11 Benefits of Learning Linux Fundamentals for Growing Enterprises


11 Benefits of Learning Linux Fundamentals for Growing Enterprises

Information Technology is fundamental for businesses everywhere. Even companies that do not deal in technology have a major portion of their operations dependent on automation and electronic process management. The most traditional businesses have also been improved by technology, which has led to the creation of a specialized field - Information Technology Service Management (ITSM).

ITSM Training and Certifications are important for IT professionals. They’ve become a standard for recruitment. Most Human Resource professionals will only consider applicants who have had formal online IT training. More often than not, these individuals can negotiate their desired compensation packages as well.

Top Benefits of Linux Fundamental Learning

When it comes to online IT training, there are quite a few certification courses available. Learning Linux Fundamentals is considered the best option for growing enterprises. Here are some of the reasons why this is so.


Linux is everywhere! Almost 99% of the Fortune 500 use Linux based applications. It is the preferred OS for supercomputers all over the world. All of the internet architecture is built on Linux. And the best part is this: it can run over a wide range of devices seamlessly. You don’t need to invest on different platforms for each type of device you use – there’s a one-for-all solution to benefit from.

Also, according to its creator and most other IT professionals who have used the platform, it is the fastest OS ever. It beats Windows in a number of ways and is the most powerful IT platform available. Getting the Linux Fundamentals certification can actually open quite a few doors for you.

Open Source

Linux (and Unix for that matter) is an open source platform. This implies the source code is freely available for modifications and study. In this situation, there’s a wide window of opportunity in terms of what the Linux professionals can achieve using this software.

In today’s world, open source software have immense value for the possibilities they have. Likewise, Linux offers immense freedom when it comes to creating and/or manipulating applications.


As compared to Windows, primarily because the OS is open source, there are fewer security threats. There is less chance for hacking attacks and/or virus multiplication. It is regarded as one of the safest Operating Systems for which all processes are inherently protected.

Can Integrate with Old Technology

With Windows, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware to be able to use the software. Linux, however, integrates well with all pieces of technology, even that ragged old personal computer you once received on your birthday roughly two decades ago! When it comes to putting technology in use, Linux is the way to go.

Growing Enterprises, for one thing, do not have that kind of budget to keep upgrading their systems all the time. Linux ensures they won’t need to upgrade their systems or compromise on performance.

Ideal for Programmers

It doesn’t matter which language you’re targeting – Linux supports most of these. For programmers, Linux offers customizable computing heaven. And it’s not just about supporting languages, it is also about the availability of tools such as native libraries and programming functions, etc.

Especially if you’re a developer hoping to turn around an organization’s ITSM process, Linux Fundamentals will definitely be a huge stepping stone towards success.

More Frequent Software Updates

One thing that Linux is most popular for its frequent software updates. Unlike Windows for which patches appear over a period of months, Linux is quick to solve problems and deliver these to their customers. In other words, Linux isn’t perfect, but it is the next best thing available that is close to it.


This might not be a huge advantage, but Linux offers far greater opportunity when it comes to personalization. Ranging from themes to icons and wallpapers, Linux users can find something to better suit their tastes and tweak them even further to match exactly what they need.

This, admittedly, doesn’t determine the functional superiority of Linux over other Operating Systems but it does offer that personal touch, allowing users to extend their ownership over the system.


It’s free! There’s no better way to put it. It’s an open source OS which is available to all. The company shared the ownership of these tools long back, and it has since become one of the greatest discoveries in the world of Information Technology.

Community Support

There’s ample community support available for Linux users. No matter the kind of query you have, rest assured you’ll be able to find someone who’s been through the same and solved the issues. They’ll even share exactly what they did and how. Linux is more about making life easier for yourself!


The Linux OS in its entirety is much more stable and reliable than most other OS available in the market. It doesn’t get slow over time. It doesn’t crash. It doesn’t face most of those issues that other popular consumer-oriented Operating Systems do. Linux is something you choose once and benefit from for the rest of your time.


Linux appreciates privacy like none other. Most other Operating Systems will collect consumer data and send them back to the company for big data analysis. Turning off the system’s ability to collect and share this information is a maze – the setting needs to be turned off in a million places to completely shut off the feature.

More often than not, people settle for privacy invasion simply because hoping to keep it in place is too much effort.


With Linux, this isn’t the case. There is little to no data collection and sharing. The OS has been regarded as the safest one for very valid reasons.

So what are you still waiting for? Get your hands on the Linux Fundamental Certification course today to secure a better, brighter tomorrow. For more information, get in touch with our Linux experts today!

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