The Top 3 Most Lucrative Programming Skills


The Top 3 Most Lucrative Programming Skills

Programming jobs are highly sought-after in the IT sector today. IT remains the fastest growing industry with a growth rate of more than 18%.  The freedom of working from anywhere, anytime is attracting more and more people in joining the industry. Furthermore, the number of available IT jobs is increasing every day as new organizations are setting up shop and old organizations are expanding.

In the highly dynamic and competitive industry of today, software engineers are expected to be proficient in more than one programming skills. With new programming languages being introduced, new devices launched, and new frameworks being created, the programming world is full of action. Employers are becoming clear and particular about what they want. Adding a few lucrative skills to your profile is essential if you want to stay relevant in this fast-paced industry. 

Mentioned below are top 3 lucrative programming skills that will boost your career as a software engineer and ready you for the IT competition and money-spinning benefits.  


Java is the most popular language that stands first on the Tiobe index of 2017. This object-oriented language allows you to create modular programs, reusable code, and easily moves from one computer system to another. Running on more than 7 billion devices, Java is currently used to develop native Android applications.  

Learning Java can incredibly improve your chances of finding impressive salary packages. Several companies, including the business giants Google and Amazon, actively seek Java developers. With more than 60,000 Java positions being offered every year, becoming an expert Java developer would no doubt put you in high demand.  


The most significant benefit of PHP and why it is still sought for in 2017 is because it supports all leading databases, including MySQL, debase, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more. Since, the syntax of the PHP language is widely based on C and Perl, engineers who are well versed in either can easily use/learn this versatile language. It is also known for its scalability when writing code as well as creating large applications. No other languages have so many matured, open-source frameworks/CMS/tools as PHP does. Hence, 70℅ of web is powered by PHP including Facebook, Wikipedia, and Flickr. 

According to, 82.6% of the known sites are using PHP. Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magneto are all built in PHP. This is mainly because PHP can be easily embedded into HTML and HTML5 markup.  

With such extensive use and benefits of the language, it is not going to drop from the top three list anytime soon. 



The primary advantage of .NET is its improved Windows authentication security and speed, making it a better and faster way for software solution. With .NET framework, it becomes easier to build large applications with reduced amount of codes since it has great static analysis tools, refactoring tools, better programming aids. You can easily perform common tasks, from simple form submission and client authentication to deployment and site configuration.  

.NET allows the use of multiple languages (almost 25), including C#, HTML5, JavaScript, VB.NET Shop, etc. Combining the source code with HTML make pages easy to write and maintain. Since the source code of .NET is executed on the web server, it provides a lot of power and flexibility to the web pages. It offers a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user interface.  


Is learning .NET really worth it? 

With Windows being the primary operating system for the vast majority of businesses, and .NET setting standards for security system and application monitoring, it is quite evident that .NET developers are soon going to be in-demand. Therefore, it is safe to say that .NET has a healthy future and it will pay off as a rewarding skill for anyone keen for a healthy paycheck.  

QuickStart – Your Professional IT Guidance 

QuickStart is an online IT Marketplace Training that offers optimized .NET learning course. It focuses on using this Dot Net technology in conjunction with HTML5. The course expertise its apprentices in constructing rich digital documents that can appear anywhere on the web, mobile or as part of a larger application. 

This course is intended for anyone who wants to become a successful front-end web developer. Suitable for graphic and digital designers, startup employees, Marketing Designers and / or Content Specialists, the course requires no pre-requisites.  

The online courses of QuickStart can easily be accessed from anywhere. All it needs is commitment.

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