Where To Place The Lead Form On Your Landing Page


Where To Place The Lead Form On Your Landing Page

Landing page forms are like delicate pieces of art. Everything has to be just right for the visitor to actually go through with form submission. It is the phenomenon commonly known as the goldilocks syndrome, too long and the probable customer might lose interest, too short and it may not be worth enough as the required information is not collected.

There are numerous web developers who have struggled with this throughout the history of landing pages, and it is an important topic covered in a number of courses to become a web developer. If you have been struggling with lead forms on landing pages, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. There are a few very subtle and successful ways by which you can place a lead form on your landing page that will increase the number of leads you will generate.

Here’s what you need to do:

Make Sure You Ask For The Necessary Information

Asking for too much information from the visitor can have the absolute opposite effect. No matter how well you have designed the page or how many hours you’ve spent writing the content for the page, the moment the visitor feels like they have to give more information than required to sign up on a social network website, the chances of them filling out the form are minimized.

Be smart with your form optimization and create a form that makes people feel like, “yeah sure why not.”

It Should Be Easy On The Eyes

Good looking fields are your friend my friend. Always create a form that a person can navigate through easily. Half the battle is won if the user thinks filling out the form will be effortless and easy.

Your Call To Action Needs To Be Inviting

There are many people that don’t realize that simply asking for a sign up from someone would not bring them in. You have to be more creative than that, this is a lead generation landing page not a petition. The call to action has to be something more than just asking the person to give their email. There has to be something that it offers, for example:

“Join Beautyhouse” above the sign up form would not bring in as many people as “Get free Beauty Tips.” Offer something in return so the visitor has something in return for all that typing they have to do.

Make It Easier For People To Fill the Form

A very effective way observed to help people get on board with the form is by reducing the amount of fields and replacing them with buttons. You make them type less and they’ll for sure click right into becoming a lead. It’s human nature, seeking the easy way out is the way we have evolved.

Get Designing

Remember how we talked about aesthetics earlier? Design is important everywhere. If you want to highlight something that the brand or site is offering, use visual cues on the form to make sure the visitor sees what is offered.

Half the time successful leads are collected only because the visitor does not have to read through a lot and they find what they are looking for instantly. Use a combination of different buttons and drop down menus to make your user feel like they are looking at something fun rather than something that feels like boring paperwork.

Taking an example of one of the world’s leading websites, Netflix does this better than everybody else. They get straight to the point and keep the language casual so the user does not feel like they are doing work.

The Placement!

“That’s all well and good, but where do I place the form?” You ask. Well, we’d love to say ‘above the fold, on the right’ but unfortunately there is no such thing as a correct answer to this question. Every product is different, every brand is different, and it all depends on the kind of market you are after. You can try going the conventional way and put the lead gen form on the top right, or somewhere at the middle of the page. It is all very subjective until you put it out there and do some A/B testing with different variants.

A good way to decide the placement of the lead gen form is to start with your opinion of where the form would look great and work best, create a couple of variants, and test it. The variant that you end up with should be the one that generates the best results in testing.

A lead generation landing page is something that can take your business to the next level. To tell you the truth there is no one way of placing the form, but yes, there are factors that you should consider when placing it wherever you deem it right:

  • Not at the end of the page (chances are most people won’t make it there).
  • Keep it right next to the best thing that you have to offer (it’s a game of give and take)
  • Divide it into parts (make it fun for the visitor to fill it out)

These are just some of the things you can consider when designing a good lead gen form. If you really want to explore options, there are a number of courses you can take to become a web developer that can help you develop better judgment about the best placements for your form.

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