What Is AWS Solution Architect Certification? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview


What Is AWS Solution Architect Certification? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview

While Amazon - Web - Service (AWS) was initially revealed 5 years in the past, not any person could predict how quickly this platform would grow. In that short time frame, Amazon Web Services has grown up progressively to turn out to be the topmost demandable cloud platform. The cloud has occupied the most preferable hosting location for organizations. AWS governs this space as the initial organization which provided cloud-oriented services at a larger level. Companies are shifting towards AWS due to the reason that it permits them to turn out to be more responsive in their product - offerings but with a comparatively low open budget.

This shift from customary data centers towards AWS has to upsurge the requirement for engineers who dedicate their self in AWS as well as comprehend it. The best way to demonstrate to potential organizations your understanding of AWS is by obtaining a certificate. AWS is offering 3 levels of certificates: professional, associate, and introductory. The AWS Solution Architect certification is falling in the middle category and authenticates the certificate owner’s level of knowledge to design solutions within AWS.

AWS - The Overview

The services of the cloud offer the essential computing power, demanding supply of the content, and storing space which permits companies to scale out at a small budget. By having Amazon Web Services, organizations can:

  • Hosting sites on cloud-oriented servers
  • Securely keep the files. Files that are archive in the cloud are easy to get from any site
  • Store info on managed databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL
  • Make use of the content delivery system on Amazon Web Service to supply content across the globe
  • Send electronic mails in bulk

Few of the biggest companies in the world are using Amazon Web Service for those purposes which we stated overhead. Middle-size organizations within industries - just like medical, industrial, media, tech, marketing, and also influence the functionalities of Amazon Web Service. They are making use of AWS to host their services and to manage big data as well as predicting the behavior of users.

AWS is offering a hundred and sixty-five services, far-off beyond any different cloud service framework. Every service takes more detailed functions, permitting quick, easy, lucrative application building, as well as active migration. Another main example is Amazon’s Elastic - Compute - Cloud (Amazon E-C2). Amazon’s Elastic - Compute - Cloud is offering an extensive range of “instance kinds” to provide different usage cases and also balancing memory, savings in the budget, and quick management of load of work.

A-W-S Solutions Architect - Associate (CT001AC) - Overview

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architects are the ones who are accountable for the fundamental vision of A-W-S solutions. They are sitting on a development team as a way to guarantee that technical verdicts which took by the designers result in those systems that are associated with business ideas and their results. Intending to accomplish this objective, solutions architect must possess an essential business insight that is required for:

  • Raise the value of the role that is played by the system of hardware and software to achieve the objectives of a business
  • Comprehend the problems of end-consumer as well as their working procedure, and transform the similar one in the resolutions which enhances the effectiveness
  • Describe technical phases of a project to end-consumers as well as administration teams to attain buy-in
  • Resolve scalability concerns
  • Working out with integration tasks along with 3rd party programs

Along with the business expertise that we stated earlier, Amazon Web Solution solutions architects must have the technical knowledge. That kind of knowledge is essential to manage the architecting, as well as the deployment of apps in the platforms of A-W-S. It consists of:

  • Plan to adopt the cloud-based services
  • Manage and monitor the platforms of cloud
  • Design and build apps on the platform of cloud
  • Development of Software: Skills in JavaScript, C++, Python, and Java, together with BASH scripting
  • Networking
  • Safety of data and acquiescence laws
  • Linux Operating System: Execute Unix commands as well as perform containerization along with the Docker
  • Make aware of the tools that are being utilized in the setting of AWS just like Jenkins, Docker, Chef, and Ansible, among different tools which are essential to build and deploy an application
  • Complex management of the project, by making use of tools such as Jira.

The AWS solutions - architect training program is a noteworthy initial phase to build skills in these areas that are stated above. At the most peak level, an Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect’s main task is to keep deploying apps to substructure within the A-W-S cloud. Let’s move your step back and think of the reasons why organizations are shifting towards the cloud. Cutting budgets seems to the major cause, particularly since they do not require investing in the on-premises substructure. Does it seem simple, isn’t it?

However, it is not that simple in several situations; inquire the initial adopters who were surprised once they received their very initial bill. It is the phase where Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architects are coming into the picture. It is their task to generate a design -which is cutting the costs, and also identify different critical aspects such as usability, performance, consistency, and scalability.

These Solutions Architects have a task to minimize risks that might be faced by the industry, such as data breaches, calculation flaws, and also risks of app interruption. Thus, it needs detailed knowledge regarding the ways to fit the entire pieces within the Amazon Web Service cloud altogether to generate the safest cloud setting.


