New Skills Needed to Manage SharePoint Customizations


New Skills Needed to Manage SharePoint Customizations

In an age of constant changes and challenging economics, organizations need to operate efficiently, manage effectively and provide responsive communications. The introduction of new technology models has completely transformed the skill set required to thrive in today’s modern marketplace. Are the new changes, making current skill sets dangerously close to being obsolete?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful, browser-based business collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. Used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies, SharePoint aids organizations in easily controlling cost and reducing risks associated with IT, while allowing project teams to effectively access information and collaborate with each other.

SharePoint Framework Model – A page and web part model

SharePoint has been constantly evolving. From different development models like Farm-based solutions, Sandboxed solutions, SharePoint Add-Ins to manually injecting a Java script file to the SharePoint page for desired results, Microsoft has recently, in 2016, added another model – the SharePoint Framework model to enable development of enhanced applications. This new model is released as open source, and is expected to significantly transform the way professionals build and manage customizations.

This, as Microsoft explains, is at the heart of the SharePoint Framework:

“The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and a web part model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data and support for open source tooling.”

Evolution Demands Upgrading to New Skills

As SharePoint evolves, the way customizations are built for the platform is also changing. According to a survey, lack of skills is the biggest barrier to new projects. This constant evolution has created a challenging deficiency of required skill sets in the teams making it difficult for various IT leaders and CTOs to successfully adapt to the new development landscape—as the current employee skill sets suddenly seem to be becoming irrelevant and obsolete.

In order to ensure the customizations remain safe and secure, the professionals need to upgrade with the right skills and re-tool their development to keep with the advances in technology and support the company in their long term technology strategy.

What are the New Skills Required to Manage SharePoint Customizations?

  • Good development knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Get SharePoint professionals more comfortable with client side development from the traditional server side
  • More openness to Open Source development projects
  • More consistent training to SharePoint professionals
  • Ensure use of best practice code analysis tools for rigorous testing of the customizations

To cope up with the challenges and attain these new skills, companies should consider providing SharePoint training in the new skill areas and even hire new employees who have specialized knowledge.

Acquire New SharePoint Skills With QuickStart

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QuickStart is dedicated to providing a personalized learning experience to SharePoint professionals who wish to know more about Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2016. IT professionals who want to learn about installing, configuring, implementing and managing SharePoint Server 2013 or 2016 environments in the cloud and/or data center will be greatly benefitted from our specialized SharePoint online courses.

QuickStart also provides a customized learning approach, where students / IT professionals can opt for self-paced or live SharePoint online training courses. Experienced and certified SharePoint experts with high impact mentoring skills and hands-on lab experience prepare the QuickStart students for SharePoint certifications. Through our specialized SharePoint training courses, IT professionals can acquire certifications and get recognition for their expertise and help a company with their capabilities of SharePoint.

QuickStart – Guaranteed Support

QuickStart is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction with a full refund policy for your peace of mind. We also offer several other special benefits to our students that keep us a step ahead of our counterparts. We offer enrollment of a new employee just for the curriculum fee cost in case a company-sponsored student leaves the organization within 1-year of attending any of our public courses. Also, we offer substantial discounts on courses that are upgraded within 9 months, since the completion of the course. QuickStart students can retake any public course, which they had enrolled and attended, at no additional cost, based on availability of seats.

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