5 Strategies to Improve Your Organization's Cyber Security


5 Strategies to Improve Your Organization's Cyber Security

Hackers are new-age thugs who specialize in breaking into security systems with the intent of stealing information. These virtual pirates use this information to break into the accounts of unsuspecting people and rob them blind. Even after repeated virtual robberies, organizations have failed to stem the flow of such events. Many institutions believe that it is necessary to inculcate the mindset of hackers in the people who are employed to thwart their attempts. This has given birth to ethical hacking and a certified ethical hacker is considered to be a valuable asset for an organization.

A person who has done ethical hacking training can be a valuable asset for any organization. Depending on the profile, a certified ethical hacker can earn anywhere between $77,421 and $116,762. A good ethical hacker can be a wonderful acquisition for your company as it can help your company from impending threats that can result in major financial losses.

Enhancing Security of an Organization

Though, it is almost impossible to remove every factor that can result in a hacking threat to your organization, you can definitely curtail the chances by employing the best strategies. Below is a list of tactics and strategies that can be used to reduce hacking risks:

1. Educate Employees In Innovative Ways

By using innovative programs like seminars and simulation games, an organization can disseminate information about cyber security in a better way. Games like PwC’s Game of Threats and Apozy’s Security Checkups provide interactive ways to implement cyber security. A seminar is also a nice platform where your employees get to learn from some of the pioneers in the information and cyber security stream.

2. Online Training Courses For Your Employees

You can also enroll your young and bright employees in ethical hacking course online and enable them to learn ethical hacking. With an ethical hacking certification, your employees will get accomplished in preventing hacking attempts on the organization.

3. Test Rigorously For Loopholes In The System With Real Life Attempts

By creating real life scenarios in which you attack the system and gauge the reaction of your employees, you can check their preparedness and vulnerability to a hacking attempt. You can employ commercial and open source solutions like PhishMe and Gophish for creating an in-house hack attempt. If you discover that your employees are not ready for such a scenario, you can provide them training and enhance their knowledge. This will help them stay up to the task, when a real threat actually reaches your organization.

4. Use Of Carrot And Stick Philosophy

The age old practice of carrot and stick still applies to modern organizations and can be really beneficial. By rewarding employees for their preparedness to hack attacks and punishing those who are careless about it can really help a company in imposing its will. Before employing such a philosophy you should tell your employees about the policies, so that they know what they should and should not do. Using an announcement system for announcing rewards to the best prepared employees is a great way to float the thought that you really care about the cyber security of your company.

5. Invest In An Identity And Access Management Solution  

As an organization, you can procure an identity and access management solution for cutting down on the risks. With a system that manages access, you will be able to ensure that the right person has the control of the right software and services. This will reduce the chances of an incompetent employee aiding a hack attempt from the outside.

With the right approach and strategy, you can definitely create a structure where the chances of a hack attempt are considerably reduced.

Leverage your Employees and Improve your Cyber Security

When your employees are adept at handling security threats, you can stay at peace and do your business in a better way. By employing a certified ethical hacker, you can minimize the chances of hack attempts. It is best that you hire individuals, who have done the course from a reputed institute like QuickStart. QuickStart has nearly three decades of experience in technical and IT training, and has some of the best corporate training plans for you to train your already employed workforce.

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