses, allowing you to combine in-class and remote learning techniques. When you partner with Le Wagon, you can purchase lifetime access so that you'll only need to pay for the platform once.


REMOTE offers a diversified approach in its cloud computing instruction; you'll learn about computer science, cloud computing and many of the other various cloud fields that contribute to a comprehensive cloud skill set. Key courses include Python, data science, web development, programming and other fields. Over time, you'll develop an aptitude for programs like Pandas, NumPy, Scipy, Matplotlib and Bokeh.

Through REMOTE cloud computing education, you can work on up to 10 different projects at a single time. You'll also be able to add to your GitHub library and portfolio, effectively standing out among active cloud professionals. REMOTE education allows you to learn at your own speed, though students must commit to at least 20 hours of coursework per week at minimum. You'll also need to be present for at least two online lectures each week, each hosted by live educators.

7. Ironhack

For professionals who look forward to learning not just about cloud computing, but also about its integration into related technologies, Ironhack can prove a quality cloud education option. You'll grow familiar with information analytics, UI/UX design, web creation and other related fields. Some individuals who have completed this bootcamp have already obtained lucrative positions with Google, Twitter, BBC and other high-paying employers.

Ironhack maintains several different campuses, giving you options when it comes time to learn at your speed. You'll pay a one-time membership in exchange for access to both the online education platform and onsite coaching tools. Ironhack also offers dedicated career advice from several of its industry-leading educators, to help you take charge of your own future in cloud computing.

8. Springboard

This bootcamp offers an expanded version of a data science curriculum, one that takes about 6 months to complete and roughly 10-15 hours per week of coursework. You'll gain access to the entire springboard community, a mentor to teach you, a career coach and a student advisor. During the education process itself, you can obtain access to numerous tools and fulfill multiple different cloud-based projects under the supervision of a cloud professional. At the end of your tenure, you'll be able to procure an interview-ready portfolio.

9. The Academy of Tech

The Academy of Tech operates with a demonstrated history in the world of cloud computing education. You'll enjoy a full, well-rounded stack bootcamp, one that teaches the latest and greatest in programming languages and other components of the modern cloud technology industry. Depending on your career goals and your fellow collaborators at the Academy of Tech, you can participate in a mixture of onsite and remote, online learning and training modules.

The hallmarks of this bootcamp include the training of entry-level practitioners in full-stack programming, flexible scheduling and open enrollment. You can also participate in a complimentary, no-pressure introductory class with an online self-learning module. Depending on your current studies and long-term cloud goals, pricing is made variable — some educational programming through The Academy of Tech begins at roughly $500/month.

10. Metis

Metis is a bootcamp with an extended network of offered coursework across New York and San Francisco. Students can participate in either location. Metis regularly conducts a diversified variety of workshops related to data science, which students can complete in as few as 12 weeks. Your curriculum typically includes onsite education, career counseling and job replacement assistance to ensure that students make informed decisions about their careers.

Metis introduces students to real-life cloud computing challenges, providing critical preparation for a professional cloud computing environment. You'll learn to navigate the world of IT, for roughly $750 per lesson.

11. Bloc

Bloc offers several cloud education services not only intended for practitioners at the entry stage, but also for advanced applicants. You'll review education applets and modules before signing on, in order to tailor a curriculum that accommodates your future cloud aspirations. Unique to Bloc is a career guarantee: Bloc promises that you can obtain work at a full-time cloud computing organization. Expenses for Bloc courses vary, typically between $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the course selection you choose to pursue.

12. Epicodusa

At Epicodusa, the overall curriculum for learning is structured in such a way that you learn the most essential cloud skills needed for hire. Epicodusa also offers somewhat of a career guarantee in cloud computing, though typically payments are refunded after you obtain that full-time position. Not only do you learn the hard skills needed to top cloud computing job boards; you will also be taught the soft skills and intangibles that help you stand out among strong competition for any cloud computing position.

Epicodusa also offers resume and cover letter writing services, in order to help you put your best professional foot forward. You can also obtain internship training through Epicodusa, for a learning cost of roughly $7,000.

13. Career Foundry

Career Foundry allows you to establish a firm foundation for your cloud computing skills. Though courses are comprehensive, they ultimately contribute to well-founded knowledge of the modern cloud computing landscape. Specialists who complete Career Foundry courses are known to have joined Yahoo, Netflix and Skype after completing the educational programing.

100% of your education through Career Foundry takes place online, through a smooth learning process that takes place at a pace comfortable for you. Education itself focuses more on real-world orientation and the handling of digital issues. Depending on the courses you choose, you may pay between $2,000 to $10,000 for your coursework through Career Foundry.

14. Data Camp

This is a fully online bootcamp which, to begin, focuses on engaging with individuals already enrolled in technology, finance and healthcare fields. Data Camp is ideal for students interested in data science, looking to further pursue cloud computing opportunities. You'll grow familiar with dedicated cloud skills, through a complete environment of opportunities to practice your understanding of critical cloud skills. For just $25 per month, Data Camp helps you take the first steps toward a solid cloud foundation.

15. level

Offered by Northeastern University, level is a program designed to turn professionals into hirable data analysts. The average length of each educational program is around 2 months and, depending on your prior experience and understanding of data science and related skills, can go even faster. SQL, R, Excel and PowerPoint are also some of the top items that you will get a chance to master in this bootcamp.

Connect with our experts and learn more about our cloud computing bootcamp program designed students or professionals who want to start, advance or completely switch to a career in cloud computing.

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