Friday Buzz Report

  • July 21, 2017

Friday Buzz Report

We’ve gathered this week’s top tech articles to get you up to date faster. Enjoy!

The most valuable cloud computing certifications today


Looking for an edge in today’s IT job marketplace? Benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills with one — or more — of these highly regarded cloud computing certifications. If one thing is certain in IT, it’s never too late to cash in on the cloud. As the cloud becomes more critical to IT and the business at large, demand for cloud skills will only grow. But proving you have the right skills and knowledge in a competitive job market can be difficult. If you’re looking for an extra edge in landing a new job or promotion, cloud certification can be a great option.

These 5 tech jobs are the hardest to fill at any organization


As the world faces a tech talent shortage, recruiting and retaining employees in the field can be a challenge—especially for the most in-demand positions, according to a new report from tech career website Dice.

Goodbye Windows Phone: What comes next for Microsoft in mobile?


So farewell then, Windows Phone: Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows Phone 8.1, the operating system running on the majority of Windows-powered handsets. According to advertising analytics company AdDuplex, nearly three-quarters of Windows phones are running on Windows Phone 8.1, and these will no longer get security or other updates. The remaining one quarter are running Windows 10 Mobile.

What you need to know about the new ransomware that's hit the US

Yahoo Tech

A new form of malware hit the internet Tuesday, shutting down systems across Europe and impacting companies from the U.S. to Russia. Unfortunately, the attack, which early reports indicate seems to have hurt Ukrainian organizations and agencies more in particular, is still largely a mystery for security researchers.

Vayyar launches 3D sensors that give self-driving cars interior awareness


A lot of the sensor hardware being developed by component suppliers in the autonomous driving industry focus on getting a clear picture of what’s happening outside the car, but Vayyar’s new 3D sensors provide a detailed look inside the car, including information about passengers. The 3D sensor tech also doesn’t use any optical image capture, so it’s better from a privacy perspective than cameras, and they can work in any lighting as a result, too.

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