Tips for ITIL Implementation Success


Tips for ITIL Implementation Success

Change is inevitable, is an adage, and quite right it is. However, the focus should be on evolving stronger and adapting to variations to move towards success. It is the same for an individual and an organization. A dynamic company that focuses constantly on modifying and implementing new methods in its production is a company that keeps growing. When we talk about the IT service management sector, ITIL is the best process to implement.

In this fast-paced world, some businesses still focus on delivering technology, when all of their focus should be on providing end-to-end services. ITSM professionals of those companies should step up and play their part in changing the mindset and behavior. They should make the company realize how managing the services effectively and focusing on customers can provide a boost to their business. IT service management is changing the way of doing business and saving time as well, which eventually goes on to save money.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is the information technology infrastructure library, which is a framework for the business industry to help them making standards of selection, planning, maintenance, and delivery of all the IT services. The objective behind this is to achieve the ideal efficiency and to make service delivery predictable. And if we talk about the IT administrators, ITIL has worked in their favor as well. They are not just back end support now, as they are considered as a vital part of the team now. ITIL with its best practices and guidelines, puts IT depart in the right direction. It does not only lower the expenses but helps in expanding the business as well.

ITIL Implementation

ITIL is the most used IT service management approach in the world right now. It is a process that anyone can easily understand, plus there is a lot of training available in the market regarding ITIL. By taking this training, one can surely learn how to run the process.  Any organization in the world can adopt ITIL and transform itself into a service-oriented organization, or you can just use ITIL to improve the current services management scenario of your company. In either case, here are some tips to know before you go for the ITIL implementation.

  • The first thing to know is that ITIL itself is a project, and managers should prepare a proper plan before implementing the ITIL. A clear vision, a good strategy, a dynamic team, and the list of expected outcomes are needed in terms of making it successful.
  • If you are going for ITIL implementation, you should have one thing in mind that it is not only about ITIL as you should also use human resources, time, and money efficiently. ITIL is an ongoing process and it takes years for an organization to settle in with it.
  • Employees are the pillars your business stands on. Keep your employees aware of all the changes you are making. ITIL is a process that brings changes in almost everything related to a business, and employees should know these changes to learn and adjust. As we know communication is the key, especially if you are implementing something new in the organization. You should circulate the word via a proper medium so that employees are aware of any kind of transition.
  • Employees of any organization set higher management as their model. They try to imitate their way of working. That is the reason higher management is needed to step up to embrace the change and practice it so that the succeeding layers start following them. It will cut short the transition time, and the organization will be back to its full potential within no time.

Tips for Successful Implementation of ITIL

There is always an effective way of doing something. By applying that way, you can get results you want in a better way, and in time way lesser than estimated. There is a way to implement ITIL in your organization effectively. For that, you will have to apply some tips when implementing ITIL.

  • Building Capability

To implement ITIL in your organization, you need to understand the methodology, concepts, and the process of ITIL. Building your organization's capabilities in regards to ITIL is a very important thing. The recommendation is to conduct ITIL Foundation certification training in your organization to spread awareness and knowledge about ITIL.

  • Do a Gap Analysis

Going for gap analysis is a very good option whenever you want to bring some change in the organization. By doing gap analysis you will get to compare the actual performance with the desired or potential performance. And if you find out your potential performance is higher than the actual one, look for the root cause and rectify that. 80:20 is the rule for you to follow for gap analysis.

  • Spread Awareness

Whenever you are up to bring any change or modification in the organization, communication plays a very important role. To spread awareness within the organization about the changes and every detail will bring your employees closer to you and it will be easy for them to accept the changes.

  • Implement and Monitor

When everything is going fine and nothing comes in your way of implementing ITIL. You should implement it and monitor the performance keeping in the mind the changes you have made while doing this. By monitoring the changes, you will see the improvement or degrade in the performance.

  • Optimization and Improvements

When ITIL implementation is done, and you have achieved your desired results. You should keep monitoring the performance and keep looking for ways to make the performance better. The sky is the limit, they say, and it is a valid point.

  • Deliver Value for Customer Delight

From now on, your focus should be to deliver the right value for the customer's investment. Providing them with the best product and services should the priority of the organization.

IT service management is a must thing for every organization now, as it does not only help us manage our resources and services but also improves customers' experiences, and they feel connected to the organization. Everything that needs to done to implement ITIL successfully, is mentioned above. That's all from us.

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