Need a Quick Path to Become a Cybersecurity Professional? Check Out Online Bootcamps


Need a Quick Path to Become a Cybersecurity Professional? Check Out Online Bootcamps

When you are working in cybersecurity you come to realize that the technology is changing at a rapid pace, innovation is helping the industries build better infrastructure and let go of the legacy systems that are used to slow them down. It also means that dedicated posts are getting opened every now and then and companies require professionals that have the right skill set to fill in that job post. That is why it is so enchanting career, you are always bumping into different opportunities but in order to take the leap for them you would have to continuously upgrade your skillset and that means enrolling yourself into a particular cybersecurity certification.

Now as it happens there are two ways to pass the examination, you either study hard for it yourself or you simply join a bootcamp where hundreds of others like you are going to be and prepare for each and every aspect of the game under the guidance of the professionals. It is better to join a bootcamp and then go all the way in dissecting various domains of the certification you are studying for, getting your certification, and getting promoted. But before you can do that you must have efficient knowledge of what bootcamps are and how you can make the best out of them;

What are Cybersecurity Bootcamps?

Cybersecurity programs are the training programs that are designed to provide you with efficient training so that you can prepare for the entry-level certifications. Not only this, but there are a few mid to advanced level bootcamps that can help you prepare for some high end and demanding cyber-security certifications. bootcamps are usually extremely shorter than a degree program or other training sessions while lasting only half a year at the very most. These can be provided to you either by private companies, skilled academics, or a few accredited organizations working under the committee that designs the exam for a particular certification.            

Why You Must Choose a Bootcamp?

The most tempting reason for joining a bootcamp is the efficiency and most importantly the scope of training that would be provided to you. Joining a bootcamp you won’t be able to earn an academic qualification but you would definitely be able to receive other benefits such as;

  • Concentrated schedule for intermediate students and flexible evening and weekend schedule for the part-time students
  • Curricula that is designed by the experts who are at the top of their game
  • Challenging course work that resonates with the current digital trends and innovative approaches
  • Exposure to the latest cybersecurity tools and techniques that are being followed in the industry
  • Certification preparation, career assistance, and real-world training as well
  • A lower tuition price than a degree

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Types of Bootcamp Providers

Academic providers

Both public and private universities offer bootcamps where you can enroll to get effective training for particular cybersecurity certification. Now, these could be non-profit as well. The programs are created and structured by IT organizations that are in charge of conducting the examination for a particular program and the university will only serve as a host. That is the reason when you come across the highlights of the certification training offered by the university you are likely to come across the same coursework, structure as well as career outcomes as proposed by the vendors of the certification.

Independent providers

Many bootcamp officials directly or indirectly fall under this category, it includes the skills academics, training companies, and everything accordingly. The reasons why there are independent providers and bootcamps can be one of the following;

  • Some were deliberately established as the IT academics
  • Some were started by the charismatic founders
  • Some were an outgrowth of a Tech company     

Because providers like to play the game according to their own strengths and that is why you are likely to run into various different certification training options and such a diversified array of the cyber-security bootcamps. According to the skillset they have and the type of complicatedness they can bear you might come around a few specific options here and there such as networking or coding/programming. The best way to choose what you want to do is to study the about us page for the specific provider.

Eligible Training providers

Many independent companies and academics might plaster on their official bootcamp ads that they are eligible as training providers, what this means is that they have been deemed eligible by their state to provide training services under the workforce innovation opportunity act. If you are an adult learner or a dislocated worker then you can get your hands on various scholarships or state grants that are offered by these eligible training providers. It is a win-win situation both for the organization and the person undertaking the training.

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How Does the Bootcamp for Cybersecurity Certifications Work?

There are usually three broad categories for the cybersecurity bootcamps out there, these are; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There is a bit of crossover when it comes to these different levels such as you will find that the beginner level bootcamps are incompetent when it comes to covering the advanced level systems and the advanced level systems might not be able to cover the basics a beginner require to make some understanding of things around them.


These are the bootcamps that cover the needs of the folks who have little to no practice when it comes to dealing with extensive cybersecurity systems and fundamentally new to the field. You would be shoved to a beginner level if you have no formal education or IT work experience.

Requirements for the beginner level bootcamps

  • A high school diploma would be enough
  • Fundamental courses within the networking and operating systems are common within the beginner level bootcamps


These bootcamps require that you begin when you have certain knowledge or experience within the IT field. Examples for the prerequisites include;

  • Must have a Network+ certification
  • Familiarity with the networking, system, and programming
  • General IT job experience

If you want to begin with the intermediate bootcamps you must have some knowledge within IT programming, networking, and more profoundly in coding. But any other technical experience is also appreciated and can help you to get into this type of bootcamp.


These advanced-level bootcamps offer programs, courses, and training for the high-end certifications regarding cybersecurity. These can be penetration testing, ethical hacking, application security testing, and many others. For further correspondence, you would have to check the curricula that are offered by these advanced level bootcamps.

Various bootcamp factors and format

Delivery Method

The majority of the cybersecurity bootcamps follow a strict format, these are either on-campus or hybrid which is a mixture of online and on-campus coursework. It means that you will have indefinite access to your instructors, labs, career advisors, and instructors around the clock. Different varieties of these bootcamps are present out there, these could either be self-paced or have some strict schedule to maintain. Many companies even have a remote version of the bootcamp out there, offering classes to the students even at odd hours or according to their own liking and conducting test sessions both online or in a physical environment i.e. classrooms.

Time Commitment

The optimal length of the cyber-security bootcamps normally ranges from 3 months to an absolute of 9 months. You can either join a full-time bootcamp or get yourself adjusted with a part-time option. You must remember that the coursework is not going to be your only commitment. You will also have to work on various independent projects, having networking related projects/classes, and traveling to and from different campuses all the time.

If you want to be successful at your dedicated examination you would have to go through all of these steps and that is why you must choose the type of bootcamp that you have to choose wisely.

Course Structure and Schedule

Most of the time you will be able to find all the information that you require over the official website of the bootcamp. You will find all the details such as how the courses are structured, what you will be covering in every week of your program, and the things that aren't included in the program but are a part of your certification. In general, these two formats are followed;

  • Full-time programs might expect you to be on-campus during the business hours
  • Part-time programs can be attended during the evening hours

Think closely about the time allocation that you have throughout the day and then choose the time format for the bootcamp. Grab a better handle on your career by acquiring multiple cybersecurity certifications but if you don’t have any then it is better to prioritize your certification based on the current opportunities that you have.

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