10 Programming Skills Employers Look For In A Candidate


10 Programming Skills Employers Look For In A Candidate

Software Developers top the list of the most sought after jobs around the world. While becoming a software engineer requires a certain set of skills, it will eventually pay you off in abundance. According to MSN, The average salary of a software engineer in the US is around $99,000 (£80,000) and around £50,000 ($62,000) in the UK.

The job is also sought wildly by engineers because the profile is one of the rarest that offer contentment with the cash. According to Forbes, Senior Java Developer stands 4th in the happiest job profiles with a basic average salary of $98,814, Android developer stands 5th with an average salary of $56,120, while the lead developer stands 8th with an average salary pay of $84,296.

Becoming a Programming Expert might take efforts, but it is all worth it when IT giants get into a bidding war to make you a part of their team. Here is a list of 10 programming skills that will definitely get you hired by one of those giants.

Data Structures Knowledge

Data structure tools are to a programmer what an axe is to a woodworker. Using wrong data structure can slow down the code or cause your program to be a memory hog. Therefore, know your tools. It is the significance and universality of data structure that they are frequently asked questions in technical interviews.


Java is the most popularly used programming language that tops the TIOBE Index. It’s cross-platform and object-oriented programming run on over 7 billion devices and is widely known for its extensive use in building native Android applications. According to Indeed.com, Java stands first in terms of exceptional jobs with salaries above $100K. Java developers are in-demand at IBM, Disney, Deloitte, HP, Ebay, Microsoft, and Amazon.

SQL – Structured Query Language

SQL is a programming language, chiefly used to manage data. This makes it an important programming skill, since almost every programming application interacts with data directly or indirectly. Most businesses and websites have databases that work from the backend and several of those databases rely strongly on SQL. According to Glassdoor salary estimate, average SQL programmer’s salary is $70,466. Some of the active recruiters of SQL developers are UnitedHealth, Dell, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Disney, and Citi.


C is the most widely known and used programming languages of all time. According to Tiobe Programming Community Index 2017, C is only second to Java. Knowing C gives the programmer a lot of control since it teaches you about how the computer operates with respect to your program and how your web server codes are working internally. C developer’s average pay scale is $95,774 per year, observes Indeed.com after collecting data from over 1025 real salaries. Top employers include IT giants Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, and HP.


One of the most fundamental programming languages, HTML is a basic component on which the web is built. WordPress actively combines HTML, CSS and JQuery to design the best responsive themes. According to Glassdoor, the national median salary for front-end developers tops more than $75,000. Amazon, Ebay, Disney, IBM, and Microsoft actively seek for HTML Developers.


Python is another extensively used programming language by a number of big-shot companies including Google. Social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Q&A sites like Quora are written in Python. It is easy to learn and powers Django, a complete and open-source web application framework. With Amazon, Intel, Dell, Google, Yahoo, and eBay actively seeking Python developers, average salary for one reaches to $83,000.

Mobile Development

Mobile app developer is among the top three jobs in America. Apple and Play Store are constantly looking for better applications and businesses want their apps ready and sold. According to this Bloomberg, the global app market is supposed to hit a $120 Billion market by 2020. The best way to take advantage of this will be via mobile development. The average Mobile Applications Developer salary is $78,232, says Glassdoor.


PHP supports most of the leading databases including MySQL, debase, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. This open-source programming language is easy to learn and can turn out to be efficient since it is known to be scalable when writing code as well as in creating applications. Facebook is the exemplary site that is written in PHP. A PHP Developer can earn a national median salary of $81,000.


Learning more than one programming language will definitely improve your chances of being hired and increase your salary potential as well. Knowing more than one language will avail you with more tools to get your job done. While, the salary for such developers is not determined, it is safe to say that it will be juicy.


JavaScript is an interactive programming language that is a part of web fabric and can interact with multiple frames. It's used in almost every web browser to make and customize web pages more interactive for a better user experience. JavaScript is used for creating security password, check forms, interactive games, and special effects like animations. It is widely sought to build mobile apps and create server-based applications. The average JavaScript Developer salary is $72,500, says Glassdoor. The list of top employers includes Amazon, MS, IBM, Dell, Disney, Yahoo, and Salesforce.

JavaScript is and will remain the only native programming language for web for the next couple of years. It allows multiple language compilation and is widely used for application development. Thus, JavaScript is actively chosen for many software projects and several businesses are on a look out for JavaScript Developers.

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