There’s not any prerequisite examination or certificate to get enrolled in the Solutions – Architect - Associate certificate examination. In case, a person is interested to avoid the Cloud Practitioner certificate and move towards the Solutions - Architect - Associate, they are more welcome to attain this certification. AWS is recommending that the applicant possess at least 1-year practical working experience along with Amazon Web Service. On the other side, an absence of experience might be added with the most demanding lectures along with self-experimentation of the services of AWS. The major trick to pass this exam is performing practical labs contained by Amazon Web Service.

A great basis in Linux will be extremely helpful as it is the most renowned OS within Amazon Web Service; even though AWS possesses its particular Linux distribution. Making aware of the fundamentals of networking, mainly how subnets are working; would be going in a long way. A great relief in elementary networking is the main strategy since set up V-P-C includes the understanding of rules, subnets, and routes. Consider that AWS is a preoccupied data center, and you are not required to think about the primary hardware.

On the other side, still, resources have to interact with one another, and network offers that within Amazon Web Service. The information about virtualization is significant as similar concepts are being utilized in on-premises resolutions (Xen, Citrix, VMWare) will be applying within AWS. Virtualization seems to be at the central aspect of Amazon Web Service; knowing the ways virtual - machines or instances are utilized will allow consumers to uphold their E-C2-oriented ecosystem.

AWS Solution Architect Certification Cost

The score of the examination is ranging from a hundred to a thousand marks, while the least criteria to pass the exam are a score of 720. Passing marks will be evaluated by making use of statistical analysis that refers to the fact that they might be modified but it all depends upon the difficulty of the exam. The fee for this examination of Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Associate certificate is nearly 150 USD.

Moreover, an individual has also an option to take a practicing examination and - which is 20 US dollars. For the exam that is at the professional level, its fee will be around 300 US dollars. These exams’ total time is a hundred and thirty minutes, and it encompasses 2-kinds of questions: multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and multiple - answer - questions.

How Difficult Is The A-W-S Solutions Architect?

On the other side, it is aimed to authenticate the expertise which you will be familiar with in your 1st year of being an architect but that is not an initial-level job. The exam, as well as role, needs detailed product knowledge along with architecture info of Amazon Web Service. Ultimately, there are so many things to learn when we talk about the examination of AWS Solutions Architect, thus it is not an easy exam.

The duty of a solution - the architect is to keep finding out a steadiness among the challenging forces of business and technology requirements. While we design architectures, these solutions - architects should maintain resilience, performance, security, and budget along with the needs of the customer as well.  For instance, you should note that there’re three hundred and four instance sizes and kinds from where we have to select (from October 2020). Solutions - architects must be aware of which instance they are supposed to use and at what time.

At the present, magnify that info base to the whole array of services of Amazon Web Service. It is a great deal. At this instant think about the kind of question - which you might view on the Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Associate examination. AWS certificate examinations are not certainly recognized as curveball test problems; however, they put a cautious consideration to every detailing.

It is the reason that turns out this specific test tougher as compared to other tests. Designing high-performance, resilient, safe, lucrative architectures are not an easy task; and the examination is reflecting the harmonizing act. Do not allow this Associate-level certificate to make you fool. It is a difficult exam, but then again it is achievable within your capabilities.

Who Should Take the AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS is recommending that any person who attempts the AWS Solutions - Architect examination have a minimum of 1-year of experience within the role of the architect. On the other hand, you are not required to become an AWS architect as a way to attempt the examination. Indeed, the certificate of Solutions Architect will be a great initiative in the role of an architect; along with relevant experience. To pass the Solutions Architect examination and evolution in career, the significance of practical experience can’t be understated.

Even though systems managements, networking engineers, or designers might get an advantage from learning the Solutions - Architect certificate, AWS intended this exam mainly for cloud architects and admins. The AWS Solutions - Architect certificate will be utilized to authenticate the capabilities and also make them aware of the newest ones.

AWS Solutions Architect for Cloud Admins

For the admins of cloud who have their visions fixed on the role of an architect, the Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Associate certificate seems to be the best turnover. Cloud admins, mainly SysOps admins, are usually well suited to attain the certificate of AWS Solutions Architect. There’re some causes for this, but then again predominantly SysOps admins previously have expertise with the services of AWS.

The exam of Solutions Architect is taking that basic knowledge regarding managing the services of AWS as an additional step in system designing. Although within trenches, cloud admins are expected to manage so many other kinds of configurations as well as a lot of services. That kind of experience is vital to get accomplishment in architecting Amazon Web Service networks physically. In case a person previously has experience of administering the services of AWS; they are well-positioned to clear for the examination of AWS Solutions - Architect. For the admins of cloud, the exam of Solutions - Architect is worthy without any doubt.

