10 New Features of SQL Server 2016


10 New Features of SQL Server 2016

Microsoft has devised SQL Server 2016 with the aim to build critical applications and advanced programs by using a hybrid database platform. This scalable platform is well-equipped with advanced security, in-database analytics and in-memory performance. To enhance the working potential of SQL Server 2016, new features ranging from security to querying abilities, Microsoft has incorporated R analytics, cloud integration and other technicalities.

Let us discuss 10 new features of SQL Server 2016 that have made an impact in the IT industry by improving the overall experience of using this popular database management system.

  1. Always Encrypted

The Always Encrypted feature protects data and enables the SQL Server to perform encrypted data operations so that the owners can protect their confidential data by using an encryption key. This feature ensures that your important data stored in the cloud managed database remains encrypted and protected.

  1. Dynamic Data Masking

This feature gives an obscured version of your confidential data to some people and allows only authorized users to view it by defining masking rules. It is popularly used for managing credit card information and similar databases.

  1. Stretch Database

The Stretch Database permits you to extend your database to Azure where the data that is not accessed regularly are moved to the cloud so that you can enjoy high-performance applications while benefiting from the low-cost Azure store, as only the frequently accessed data stays on premise.

  1. Real-Time Operational Analytics

The real-time Operational Analytics of SQL 2016 prepare your system for optimal transactional performance and helps to increase workload consistency by combining in-memory OLTP with in-memory columnstore.

  1. Polybase

This feature works as a connector between SQL Server and Hadoop so that your regular data processing involving large text files save conveniently in Azure Blob Storage or Hadoop. This technology bridges the gap between SQL Server and Hadoop to make data storage easy.

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  1. Query Store

The Query Store feature of SQL 2016 version deals with the problem faced by previous servers in tracing the history of your execution plans, as they only showed plans that are active in the plan cache. However, the inclusion of this feature in SQL Server 2016 allows you to track previous execution plans and performance by tracing your queries over a long period of time.

  1. Row Level Security

The Row Level Security feature is a major development in this database management system, as it restricts some users to view data in tables by using an SQL Server login. It allows you to implement row level security so that new users won’t be able to detect whether the rows of data were filtered for restricting data.

  1. Enhancements to AlwaysOn

The SQL 2016 version improves the ability of the AlwaysOn feature to have around three synchronous replicas to support availability and disaster recovery functions. It also relies on Distributed Transaction Coordinator support for load balancing and manages automatic failover.

  1. Revamped SQL Server Data Tools

The Revamped SQL Server Data Tools re-consolidate the data tools that had to be downloaded separately in the earlier versions, as SQL Server 2016 presents a compact package to assist easy working on this database management system.

  1. JSON Support

The Java Script Object Notation feature allows you to interchange JSON data between the SQL Server database engine and various other applications. The SQL 2016 can analyze JSON formatted data and even convert relational data into JSON format for convenient storage.

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