Azure Certification provides Networking Professionals these 7 Business Advantages


Azure Certification provides Networking Professionals these 7 Business Advantages

Over the last decade, the widely believed idea of cloud computing has evolved, some relics would say it has changed beyond recognition. In reality, it has simply transformed to better cater to the changing business landscape for networking professionals. Organizations around the world are having incredible success with the Azure Cloud platforms to advance their business goals. As you must be well aware that cloud computing allows your business assets to be available all the time and on demand. Meaning you are not restricted to the premises of your office to access the data you wish to see, allowing it to be exchanged easily with minimal effort.

With such features readily available at your disposal, businesses can realize their objectives swiftly and in a timely manner. This shines a light on the fact that these businesses must focus on their employees and provide them with the necessary Azure Training so they can contribute to building your organization’s cloud architecture. Networking professionals require the necessary knowledge so their employers can avail the advantages Azure Solutions Architect can offer.

Why Azure?

Developers and CTOs are well aware that Azure is perhaps among the most secure platforms out there. Azure is incredibly versatile, agile and quick, in order to leverage all of these features for your business your network professionals must be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to execute your business objectives. Recently there has been a spike in the number of networking professionals who are signing up for Azure certifications.

Business Advantages of Azure for Networking


Applications developed using Azure are guaranteed to run seamlessly, efficient and even has the ability to scale from 1000 users to 100,000 users without any loss in quality. In addition, Azure storage provides abundant storage for your running applications as well as cloud applications that need to be accessed on demand. Moreover, the storage is secure, flexible, and swift.


Another key business advantage is the profitability aspect. Azure offers a pay as you go service that allows businesses to use their resources sparingly only when it is required. If you require more storage you pay for precisely the amount of more storage you need, the same is with the speed of the network as well as the traffic load it can handle. This significantly chops the expenses that occur in the IT department, moreover, you will no longer need the infrastructure nor the staff for maintaining your on-premises servers. Azure’s features can Scale up or down depending on your needs, allowing businesses to stay liquid to pursue other business goals simultaneously.  Save costs on

  • Buying new equipment
  • Designing new software
  • Power usage
  • Information protection and Maintenance of manpower

Unmatched Hybrid Capability

If you are a business that is skeptical about adopting cloud to the fullest and would like to first test out the cloud on your business model, Azure can do that too. Set up a hybrid cloud along with your on-premises servers. Azure can divide the workload and better manage your on-premises servers to make it more efficient. Although you would require experienced azure network specialist to make that configuration for you. You can simply provide the required training to your existing staff and they can then configure your hybrid system to go live at the earliest. Rest assured Azure has unmatched capabilities when it comes to the Hybrid cloud. This is a significant advantage for Microsoft Azure as well as for businesses.

Identity Access Management (IAM)

As with all things Azure, the IAM capability is protected through Azure Active Directory Admin to provide clients with relevant data. The course material for implementing this feature on to your cloud is included in the Azure Solutions Architect Training.

PaaS and IaaS

Azure offers both IaaS and PaaS or a mix of both for the organization who intend to set down the base for their cloud initiative. Azure professional from the Microsoft associate group works with the organization to utilize both PaaS and IaaS to deploy enterprise apps faster on the Cloud for rapid business development. Azure certifications make your network professionals more familiar with both services and could be quite a profitable asset for your organization.

Security Offerings

Once you have implemented Azure for your cloud needs, you can review the plethora of tools you have at your disposal. Amongst which are azures security offerings, as you access the security dashboard you’ll notice you have everything you need to secure your servers for external threats, your apps from being tampered with, and infrastructure configurations inaccessible to those not authorized. In addition, it will keep the information of your users safe from unauthorized access with several layers of security all the while keeps the data you’re accumulating away from prying eyes.

Simple Learning Tools

Included in the entire package are also simple learning tools that allow newly certified members to hit the ground running and quickly set up and configure your cloud so you begin doing business. Note however these learning tools aren’t a substitute for actual training courses for the Azure training programs. Without certification, it would be really easy for your inexperienced employee to mess up the configurations that keep your cloud live. As a person that oversees the operations of day to day business, you must be well aware of your business objectives and what you require to achieve them. If you’re a visionary, the advantages Azure has to offer can take you where you need to go and fast. If you’re still wondering whether the shift to cloud is the right move, I would say it is far too late for that, as the millions of businesses around the world have already made the shift and are now better off for it. It’s high time you take the leap and join us all on the cloud. Get in touch with one of our Azure experts to know more about our training programs and modules.

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