Make Information Security a Priority for these 5 Business Benefits in 2019


Make Information Security a Priority for these 5 Business Benefits in 2019

With new and highly evolved threats appearing daily, information security is becoming increasingly complex yet imperative. However, many businesses are still failing to take it seriously. It is important to understand that information security isn't a trend to follow. It is a recognized business activity that has come a long way over a period of time. A number of factors contributed to helping the discipline to mature, and today it has the official license to operate within both public and corporate sector environments. Today, information security is a basic component of core organizational and business enablers.

Information Security Business Benefits You Cannot Ignore

Where there are tons of benefits, there's a little room for error too. Information security is a sensitive matter, and if left insecure and vulnerable, it can lead to severe consequences. Naturally, better information security translates into better business but similarly, if there's a margin for negligence, the results can be distracting and costly. This brings the responsibility to the security specialists. The idea is to develop a strong defense system and keep information security as a top priority this year and in the years to come to gain some unique organizational goals and business benefits. In case information security has taken a back seat for your business or if it is still in the process of proper adaptation, the following benefits you can gain for your organization will surely put you on your toes.

Stronger System Architecture

A stronger information security system obviously leads to fewer security breaches. When data security is a top priority, any basic attack strategy tends to fail. However, this requires a proper understanding of your system architecture. Without awareness, you may not be able to pinpoint common cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities. This puts your business and your data asset at risk. Organizations, at this point, consider offering information security training to its security specialists. This keeps the team up to date about the growing threats and how to address them. Data security training also enables the team to further strengthen the organization's security architecture to eliminate the weaknesses and reduce the risk of breach drastically.

Compliance with Information Security Standards

In some cases, organizations may also be subject to a number of information security standards. These include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) amongst the rest. These standards or financial institution require certain compliance to ensure major standards are met to ensure the security of the customers' private data. With information security training, individuals have also updated on these standards and the best way to comply with the outlines. The key is to prepare the team to establish a strong security architecture that makes it simpler for them to meet such kinds of requirements.

Prevent Loss of Business

Trust is the most crucial component of any business. If you fail to keep up with trust amongst your customers, you will eventually start losing them. Trust can be compromised if the business loses its reputation. In the case of a cybersecurity incident, which cannot be kept from the general public, there's a huge chance for business to lose the trust of its customers. The 2013 popular data breach incident involving Target had a huge impact on the company's reputation as well as its profits. The New York Times Report revealed a loss of more than 40% of the total profits in the 4th quarter of the year. While every organization may get a chance to recover, the instant and significant loss of business can take a toll on the growth and success of the business. Also, it may increase employee turnover, as the loss of trust can occur internally too.

Improved Employees Awareness

Security issues have become quite serious. It is important for organizations to increase the level of awareness among employees on information security. That's the best way to teach and prepare them to take several steps to minimize the risks associated with the threat. Organizations can educate their teams about data protection and offer training about how this needs to be done. With information security training, employees can implement the tried and tested methods to prevent the consequences the organization may face as a result of the breach. Awareness can help an organization in a number of other ways too. Not only it gives them a better idea about information security but helps them take a proactive approach in protecting the information well. With awareness, employees are able to understand the risk that is associated with the use of the internet.

Industry-Specific Regulations

Whether you are a large company or a small one, network or information security can keep your internal operations safely up and running. It also serves another major purpose of helping the organization comply with industry-specific, as well as government-established regulations.


It is high time that organizations consider exploring their options for information security before they are under attack. The best part is that taking proactive measures for data security doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it can be more affordable than you think, especially with the list of training options you have now, you can look up to several different offer plans before picking up the most suitable that's designed to meet your specific set of requirements. To adjust the 2019 budgets that clearly state information security as a top priority on your list, get in touch with us today and let the professionals guide you. Also, feel free to connect with the experts in the industry and get your concerns and worries eliminated.

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