Friday Buzz Report - Issue Number 5


Friday Buzz Report - Issue Number 5

Whew, this was one eventful week at QuickStart to say the least, and let’s just say we can’t wait to recharge our batteries. How was your week? Before we catch up, let’s take a look at all the relevant tech news from around the world.

Local Taxi Drivers Rejoice As Uber Declared Unfit To Operate In London

Uber’s license to operate in London expires at the end of the month, and it’s not getting renewed. Transport for London (TFL), the government body responsible for the decision, deemed Uber guilty of corporate irresponsibility. According to the TFL, several practices followed by Uber are questionable and therefore the company is not fit to operate in London.

Uber will be able to appeal the decision and continue its operations in London while the case is in court. Read More>>

Google To Spend $1.1 Billion To Acquire A Team of 2000 Smartphone Engineers From HTC

Google wants Pixel 2 to take the smartphone industry by storm, and it will spare no expense in making that happen. Google announced its deal with HTC to acquire a team of 2000 smartphone engineers and some intellectual property for $1.1 billion on Wednesday.

While some are viewing this as a move related exclusively to Pixel 2, others are of the opinion that this will bolster Google’s hardware division and provide them with the resources necessary to work on Google Glass, Google Home, and similar products. Read More>>

Microsoft, Facebook, and Telxius finished Installing the Marea Subsea Cable

Microsoft and Facebook joined forces with Telxius to finish a subsea cable that goes from Virginia Beach, USA to Bilbao, Spain. The cable stretches for 4,000 miles and can carry data up to 160 terabytes per second. The project took 13 months to complete and is part of Microsoft’s ventures to improve its cloud services. Read More>>

Bonus: Here’s an interesting read about how online piracy of digital goods doesn’t affect sales at all, and how it helps the gaming industry.

The Prime Minister of the UAE Launched An elearning Project

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the UAE, launched an elearning project early this week. The elearning project aims to reach 50 million students and involves translating 5000 videos and course material related to Science and Mathematics from English to Arabic. The government is encouraging English-to-Arabic translators to join them in this venture.

Read More>>

This is it for this week’s Friday Buzz, see you guys next week.

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