What Is AWS Developer Certification? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview


What Is AWS Developer Certification? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview

Amazon - Web - Services (A-W-S) certificate is turn out to be the topmost trending as well as a ‘must have’ certificate for an Information Technology expert. The A-W-S Certified - Developer - Associate is considered as one of the 3 associate-level certificates that are provided by Amazon - Web - Services. Amazon Web Service Certified - Developer - Examination shows your knowledge of essential AWS facilities, their usages, and rudimentary AWS design best practices. Furthermore, it polishes your skills in development, deployment, and debugging cloud-oriented apps by making use of Amazon Web Service.

Amazon - Web - Services (A-W-S) is extensively utilized all over the world with the capability to transfer and develop any kind of app in the cloud. Attaining a certification in Amazon Web Service will offer you a lot of options and upgrade skills to offer a safe pathway. Additionally, an AWS Developer Certification also updates your potential to earn. The A-W-S Certified - Developer - Associate Salary is nearly US dollar 725,000 on yearly basis. This blog offers a summary of the Amazon Web Service Developer - Associate certificate (D-V-A- C01) examination, course summary along with examination preparation guideline.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

A lot of companies have their particular cloud-based services which have given rise to the big competition with different cloud facilities to become on top of the list. Amazon - Web - Services (A-W-S) is coming under the topmost cloud facilities along with the best influence on other people and organizations all over the globe. The service of AWS is including features such as Data encryption as well as a lot of accessibility controls that offer data security on the cloud. Moreover, AWS owns the capability to host active sites on account to keep running several website and app servers. Moreover, it is also including hybrid capabilities to keep working with.

A-W-S Developer Associate Exam (CT002AC) - Overview

 Amazon Web Service Developer - Associate - Certificate examination has been aimed to assess your level of understanding and abilities in debugging, developing, and deploying the apps. These applications are reliant on the cloud along with making use of AWS as well as its basic design. Amazon Web Service Developer Associate examination will assist the applicants to generate a good understanding of major services of A-W-S and possess the topmost practices in AWS design.

Amazon Web Service Developer - The associate examination is aimed at applicants having updated expertise to develop and maintain AWS apps. This kind of certificate will evaluate your information on developing, debugging, and deploying cloud-based apps.


Amazon Web Service Certified Developer: It is for the ones who have a minimum of 1-year of working experience within the maintenance and development of cloud-based apps. You will require detailed pieces of knowledge about software design languages. And understand the rudimentary AWS design topmost practices and major services of AWS. The examination lasts a hundred and thirty minutes and its price is around 150 United State dollars.


  • It’s essential to have one year plus practical experience to maintain and develop Amazon Web Service-based apps.
  • An individual must have expertise in a minimum of 1 innovative level software design language as well as information in the major services of AWS.
  • An individual must be familiar with the ways to transcribe code for server-less apps and the ways to utilize Amazon Web Service’ service SDK’s, API’s, and AWS C-L-I to transcribe apps.

Preparing for AWS Developer Associate Exam

As soon as you start your preparation for the Amazon Web Service certificate examination, all you need is to keep studying. However, it’s also essential to make a timetable to study for the exam. Clearing this certificate will also open the doors for the newest prospects as well as professional-level certificates. These are a few of the phases that will be beneficial for an individual to clear the certification examination.

Create a Blue Print for Exam Preparation

Once you start your preparation for the examination, keep trying to research the concepts of Amazon Web Service and the pattern of examination. Afterward, make such a kind of chart that mentions the weak points and the strong points as per the topics. Generate an AWS Certified - Developer - Associate Examination Blueprint to work for the establishment of your expertise and also work as per the designed strategy.

Understanding AWS Concepts

It will be considered as a significant part that is needed to clear the certificate. You are required to authenticate your knowledge and abilities to comprehend the concepts rather than cram them. Get practical experience in the domain of Amazon Web Service apps and services to attain enhanced information on topics.

Preparation Material for AWS Developer Associate Exam

There’re so many sites that offer practicing tests as well as training on account to clear the Amazon Web Service certificate examination. Moreover, there’re also a few of the sites that are offering entirely free-of-cost practicing questions. They provide a free of cost trial as soon as they purchase complete training resources. In case you’re studying on your own; you will then purchase Amazon Web Service referencing books as a way to keep studying for your examination.

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

As soon as you have studied the training material in a great manner then another phase is to just emphasize Practicing. A meanwhile, it’s recommended to keep practicing on an everyday basis to comprehend the ideas more quickly. Continuously practicing will assist you to recognize your weakest domains and also keep working over them and build up the topics in which you have good expertise. It’s good to make a timetable to study and for practice questions. Thus, this will assist you in covering the topics very fast along with getting a good amount of time for practicing.

