How Penetration Testing Can Help Your Organization


How Penetration Testing Can Help Your Organization

The rapid evolution of technology during the last couple of decades has brought with it a number of challenges for business environments that rely heavily on internet-based virtual world operations. Depending on the type and volume of online interactions and services, the security requirements of different organizations vary greatly. Despite these vagaries, most enterprises employ standard security solutions which sometimes are unable to address all the vulnerabilities of a system, leaving them exposed to threats of hackers and viruses. This is a major concern for most organizations in the world and it screams for a solid solution. Penetration testing is an innovative way to nip potential security concerns in the bud. By hiring information security experts who have taken a certified penetration testing consultant course, you can ensure that your system is checked thoroughly for loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Penetration Test

A penetration test is exactly what it sounds like. You try to gain access to a protected computer system in order to test it out. While performing this test, the intention of the intruder is to identify security loopholes in a system that may make it susceptible to a future hack attack.

Different types of penetration testing are as follows: 

  1. 1. Application Penetration Testing
  2. 2. Wireless Penetration Testing
  3. 3. PCI Penetration Testing
  4. 4. Network Penetration Testing
  5. 5. nfrastructure Penetration Testing

With a rise in the number of illegal attempts to break into online systems, most organizations are looking for foolproof security systems that can prevent them from getting breached. The use of penetration testing allows an organization to make the best of whatever security solution they have at their disposal by fine-tuning it to match their requirements. In the event the system is discovered to be incapable of meeting the security needs; it can be replaced with a better system.

Software with Integrated Penetration Testing

Certain solutions come with penetration testing components built-in to the system like Microsoft Azure platform services. There is no need to requisition and acquire penetration testing solution when you are using such a service.

With Azure platform services, you can perform the following standard tests:

  • - Fuzz testing of your endpoints
  • - Port scanning of your endpoints

One pre-requisite for Azure penetration tests is that you need to inform Microsoft about the specific tests you will carry out, so they don’t inadvertently shut you down by blocking your IP address.

 Penetration Testing Course

The penetration testing certification training covers topics like pivoting and relays, VPN attacks, IPv6 attacks, packet capturing, Layer 2 attacks, Layer 3 attacks on Cisco-based infrastructures, defeating SSL, and IDS/IPS evasion.

Once an engineer has passed the penetration testing exam, they will be able to perform the penetration test on the system and identify the loopholes in the system.

What a Penetration Test Does/Does Not Do?

A penetration test by itself is not capable of eliminating security threats from a system. It only provides you inputs about what is wrong with your system. Do not assume a single test will find all the loopholes. Make sure that you carry out multiple penetration tests and test the system rigorously, only then will you be able to see its true benefits.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

A penetration test can be a major asset for your organization as it helps in the following: 

1. Increasing Business Continuity

By safeguarding your business, it makes sure that your business runs smoothly and consistently for a long time. This is essential for success in any business type.

2. Managing Risks Properly

A penetration test helps you in finding out a baseline to work upon. This helps in managing and mitigating the risks in a structured and optimal way. 

3. Protecting Partners and Clients

When a security breach takes place, it not only impacts the organization but its partners as well. Penetration testing allows you to take the necessary action at the right time and prevents any vulnerability from becoming a major hazard for your alliances and customer relationships.

Hiring the Right People for the Job

Employing penetration testing for safeguarding your organization is simply not enough by itself. You need to hire competent people who are good at performing these tests. You can also invest in your technology team and register them in a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant Course from QuickStart.

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