5 Cool Learning Technology Tools for Your Education


5 Cool Learning Technology Tools for Your Education

Must have heard about collaboration and the introduction of technology in different aspects of our lives? Talking about technologies is the new way of being cool right now. Well, technology does play a vital role in our lives, be it personal or professional. There are technologies like cloud computing that help us in our business. And, then there are technologies like the internet of things that help in home automation. Who would be unaware of Google's Siri and Amazon's Alexa today? Technology has been a pioneer in today's world.

Well, there is one more part of our lives that makes us grow in life. That is education, and unfortunately, we do not see that much involvement of technology in our education system. The sad part is, we are not even trying for that. You must have seen how inclined students are towards technologies. They spend most of their time on smartphones, tablets, or playing games on the computer. What if we utilize that interest and being technologies to our education system. As we know, it takes very less time to do something we are interested in than doing something else. These students are the future of the country, and if they will be aware of the technological world while growing up, they will do wonders once they graduate. The future belongs to the technologies, especially big data, data science, artificial intelligence, and other fields of IT.

Benefits of Bringing Technology into Education

If we bring technology to the education system, we will soon be able to see its benefits, as it has a lot to offer. It will improve the engagement of students because it will be a thing of interest for them. And, as they will be interested in learning, it will also improve their knowledge retention. It will also encourage them to learn individually, plus make it easy for them to collaborate through an online platform.

5 Technology Tools for Education

Every one of us must have visited a professional development seminar or a webinar that focuses all on educational technology. But how can we include technology in our education? Will this problem be solved just by having computers, projectors, and tablets in the class? There answer is no. We will still need some technology tools to do the trick. It can benefit us in the form of saving time, increasing the engagement of students, or teacher's communication with parents. But it all will happen gradually with time.

Before selecting a tool, you should analyze if the tool will be helpful or not. When it comes to learning tools, there are not many. But the selection is still an essential process. We will share 5 cool technology tools for learning.

  1. Flipgrid

When we talk about tools for learning, Flipgrid is a name that always comes up. Flipgrid is a tool for video sharing and is mostly used for distance learning. It is an easily accessible platform that encourages students to collaborate, create, communicate, and to think critically. Teachers use this platform for teaching and feedback purposes. As we know, the world is going through a pandemic situation right now, and kids are advised to stay at home. And in this situation, Flipgrid has been a big help for students and teachers. One can easily post a question in video form, and anyone including the teacher can record their responses in the video form, and the whole class can watch that and cross-question.

  1. LRNG’s Digital Badges

It is the time when we are focusing more on practical skills and rightly so. Digital badges have all the focus on developing practical skills in students. It promotes the cause that grades, transcripts, and report cards are not the only things to evaluate a student. But a teacher also needs some training to be able to run the tool they are using. For that, it is recommended teachers should join IT Bootcamp to learn these IT tools effectively. Digital badges, it is an innovative way for students to learn.

  1. Voicethread

Voicethread is a tool that is best to increase students' engagement in the class. There are mixed students in a class, some participate more and some participate less. This tool, by its cool presentation features, makes sure that every student has its say in everything.

  1. Google Classroom

Google classroom is a very helpful tool when it comes to learning. It enables teachers to provide assignments, resources, and feedback through the tool, and Google keeps updating it with new features.

  1. Osmo and Little Bits

We know how important IT is for the students. It is a tool that is designed for this purpose. With Osmo and Little Bits, you can introduce programming concepts and other digitals era skills to the students. It is a future proof tool and trains a student's mind to think critically. It also enables problem-solving skills in a student's mind.

These are the 5 cool technology tools that you can be used for the leaning process. It does not only help students understand better but also makes the learning process interesting and fast-paced.

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