CompTIA A+ vs Network+: A Practical Comparison


CompTIA A+ vs Network+: A Practical Comparison

Often times, networking professionals draw a comparison between the most credible computer networking certifications: CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network +. Individuals tend to ask this question because they want to understand which particular certification would provide them with a full range of skills and expertise to work in a robust Information Technology environment.

In today's IT landscape, the importance of both certifications has tremendously grown, and when met with the question regarding which specific choice provides a better scope, it is wise to underline all the important information about CompTIA A+ and Network +. 

Starting with A+

CompTIA A + is one of the most important certifications for candidates working in the IT department. For most individuals, acquiring expertise through CompTIA A+ online course is the way to go. The A + certificate is an initial level credential for people looking for a job in the IT sector. Candidates can obtain better job opportunities and have a certificate that shows they have the necessary skills, which makes them suitable for technical jobs. Many companies around the world use the CompTIA network and devices. If you want a well-paid job in this sector, you will develop the necessary skills. The CompTIA A + certification has two exams: 220-901 and 220-902.

A candidate has to pass two exams to obtain the CompTIA A + credential. One of these two tests is CompTIA 220-902. This is a basic level test that measures whether or not the candidate has the skills required for an exam that covers all the details about the installation and configuration of the operating systems.

CompTIA A+ online course

Each exam assesses the candidate's particular abilities. CompTIA A + (220-902) also does the same. CompTIA A + online course teaches the following skills:

  • Install, maintain, and configure devices, software, and PCs for end users.
  • Assembly of all components based on user needs.
  • Understanding the basic concepts of networks and security.
  • Application of problem-solving skills.
  • Diagnose, solve, and document common software and hardware problems safely.
  • Providing customer support.
  • Know the basics of desktop image creation, virtualization, and implementation.

The candidate who attends this certification exam must be well informed of all these things and have practical experience in these things. Candidates receive 90 questions and have to solve them all in 90 minutes. All questions are multiple-choice. The approval score is 700 points out of a total of 900.

Any candidate can request the CompTIA A + exam (220-902). However, IT professionals who have six to twelve months of experience in the field or in the laboratory are more suitable for the exam. Since most questions are based on practical scenarios, it will be easy for you to clear the testimony that you already had work experience.

Candidates must pay a fee of $211 per exam. If the applicant does not pass the test at once, he will have to take the exam again and get a score of at least 70%. The certification is valid for three years and has to be renewed after this period.

Network +

CompTIA Network + can be the next step in your career. Currently, many companies are looking for certified professionals in networks for different positions or projects. Since being certified guarantees the development of good practices to improve network performance.

Network administrators, systems engineers, network analysts, and consultants; they are just some of the professionals who use CompTIA Network +. In addition, companies such as Intel, HP, Canon, or even Apple have Network + certified equipment. Because of this, certification can become one of the secrets to making your IT department more efficient and effective.

In terms of skill-set, CompTIA A+ is considered to be ultimately supreme and increases an individual's chances of sustaining high-paying jobs. With that being said, Network + also is nothing short of brilliance. Here is a list of skills you can develop through Network +:

Design and implementation of functional networks

It all starts with design and implementation. That is, proper configuration and maintenance can minimize downtime and help ensure optimal network performance. This, through internationally standardized bases in problem-solving, configuration, and network management.

Essential Network Administration

Networks constitute an integral part of business operations and keep their employees and customers connected. Through Network +, you can use standardized practices in functional processes. Therefore, you will easily identify the disadvantages and benefits of existing configurations. In this way, you can implement the appropriate technologies to improve performance and efficiency.

Implementation of security protocols

Learning fundamental concepts can help you implement internationally standardized security protocols. This way, you can help your team with good network security practices. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the vulnerability of your infrastructure.

In view of huge Network + demand in the industry, many feel it imperative to upgrade or begin teaching Network + certification from scratch. Although nine months of academic training is set by CompTIA as a recommendation prior to taking the Network + test, not everyone has a schedule to adjust long hours and spare cash for the task. As a result, an awful number of Network + and other IT certification seekers are relying on the self-paced style of study. Interactive testing and assessment tools such as practice tests, questions & answers, virtual labs, visual and audio Network + exams are used most of the time as part of remote e-learning.

For anyone looking to make a career in Information Technology beyond the scope of basic networking, the certifications of CompTIA A+ and Network + offer a good start. They are highly in-demand certifications, and recruiters are always on the look of spotting in a candidate's resume.

Both certifications are equally important and individually carry importance due to their practical applications. Some IT professionals seek to acquire both the certifications for better expertise and command over networking fundamentals. All-in-all, it is highly encouraged that one implements the learned skills into practical work and excel from that standpoint. Whether it is CompTIA A+ or Network +, both are meant to allow an individual with a comprehensive training prospect necessary for a fruitful career in IT.

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