AWS Solutions Architect for Cloud Architects

For any person who is performing the role of a cloud architect, getting the Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect examination might not be worthy for them. AWS is offering Professional-level and Associate-level Solutions Architect certificate. As we stated earlier, AWS planned a certificate of Associate-level for the experts of a cloud with 1-year of working experience. In case a person is having more than years of relevant experience in the role of an architect; they might interest to rush in the Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Professional examination.

The certifications of AWS possess experience as well as knowledge recommendations instead of hard and fast requisites; therefore, you will choose whichever certificate you suppose you will clear. Certifications are validating the experience which you have previously attained on the job; however, it does not mean that you should not study.  In case an individual is previously performing a role of an architect; you will expect to breeze through one or the other Solutions Architect examination.

You must be understood in a detailed manner regarding the full lifespan of AWS-based products as well. Amazon Web Services is demanding Solutions Architects to turn out to be capable to classify and choose AWS services that are reliant on the needs of their customers. In the meanwhile, sometimes a person could not spend their precious time that much while mainly working with the Amazon Web Service product lifespan. Thus, they can maybe spend a smaller amount of time studying for the architecture rations of the examination and emphasize the processing inquiries.

Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

At this time, we own a detailed amount of knowledge about what AWS exactly is as well as its different capabilities which it offers to its consumers. We will take a start of our conversation on the advantages of the Amazon Web Service certificate once we observe the causes of high demand for the certification test of Amazon Web Service. AWS is considered the market leader in the bunch of cloud service suppliers these days. What is the reason behind this? It offers lucrative services to the companies.

The services of Amazon Web Service are flexible and perfect for different kinds of business sizes. Apart from all of this, Amazon Web Service is following tough security actions to safeguard, monitor, and maintain their data centers. Consequently, Amazon Web Service is continuing at the topmost list of the suppliers of cloud service. Therefore, the foremost cause to opt for Amazon Web Service certificates is the AWS’ status. In case you are interested to spend your effort and time learning about cloud skills; it is considered as a better option to select the leader.

Applicants are required to use inclusive study guidelines as well as practical experience to secure an AWS certificate. Furthermore, AWS certificates are demanding the fact that an individual should re-certify every 2-year. The re-certificate offers authentication for the consciousness of specialized experts regarding the trends as well as updates in the landscape of Amazon Web Service. These causes answer the inquiry, “Is Amazon Web Service certificate worthy?” Thus, it’s the best time to highlight the advantages of several kinds of AWS certificates.

Preparing For The Future

The most initial mention in the Amazon Web Service certificate advantages is relating to the growing fame of cloud-based technology. According to the most recent research, it demonstrates that nearly 83 percent of the organization’s load of work would be shifted towards the cloud by the end of 2020. Thus, a lot of organizations would demand AWS proficiency in a while.

Since we all know with the fact that AWS is considered as the market leader in cloud service suppliers. Thus, the benefits of the AWS certificate will assist you while preparing for future trends within the Information Technology professional job industry.

New Avenues for Developing Professional Expertise

Another entry in the topmost Amazon Web Service certificate advantages is the growth of professional skills. As we stated earlier, AWS certificates need detailed study material, practice, as well as promise to learn Amazon Web Service technologies. Moreover, the thought to recertify your certification is also implying the need for applicants to stay up to date with the most recent trends in the field of AWS.

Thus, you are requiring demonstrating your proficiencies to attain the certificate and also keep investing your efforts to maintain the certification. Most importantly, applicants will also attain different AWS certifications to enhance their set of skills. Each expert of Amazon Web Service does not require sticking to a specific role.

Gain an Appreciation for Your Efforts

Another main aspect of the benefits of an AWS certificate is relating to the acknowledgment for certified holders. AWS qualified experts attain digital badges. These kinds of digital badges are representing your certificate achievement, and you will make use of them on the platforms of social media as well as on electronic mail signatures.

Display Your Commitment Levels

A person will also find out AWS certificate benefits within a proof of your commitment. Applicants who appear for A-W-S certificates are inclined to invest substantial amounts of their efforts and time to clear the exams. On the other side, initially, an applicant demonstrates their devotion to the platform of AWS by selecting AWS certificates. Thus, an AWS certificate is showing the commitment of an expert towards the platform of Amazon Web Service.


Since you’re made aware of the platform of AWS as well as the salary of AWS solutions - architect, you will map out your career pathway according to your most wanted job. With all these kinds of certifications, Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect Certificate Training is noteworthy and important only while you will able to show your hands-on skills. Other than these certificates, in the course of your interviews, all you need is to demonstrate that you’re familiar with the ways to work with AWS as well as recognize its usage within organizations.

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