Take the exam

Once your course outline is completed then you are suggested to take a great number of mock tests along with practicing tests until and unless your day of examination arrives. In the course of the examination, go through the requirement sensibly and take your full time to give the examination with your full concentration and assurance.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  • Detailed pieces of knowledge of a minimum of 1 higher-level program design language
  • Understand about major Amazon Web Service’ services, their usages, and elementary AWS design topmost practices
  • Skills to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based apps by making use of AWS
  • Capability to utilize the Amazon Web Service’ service SDKs, AWS CLI, and APIs on account to transcribe apps
  • Knowledge about the Amazon Web Service model of shared responsibility
  • Understand lifespan management of application
  • Skills to utilize a CD/CI pipeline as a way to keep deploying apps on Amazon Web Service
  • Capability to make use or keep interacting with the services of Amazon Web Service
  • Expertise in applying a basic level of knowledge about cloud built-on apps to transcribe code
  • Capability to transcribe code by making use of AWS security topmost practices (for instance, not making use of secret and accessibility keys within the coding, rather than utilizing the roles of IAM)
  • Talent to debug, maintain, and author coding modules on Amazon Web Service
  • Skill writing code for serverless apps
  • Understand the usage of containers within the entire procedure of development

How Tough Are AWS Certs?

Amazon Web Service is considered as a beast of the framework which needs wide knowledge of app deployment as well as cloud management. Moreover, Amazon Web Service had well over a hundred kinds of services and other newest ones are added on daily basis. Every service owns its particular lingo, CLI, and GUI command set. Getting expertise on any of the services of AWS initially requires a stable knowledge regarding the basics. If you don’t have enough knowledge about AZs, security groups, regions, and VPCs, you are ruined before even taking a start.

Repeating the facts and also study them will only be beneficial for you. In case you are in a search of getting a certification in the field of AWS then all you need is to know more about your stuff. Let us go through every Amazon Web Service certificate level, show a relationship with some of the opinions, and then try to give you conclusive answers regarding how these AWS examinations are tough.

Foundational: Entry-Level Should Be Easiest, Right?

The most initial step on the certification ladder of Amazon Web Service is Foundational that comprises the Certified - Cloud - Practitioner certificate. The examination assesses those basics which we already mentioned previously; and the model of shared responsibility, account and billing management, and options of supporting. Moreover, AWS is recommending 6 months of working experience with A-W-S and it doesn’t matter either it is in the financial, purchasing, sales, managerial, or technical field. That is considered a better fact for those who are willing to take this examination. Not only the engineers.

Are you one who is an Information Technology engineer and having wide experience in the field of networking? This examination would not become too much tough for you. There are chances of some of the newest concepts; however every single thing relates to something which you previously made aware of; R-D-S is databases, E-C2 is virtual machines, S-3 is filed storing, etc. Probably you are eager to move towards the Associate-level. On the other side, the overall harmony is to get expertise on the essentials initially along with this Foundational certification.

Maybe you are in your most initial Information Technology role and to some extent greener? This certificate seems to be the best place to take an initiative. You might be expecting a great amount of the newest stuff. Make use of the material, setting up a free of cost tier Amazon Web Service account to keep practicing, and enjoying to get your hands cloudy.

It happens not in Information Technology? You have got a rising battle undoubtedly. The best news is that when there is so much to comprehend, the material will be running equivalent to roles in the domain of management, economics, sales, and many more. Let suppose, why this newest biggest every month bill is worthy, or else how an HA application would be the main business victory?

An Outcome: In case you are brand new to Amazon Web Service, you will be needed to put in the time to learn the details of Amazon Web Service to charge well. In case you have experimented with the technologies and Amazon Web Service (even though in the free of cost tier), it might be an easy certificate in this list for a person to attain.

Associate: Don’t Go In Blind

Another Amazon Web Service certificate is the Associate-level that includes certificates in SysOps, Developer, and Solutions Architect. Previously, we said some individuals could avoid Foundation and then move towards Associate-level. This might be certainly possible since there’re not any basics for Associate tests. Be prepared to start intake from the fire-hose, respectively. The ones who have to get enrolled in the Associate examination is suggested the similar 2 things; utilize every source that you will find and keep practicing on the Amazon Web Service console.

Get yourself prepared for setting up a study strategy for yourself. Set your specific time for studying. Make use of every single source which you will be find that includes videography, labs, practicing tests, and particularly the Amazon Web Service white - papers. The white - papers will get a little dry and solid; however, they are necessary.

The examination queries going deeper into particulars and on the other side, the answers are not straightforward all the time. A great number of Amazon Web Service test takers have claimed few of the headscratchers. Let suppose, one of the assumed questions may ask, “What is the great mode to fulfill the demands?” Many answer choices may be appropriate to be precise; however, there is one that is, good, more accurate.

