Are Data Science Bootcamps Still Worth It?


Are Data Science Bootcamps Still Worth It?

It’s no secret that data science careers are taking off in 2022. Some data science fields are estimated to grow nearly 28% from 2016 to 2026 — adding an estimated 50,400 new positions you could be eligible for. Maybe you’re looking to become a data architect or statistician, organizing data sets for companies seeking new conclusions from collected analytics. Perhaps you’re interested in a career as a machine learning engineer or scientist, creating and delivering automated solutions that save companies time, money and effort.

With the right mentors, coursework and real-world projects, data science bootcamps are still worth it in 2022.

I want to learn data science. What are my education options?

With the growing need for automation, deep learning and programming skills, data science is here to stay. Data as a service — one of the top data science trends in 2022 — makes the need for next-level data scientists even more important.

No matter the reason why you’re interested in data analysis, machine learning and advanced automation, there are a few different ways to learn data science.

As you consider the best ways to learn data science, you’ll generally find two popular academic options: in-person and remote learning. Each education method offers a number of distinct benefits. Typically, one learning option will better accommodate your calendar, flexibility and career goals than the other.

Unlike remote learning, traditional data science education takes place in a classroom. You’ll often learn from experienced educators, surrounded by your peers.

By contrast, online data science bootcamps combine the same level of mentor-led instruction with flexible scheduling. Learn at your own pace, through hands-on labs that prepare you for real-world data science challenges.

If you’re ready to take steps toward a rewarding data science career, our Quickstart team is ready to help. One-on-one career coaching, portfolio-ready projects and certified mentors can help you close the distance between your resume and the data science career you know you deserve.

Achieve a 314% ROI from any of our data science bootcamps less than two years after you take your first course.

What will I earn in a data science bootcamp?

After you complete your data science bootcamp, you’ll find yourself a strong candidate for a number of rewarding data science positions. You may be hired to support an organization’s internal data analysis team. In other cases, you might help design or implement systems that automate a company’s various data activities.

You can expect to earn an estimated $117,000 per year, after graduating from the right data science bootcamp. After spending a year or two in the industry, you could see further salary increases tied to performance, company growth and other factors.

What will I learn in a data science bootcamp?

We’re so glad you asked. In weeks, you’ll earn a wide-ranging introduction to the world of data science, even if you already have experience in the field. During this time, you’ll learn from a panel of real-life data science experts.

Even before your bootcamp ends, complimentary career coaching services help to polish your resume and prepare you for some of the industry’s most challenging interview questions.

Depending on your individual interests, you might learn some of the following data science skills in a data science bootcamp:

  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Programming
  • Data storytelling and narrative
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data querying
  • Data research

These and other lessons will help you develop a rich data science skillset, one that thoroughly prepares you for a role in the evolving data science landscape.

Are data science bootcamps worth it?

We’ll save you the suspense. In 2022, data science bootcamps are 100% worth it.

Data science bootcamps are worth your time, your investment and your effort. They help to prepare you for a wide range of waiting data science careers, in an industry that’s still growing in several important ways.

A data science bootcamp is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to your data science education.

You’ll grow to understand foundational and advanced concepts while learning from the world’s foremost data science experts.

You’ll network with peers also taking steps toward a data science education.

You’ll solve real-world data science challenges nearly identical to the ones you’re likely to face in your future career.

And most importantly, you’ll develop both the knowledge and the confidence you need to own the data science space.

Data science bootcamps do require an initial investment. Our data science bootcamp pricing begins around $6,800 — more affordable than what you’ll find from many of our competitors — and includes everything you need to progress toward a data science career.

This price includes the courses, mentorship, career coaching and real-world projects that can qualify you as an ideal candidate for hire in the industry.

To further encourage your interest in a data science bootcamp and expose you to a number of viable career options, Quickstart offers a portfolio of student-ready course options. Whether you’re finalizing a master’s degree or you’re still looking to learn more about the world of analytics, our immersive data science bootcamps teach you everything you need to know about the ever-changing landscape of data science.

If you’re ready for more in your data science career, you’ve come to the right place. Our data science mentors are hyper-focused in helping you grow into the data science, architect, analyst, engineer or statistician you’re looking to become. Even if you have yet to make the career leap into the data science field, our flexible hours, pricing and learning models can make your next step an easy one.

Start your 15-day free trial today, or jump right in and transform your data science outlook.

We’ll see you in class!


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