IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA


IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA

Whenever we hear the term IT or information technology, we always think of computers. We believe it is anything to do using computers, but it is not the complete truth. The real definition of IT is that it is the technology that involves development, maintenance, computers, software, and networks for data processing and data distribution. This definition is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to that, the term IT was used in 1978 for the first time. The thing to notice here is that we are using computers for data processing. By that means, the fabricating of a computer has nothing to do with IT, neither the hand-operated processing of information. Yes, there were computers before the invention of IT, but we mostly used them for complicated calculations. When we started doing sorting and indexing of data with computers, it was the time information technology was invented.

As we say that change is the only constant, it is well true in terms of IT. The field of IT is evolving rapidly. All IT professionals should always be ready for a change. They often have to train for the newly arrived technology to understand and perform it better. It is a field that belongs to the future. We are living in an era that runs on data, and everything is digital. The scope for information technology will only grow wider in the future. That is the reason the young generation is inclined towards IT. There are a lot of organizations that offer IT certifications, but there is always that one that is more popular than others.

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA is a non-profit IT organization with the full name of the computing technology industry association. It has more than 200 IT companies as a member. It is an organization that offers a variety of IT certifications that are known as Core certifications, Infrastructure Certifications, Cybersecurity certifications, and some additional professional certifications. The goal of CompTIA is to make sure that there are enough IT professionals with all the skills that are required to work in an information technology company worldwide. By far, they have provided about two million certificates to the IT professionals. Even there are certifications for the non-IT staff and business professionals. They have been contributing to the development of the IT industry with these certifications.

IT Certifications Roadmap by CompTIA

CompTIA is one of those organizations in IT that has a vision behind their work. They are serving the IT industry for a reason. The reason is to provide the field of information technology with the best IT professionals. Professionals who are best at what they do and know what they are doing. If we see the past years, we can say that CompTIA was well successful in their vision. All the IT professional that took CompTIA certification training are serving the IT industry very well.

To organize our career, we need an IT certification roadmap that can guide our career in the right direction. A certification roadmap is the only thing that can help you get the appropriate education according to your IT career. That is the reason why finding the right path of certification is very essential when it comes to career planning. Let's see how we can find the right CompTIA certification plan for ourselves.

  • Commit to a Specialization

The first and most important thing is to find out your interest. Like what niche do you want? In which field you want to do specialization? You need to research it and make your mind because everything that comes after this, totally depends on this.

  • Research your Career Prerequisites

Prerequisites do play a vital role in a career path. You should research the prerequisites of the career path you are choosing, and you should comprehend some of them. These will help you a lot now and in the future.

  • Boost your Training with hands-on Work Experience

You need to make sure that whichever CompTIA certification you are going for, you can apply it somewhere at your workplace. Practicing what you learn is an essential thing, otherwise what is the worth of certification? Doing CompTIA certification training is indeed great, but without practice and experience, it is useless and would not help you that much.

  • Be Ready to Adjust

You are following the career path you chose for yourself, but there is one more thing you need to learn alongside. You should always be ready to adjust. As we know, the world of IT keeps changing, and things keep evolving. We have to train our minds to accept those rapid changes.

The certification roadmap by CompTIA is defined below.

  1. CompTIA Core Certifications

This is the best way to start with CompTIA certifications. It is going to make your IT core strong. In this regard, CompTIA offers these four courses. The first one is IT fundamentals+, then comes CompTIA A+, after that CompTIA Network+, and in last, there is CompTIA security+. These are the core certifications that are very helpful for IT professionals.

  1. Infrastructure Certifications

These are the certifications that fall under the umbrella of Network+. When it comes to infrastructure certification, CompTIA Offers three courses. The first one is CompTIA server+, the second one is CompTIA Cloud+, and the third one is CompTIA Linux+. To work better with Network+, these certifications are highly recommended.

  1. Cybersecurity Certifications

CompTIA also offers certifications in the domain of cybersecurity, and in total, there are three courses. The first one is CompTIA Cysa+, the second one is CASP+, and the third one is CompTIA Pentest+. Cybersecurity is a very important domain of IT with a bright future.

  1. Additional Professional Certifications

These are the certification courses that could not fit in any of the categories. In additional certifications, there are courses for people that are not in IT. Business professionals and others can take these certifications. CompTIA Cloud Essentials, CompTIA Project+, and CompTIA CTT+ are the three courses that CompTIA is offering.

To conclude this, CompTIA is contributing a lot in the IT industry, and its roadmap of certifications is one the best roadmaps. Anyone can follow this roadmap and find its right place in the IT industry.

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