How to Become A Web Developer from Scratch


How to Become A Web Developer from Scratch

Web development can be quite daunting for the uninitiated. After all, professional web developers are innately familiar with the way the web works, they understand various technologies and programming languages. And most importantly, they are also skilled at communications as well as marketing. Full-stack developers learn about various front-end and backend technologies. So, there is a lot to learn!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys news and articles on software, website development or other tech related blogs, you might just have it in you to become a successful web developer. You are already here, and that’s a great start!

However, as long as you are persistent and keep your sights at the prize, you can do a complete 180 and start a brand-new career as a web developer. Don’t forget to have fun with all that you do, and learn.

You Are On Your Way To A New Career!

Figure Out If You Prefer Front-End Or Back-End Development

Do you enjoy the design and visual aspect of websites? If that’s a yes, you should start off with frontend development. On the hand, if logic and problem solving is more your thing, you will appreciate backend web development.

You may even combine the two, and learn enough to become a full stack developer.

Web development is evolving at the speed of light. In this everchanging work environment, it can become impossible to keep up with the new releases with too many new technologies being issued too quickly, the task does sound rather unnerving, if not impossible.

Make it a goal to learn the most used programming languages. For example, front-end developers should excel at HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web developer of the front-end has two goals, i.e. they utilize these tools and techniques to create accessible websites that deliver great performance.

If you want to further enhance your expertise as a front-end developer, you can also specialize in:

  • Actionscript
  • CoffeeScript (compiled to Javascript)
  • XML-based languages (X3D, SMIL, SVG, DITA etc.)
  • VBScript
  • Silverlight
  • Java (applets)

On the other hand, to become competent at back-end web development, you will need to ace: PHP, Java, Javascript, Ruby, .NET and Python.

The back-end of a website is made up of a server, applications as well as a database. It is the developers job to build and maintain these components and ensure that they work well together, to create a cohesive website. These are the guys who ensure that the website exists in the first place, and the user-facing side has a great interface to build upon.

A developer who is competent with both front and back-end programming is called a full stack developer.

Find Your Niche

With the right educational resources, it is possible to become a web developer without a degree. You can easily find courses to help you become a web developer. But you need to be certain about where you want to begin. Yes, it is true that full stack web development is all about learning, but it also means identifying your path to full stack stardom, figuring out which programming languages you’d like to excel at, and then carving out a path that gets you there.

We suggest learning more about the business and customer needs in your area, and then deciding your area of focus accordingly.

JavaScript is one of the most popular and lucrative choices for web developers. If you find yourself relating to this pathway of web technologies, then your learning should begin with JavaScript and then go on to include HTML, CSS, database systems, and other general-purpose programming languages.

Figure out your niche, and take the first step.

Take The Right Courses To Become A Web Developer

The best web developers never stop learning. So, make sure you are dedicated to the craft, and all the little details that go into it, for example updating your knowledge and learning new things on demand.

With a quick Google Search, you’ll be able to find many online avenues for learning. In fact, you will find some of the world’s leading web development education resources right here with us as well.

Steer clear of web development education that costs way too much, or ones that promise to make you a web development expert in 72 hours!

Instead opt for web development courses that will help you get some hands-on experience with plenty of coding projects as well as a mentoring background so you can get a holistic learning experience. Review the contents of the course, and make sure that it includes everything you want to learn, or at least comes pretty close to it. The right course will help you become a pro at home, it will cover web development fundamentals, and then slowly build your knowledge up to advanced web development.

Opt for courses that have a good mentoring background, suit your schedule and come with coding projects and one on one or group-based tutoring sessions that allow you to learn quickly and get hands on experience as well.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Make something great. In fact, build a portfolio that showcases your skills in creating a good quality product that delivers exceptional end-user experience as well as great functionality.

Web developers love technology. They are surrounded by technology, so much so that it can be tempting to just continue to learn more. But it is very important to stay focused and create an end product that truly showcases your skills.

Make sure your project serves a purpose and it is build securely. In fact, when you are taking web development courses at home, you should already have this purpose in mind.

Land A Job Or Freelance

By now you should be fairly confident in your skills as a web developer. You have the education, skills and experience to get a job as a web developer. You have worked hard on yourself, and taken the time to hone your skills.

Why not get a job and do some freelancing work on the side? This way you’ll continue to be your own boss, at least some of the time. And once you have built up a reputation as an in-demand web developer, you could easily go fulltime as a freelancer.

The sky’s the limit really. Take initiative and learn all you can.

It Won’t Be Easy But It’ll Be Fun!

Congratulations, now you have a blueprint to make your web development dreams a reality.

Remember, successful web developers love what they do. Be passionate about your profession, and you will stand out from the competition. Also, be generous with your knowledge. For example, why not work with aspiring web developers and help them find the right courses to become a web developer? People who share their knowledge are also the most valued employees, because their open heartedness helps improve quality across the board.

And finally, always be on the lookout for new learning avenues. Spend time reading blogs and participating in programming discussions, your career as a web developer will be better off for it.

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