CompTIA Network+ Study Guide


CompTIA Network+ Study Guide

Contrary to the popular belief, getting a Network+ certification is not as hard as it usually seems. In fact, many business organizations and businesses prefer this credential as it trains IT professionals to understand different types of networks along with its management and administration. In case you have just started your career in the field of IT, Network+ is a great credential to have in the early stages of your career.

Getting CompTIA certified is crucial if you want to improve your chances of securing a high paying job as an IT professional. In case you are already an experienced network professional, then investing in this certification is a great way to strengthen your fundamental networking concepts and get familiar with the latest tools and services used in computer networking.

Prerequisites For CompTIA Network + Certification Exam

In order to qualify for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, it is not necessary to have any practical knowledge about network-related operations. However, if you have 9-12 months of professional experience in performing basic IT operations, then it would help you to understand the networking concepts better.

Once you have enrolled for your Network+ certification exam, it is advisable to spend at least 2 to 5 months to pass the CompTIA Network+ security exam. If you are willing to invest 6-8 hours daily to prepare for the test, then it is possible to prepare for the test in lesser time. If you are currently employed and find it hard to get enough time to prepare for the test, then you might require more time to prepare for your test.

Preparing for the CompTIA Network + Certification Exam


The method of preparation for the exam depends on the learning capabilities and preferences of the learner. Some people prefer to prepare by studying the exam objectives, while some learn better from a study guide, whereas some perform better after solving practice questions. Another great option is to enroll in a trainer-led class.

However, this option is not feasible for everyone, as most of the students do not have the time or money to invest in such classes. Therefore, you need to opt for the method that can bring you the desired results in the least possible time. One option that works best if you want to study at home is opting for CompTIA Network+ online training.

In order to perform well in your CompTIA Network+ exam, you need to study your course outline and practice as much as you can to get a good grasp on all the important topics.


The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification exam consists of a total of 90 questions. They include both MCQs and performance-based questions. The time duration for the exam is 90 minutes.

Since Network+ is an elementary level exam, it is better to prepare well for the test as all of the concepts covered for the test will help you in preparing for future certifications as well. Also, many certifications require the Network+ certification as a prerequisite for advanced level certifications.

Following are some important factors to consider while preparing for your Network+ certification exam:

Evaluate Your Professional Goals


Before booking for your Network+ certification exam, it is better to learn about the pros and cons of the certification first. You first need to determine whether or not this credential will be able to benefit you for your future professional goals. You also need to determine if you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and other prerequisites to qualify for the certification exam.

Consider Your Career Goals

It is advisable to do some research beforehand hand regarding the salaries and other benefits offered after achieving such credential. This will help you to apply for such jobs in the future that can offer you the same salaries and work benefits.

Planning Is Key

Once you have decided to appear for the Network+ certification exam, you need to develop an effective learning strategy to prepare for the test. There are many different learning options that you can choose from. You can easily enroll in a credible CompTIA Network+ online training course. This can save you a lot of time and money and enhance your professional skills.

If you do not have enough time or money to enroll in a reliable training program, then you can prepare for the exam through self-study. For self-study, you need to first carefully go through the exam objectives for the Network+ certification exam. You can easily download it from CompTIA's official website. You can also start preparing from a study guide if you find it convenient. Make sure to cover all the topics mentioned in the exam objectives.

At times, studying without a professional trainer can be more time consuming as you need to go through the material on your own. You also need to maintain self-discipline for time-management and completing tasks on time. You need to be disciplined so that you study according to the schedule of exams.

Practice Regularly

The best way to improve your skills and knowledge in network-related operations is through practice.

After covering relevant topics from the exam objectives, make sure to give equal time to practice for performance-based questions.

Focus On The Skills

In the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, the following skills and concepts will be evaluated:

  1. How to build and establish effective computer networks
  2. How to troubleshoot, handle and maintain different types of network-related tools and resources
  3. How to implement different strategies for routing and switching
  4. Understanding different types of network connections
  5. Effective establishment of common network security protocols
  6. How to effectively detect, control and fix different types of networks issues
  7. To provide assistance in network virtualization

Final Word

Once you have obtained the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, you will acquire detailed knowledge about a wide range of network-based topics and will know different methods and techniques on how to effectively utilize them practically.

After the exam, you will also become capable of giving professional suggestions and recommendations about types of network, storage devices, cabling of infrastructure, etc. You should really know these on-site mechanics to prove to your employer & colleagues that you know your stuff.

The CompTIA Network+ certification will give your supervisors and managers the assurance and confidence that you are skilled enough to independently handle and maintain different types of network issues. This certification will help you in several other areas like hands-on command in network policies, network practices, disaster recovery, and network operations.

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