Increase your Technology Installation ROI through IT Ops Training


Increase your Technology Installation ROI through IT Ops Training

There's an increase in the demand of our customers and to truly understand what they really need, we need to understand the changes in technology and how much it impacts the professional services firms. When you look back into the data, ideas, general sales/marketing practices, and operations, most of them are obsolete. We can't stick to our traditional methods to earn improved and bigger goals. The days of a Rolodex, Blackberry, and traditional software are gone, and customers desire more.

With time, it is becoming more challenging for organizations to increase their technology installation ROI while also keeping up with the technology needs. The current solutions they have do not match the pace of new needs, causing a significant decline in potential returns. But if you really know what to do and ponder over the benefits of IT Ops training, you can turn your ROI around for good.

Training for Better ROI

IT Ops training, if implemented right, can transform the process of software engineering into a value-added service for your organization. Not only it will help improve the overall quality of service, but it also has a positive impact on the availability and productivity. Training your teams can help yield higher velocity release and regular feedback. As a result, the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) can be reduced, and the deficiencies can be taken care of more efficiently.

A team equipped with the right information and skills also works on the modern IT systems to enhance the reliability of service. Faster results help the organization keep up with the changing trends of the IT tech and business world today.

Increased Technology Implementation can Pay Off

Calculating tech installation ROI can be tricky because of the hidden costs and multiple factors that make the 'investment' part. However, to know that you are headed in the right direction, it's essential to estimate both tangible and intangible costs. This will help you weigh the benefits if you are making the right decisions. Overall, there are three main elements of how technology investment can make a difference. Here's how tech installation ROI can be improved with the right approach and of course, online IT technical training.

Increased revenue

Have you identified a new source of revenue after implementing the new IT system?

The results may not be available right away, but eventually, you do have a new source that's easily identifiable. For instance, if you deploy a latest, user-friendly e-commerce website to allow customers to reach out to your online platform for easy and fast purchasing, this could lead to bigger sales.

The new collaboration tool can allow you to sell more products or services to your customers. Moreover, it increases customer satisfaction when you are available on your online support line and can register and resolve issues faster.

Clearly, that's a return on your investment. While these are the tangible factors, it is important to remember that some intangibles can also lead to bigger revenues. These include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better business decisions
  • Ability to offer after-sales services
  • Ability to offer better customer support and services
  • Greater innovation
  • Increased employee satisfaction (due to regular training) and more retention

With the right training, an organization is in a better position to make a more informed decision. Before a system is implemented, the strategy and structure are planned out in advance to find out if investing in certain technology installation will be a good idea. The more informed you are, the better results you can yield.

Improved Productivity

Naturally, technology automates systems and require fewer human-hours to complete the same amount of work. The system is more effective, which leads to increased productivity. For example, implementing an effective CRM system may contain more customer information and can automate the regular updates required to keep the information up-to-date. Not only this will minimize human error, but employees will have to spend lesser time searching for the data they need.

With improved technology installation, a system or network performance can also increase. An organization can achieve a minimal downtime with the system so that the processes can be carried out with more efficiency. Increased productivity and automation allows employees to pay attention to other areas that need to be taken care of. It reduces the time required for employees to do their jobs.

Lower Cost

Technology may be expensive to implement, but that's a one-time expense that leads to a reduction in expenses in the long run. The futuristic benefits of technology installation may include lower costs as well. For example, if an organization uses a cloud-based teleconferencing system, it could significantly lower travel expenses. Similarly, if there's a system in place that allows you to electronically general invoices and emails them, you can save on the printing and email cost. There are tons of ways these one-time investments can benefit you with lower costs.

Untrained Technology Implementation VS Technology Training

Technology may not always deliver you the desired results, especially if you do not have a trained team to make important decisions and keep an eye on the entire process. Technology may fail to offer you satisfactory ROI. Thus, it is crucial to provide training to your team to enable them to identify through the process and implement only the best of what technology installation has to offer for their specific organizational needs.

Set Your Standard

Measuring and keeping track of the results is the key. Follow the leaders and perform regular ROI analyses before you are ready to set a budget for an IT investment. This is not only an important step for larger organizations, but mid-size businesses should also follow the same rules to make sure they are investing in technology that would only benefit them in the long run. 

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