Amazon Web Service Associate-level examinations are difficult as they’re covering a great amount of ground. Exam takers who are failing once or twice report questions that are entirely another kind of service the 2nd (or 3rd) time around. It shows just how extensive the goals of testing will be, so you are not required to keep relying on a single resource of studying the material. We cannot say it sufficient. Make use of every single source that you will find and then keep practicing on the Amazon Web Service console.

The Final Outcome: Associate-level Amazon Web Service certificate is where you’re taking your initial phase heading cloud domain. It is considered as the topmost usual AWS certification, so there is a great number of study materials that are being available. This one does not seem to be like walking in a cozy environment; even in this case, you are consuming your hours of studying.

Professional: Hard for a Reason

In case Associate-level is difficult, Amazon Web Service Professional certificates are quite difficult. In that manner, it is more similar to this, just another level. The Professional level examinations are generated around a quite higher level of insight and experience. We are well past taking a start from scratch. You do not only require understanding but also make aware of the ways to utilize Amazon Web Service services and products.

While you’re studying, you will be required to do some comprehensive exploration of big queries to determine your eagerness. Let suppose, “How will I design an app in Amazon Web Service which will be scaling reasonably and mechanically to billions of consumers?” or else “How will I move from an on-premium application, regenerate the entire functionality with Amazon Web Service services rather than costly VMs?”

An individual only possesses a hundred and seventy minutes to consume a question-heavy examination. There’re long details to spelling out critical projects after that questions regarding complicated technical detailing. In the meanwhile, you will then see responses - which are all theoretically relevant.

Outcome: Professional-level examinations are difficult as you’re required to turn out to be capable to create answers as well as keep drawing assumptions reliant on your expertise and knowledge. It is less about making aware with tools (even though it’s still essential). AWS Professional certifications authenticate that you’re made aware of the ways to utilize tools efficiently. You are a bonafide Amazon Web Service professional in one plus regard in case you attain any of these certificates.

Specialty: Expert Certs Validate Expert Knowledge

Since we are concluding the Specialty certificates, they are not essentially the toughest to attain. In case the Professional and Associate examinations are broad and comprehensive, Specialty tests seem to be narrow; however, they are ultra-deep. A lot of people claim that they are tough as compared to Associate tests, on the other side; it is all based on your experience. The situations for Network Specialty, Big Data, and Security certificate are all considered as tough. You will require keeping working your way with them rapidly on account to finish the examinations on the dot.

Specialty examinations will be pushing your level of understanding as well as experience towards the boundary. When we consider the narrow, detailed set of skills -which is coming with any Specialty certificate, there is not much in the context of published explanation speaking to the struggle of any of these 3 examinations. On the other side of the coin, reliant on the study resources Amazon Web Service offers for this certification level, there’re a few of the things which we can accept.

The Final Outcome: Specialty is theoretically the higher level of Amazon Web Service certificate, and every Specialty examination is difficult for their precise reasons. However, in general, folks who consider sitting for the Specialty examinations do not go in any examination blindly. They are previously having experience as well as information in the Specialty examination they are enrolling for. Moreover, you will be needed a minimum of three to five years of working experience in any of the specialties you are a desire.

The Final Verdict: Yeah, They’re All Tough

Every Amazon Web Service certificate level will be difficult. These kinds of certificates are holding several values within the market. Attaining any of the certificates authenticate a precise experience level with the framework that will be a great enhancement towards your prosperous career. Since Amazon Web Service is continuously evolving and controlling the platform of cloud space, the requirement for proficient engineers will also be increasing.

Nothing will be making you stand out of the pack that is more than the Amazon Web Service certificate, and it doesn’t matter at what level it is. At last, the supposed strength of any of the Amazon Web Service credentials is completely relative and it’s reliant on your precise AWS knowledge and experience. So keep training up, and struggle for Amazon Web Service certified prominence.


Since certificates do not always associate with capability, the Amazon Web Service Certificate does associate with high income. Yes, it is worth it. The shortage of the skills of cloud was recognized as the number one challenge with the acceptance of cloud by twenty-five percent of companies. There’s a lack of proficient AWS experts that are available these days. Researchers are doing a great job to summarize a great amount of the concerns individuals have with the certificates with such kind of best post on certificate versus proficiency.

In a nutshell, there is an argument that there’s frequently a low association between certificate and proficiency. Such kinds of organizations are offering cash incentives, paid upsurges and would choose certified applicants while employing non-certified applicants. An approximated income of Amazon Web Service certified Information Technology staff is nearly 27.5% high. It is to be said that AWS certificates and the proficiency versus certificate argument are; Amazon Web Service associate certificates must be treated like driver’s license.

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